25 Easy decorative pillow tutorials (Make throw pillows)

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I am sharing 25 ways to make Easy decorative pillows {pillow tutorials} today.

Throw pillows are the easiest way to spruce up any room. There are tons of ideas to make throw pillows.

You can decorate them with different fabric, felt, burlap, stencil or even paint them.

If sewing pillows is not your thing! You can add embellishments to no sew pillows.

Make flowers and pin them on.


painting using stencils is so much fun to do.

make decorative pillow tutorials

Let’s get started with the tutorials.

The easiest and most creative pillow ideas.

25 Easy decorative pillow tutorials

rosettes pillow tutorials

1. Rosettes pillow tutorial

Make fabric flowers  And stitch them on burlap pillow.

Burlap flowers pillow tutorial

printed photo pillow tutorials

2. Printed Pillow Tutorial

Have you favorite pictures printed on your throw pillows!

This is such a fun idea. All you need is a printer, and fabric to print.

Sew it when done. Think about the possibilities.

Printed pillow tutorial


decorative pillow tutorials

3. Felt pillow tutorial

A simple way to add life to a pillow! Add embellishments.

You can cut and stitch anything using felt. I am thinking about making a cars pillow like this one!

Butterflies felt pillow tutorial


ruffled pillow tutorial

4. Make Ruffled pillow tutorial

Stitch a long strip of fabric in circle. Love the ruffles!

Ruffled pillow tutorial


sweater pillow tutorials

5. Recycled sweater pillow tutorial

Great idea! Turn your good old sweaters into pillows.

This is a great way to use those sweaters you love so much!

Sweater pillow tutorial

Cute decorative pillow tutorials

stripes pillow tutorials

6. Stripes pillow tutorial

Love this one! Use stripes of different fabric to make a pillow.

Make stripes pillow


stenciled pillow tutorials

7. Handmade gift idea {Pillow}

Handmade gifts are so special. One of the idea is to stencil words on a pillow.

You can make a throw pillow with song lyrics also.

Stenciled pillow tutorial.


stenciled pillow tutorials

8. Stencil pillow tutorial

Herringbone pattern stenciled onto a pillow. The black and blue makes it stand out so well.

Make stencil pillow.


stenciled decorative pillows

9. Make recycled fabric pillows

Great idea! Recycle napkins into pillows. Stencil them in various patterns.

Stenciled decorative pillows


shag pillow tutorials

10. Make shag pillow

This pillow comes with a very nice tutorial. Stitch strips of fabric to make a shag pillow.

Shag pillow tutorial


Decorative pillow tutorials to make as gift

ruffled pillow tutorials

11. Ruffle pillow tutorial

Love everything about this one. Fabric stitched with ruffles. And cute buttons on top.

Make handmade ruffle pillow


decorative pillow tutorials

12. Make rosettes pillow

Add a bunch of rosettes to revamp a pillow.

Rosettes pillow tutorial


reading pillow tutorial

13. Make reading pillow

Add a pocket and loop to a pillow. And voila! A cute reading pillow.

Books pillow tutorial


painted pillow tutorials

14. Spray painted pillow tutorial

Cut your vinyl design (this one is done using cricut). And iron it onto fabric.

Now spray paint. And you are done!

Painted pillow tutorial


monogram pillow tutorials

15. Monogram pillow tutorials

A reverse applique monogram pillow. Cut your monogram on the front fabric.

And stitch around on the contrasting fabric at the back.

BHG (unknown link).


Felt decorative pillow tutorials

monogram pillow tutorials

16. Painted monogram pillow

Stencil a monogram onto a pillow. I love the ruffle detail on the side.

Make monogram pillow


felt flower pillow tutorials

17. Spring felt pillow tutorial

Make a sunflower with felt  Sunshine!

Felt pillow tutorial


felt pattern pillow tutorials

18. Make felt pillow

This pillow is made by stitch strips of felt at different locations. Beautiful!

Felt pillow tutorial


fabric decorative pillow tutorials

19. Fabric throw pillow tutorial

Oh my cuteness! A bunch of pom-poms added to the edges of the pillow.

What’s not to love!

Make decorative pillow


Recycled decorative pillow tutorials

fabric patch pillow tutorials

20. Fabric pillow tutorial

Mix and match different fabrics to make a pillow.

Decorative pillow tutorial


easy fabric pillow tutorials

21. Make Pom pom pillow

Add a frill of pom-poms around your fabric pillow.

Pom pom pillow


denim pillow tutorials

22. Denim pillow tutorial

Turn old jeans into decorative throw pillows.

Denim throw pillows


decorative pillow tutorials

23. Doily decorative pillow

Dip dye a doily. And stitch it onto the pillow.

Doily pillow tutorial


button pillow tutorials

24. Make buttons throw pillow

Add buttons to a pillow. Looks fabulous! Doesn’t it?

Buttons pillow tutorial


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  1. Jill says:

    Hani, thanks for featuring my picture pillow!!! I now have a new site, don’t know if I told you. Love what you have done with yours!!!! Have a great week!!!! Smiles, Jill

  2. Aleksandra says:

    So many great ideas. Thanks you for gathering them and sharing with us!

  3. Shara says:

    Hani, thanks for sharing. Very nice & Beautiful Pictures! and great ideas.

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Thanks. I am glad you liked these!

  4. Ilse says:

    If you have worn out denim shirt, don’t throw it away.
    Decorative pillows, sometimes called throw pillows, can add the finishing touches to a room makeover
    or breathe a new life into any room in your house.

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