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40 DIY Faux Stained Glass Ideas and Projects

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Find DIY ways to make faux stained glass with acrylic paints, mod podge, glue and more with easy tutorials and beautiful handmade products.

Faux-stained glass can make a very eye-catching addition to any room. It does not matter how large or small a piece is. Traditional stained glass can be costly and difficult to install, but who thought you could do anything this big on your own? For a fun and inexpensive stained glass look, learn how to create imitation leaded glass window art using acrylic paints and adhesives.

Beautiful faux stained glass films are also an option readily available in various designs and patterns. You can use them on glass just like you use wallpaper on the walls. Find a variety of options on Amazon and Etsy.

Where to find stained glass patterns?

You can find stained glass patterns on various online platforms such as Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon, and Google Images. Download the patterns, resize, print, and trace on your project at home.

You can also find it on local bookstores, craft store and social media apps. Here are the most popular and reasonable options on Etsy for you:

1000 Stained glass patterns

Stained glass seamless patterns

Traditional staind glass patterns

Stained Glass Supplies

How to make stained glass?

To make stained glass, you need to follow these steps:

Materials and preparation:

Pick an easy beginning project: Stained glass painting is a learning process, so it is preferable to begin with a smaller, easy pattern that does not need a lot of parts, e.g., a straightforward window panel.

Pick a pattern: To create a glass mosaic, choose a pattern that fits your ability level, consider the number of pieces and the amount of cutting and soldering needed, and choose wide and straightforward designs from local sources.

Pick a type of glass: This project employs Cathedral and Opalescent sheet glass. The Cathedral glass is clear and translucent, whereas Opal glass requires more cutting pressure owing to its increased density, resulting in an unusual combination.

Gather your equipment: Assemble the tools you will need, such as copper foil, pliers, a soldering iron, a grinder, and a glass cutter, to start your stained-glass craft.

Design and Create: Choose a size and pattern for your project. There are a variety of options shared above. Print it on a paper and trace it on to the glass with a tracing paper.

Make your template: (Optionally) Draw a design on graph paper, cut it into pieces, identify the pieces according to color and grain direction, and use a permanent marker to draw the shape.

Start process:

Score your glass: Make sure the score line matches the score line by pressing into the glass, scraping inward, applying pressure, and rotating the pattern.

Cut your glass: Glass cutting techniques depend on the size and shape; you can cut straight portions with pliers or snaps, curved parts with a glass cutter, and file the edges down as needed.

Grind the edges: To stop glass pieces from slipping during foiling, create a frame, use sandpaper to grind them, and put on gloves and a mask. Use glass grinders with gloves and masks on.

Foil the glass: Cover the edges of the glass with 7/32-inch copper foil, center, press, and push down with a tongue depressor. Remove the foil and begin again if it bunches.

Add flux to the copper foil: It does not require flux flow of glue between copper-taped parts. Brush flux over copper-foiled surfaces before welding, using gel or liquid form for simplicity.

Solder the glass in place: When soldering glass, attach components and tinning edges, insert a bead, melt solder, add flux to tinned seams, and use a soldering iron for flawless beads.

Frame your creation: Framing can improve the polish of a work by employing a zinc frame or lead channel, which needs more soldering and involves the same stages as before.


Deals with gaps between your pieces: While slicing or polishing, beginners make errors that leave gaps. To compensate, fill the spaces with copper solder and resume soldering.

Avoid problems with scoring your glass: If you want to score a glass, stand for a large score, and sit for little ones. For best results, use an oil-lubricated carbide-head cutter and apply uniform pressure while cutting cathedral and opalescent glass.

Deals with problems while soldering: To cut burning and ‘black tip syndrome’ while soldering glass, use the proper heat, iron tip size, and flux at higher temperatures.

How to make stained glass paint?

You can use household items available at your home to make stain glass paint:


  1. Clear glue
  2. Acrylic Paint
  3. Plastic containers for mixing
  4. Craft sticks or old brushes for stirring
  5. Small plastic lids
  6. Clear acrylic sheet or plexiglass


Gather your Materials: Gather everything you need before beginning the procedure. To get the desired colorful stained glass look, select from numerous acrylic paint colors.

Add transparent glue or dish soap to acrylic paint: Mix dish soap or transparent glue with acrylic paint in a plastic container to create a stained glass paint foundation and stir to combine the ingredients.

Adjust the Consistency and Color: Test the paint consistency on transparent plastic or glass, use glue or dish soap, and test with various shades to create the perfect shades for imitation stained glass.

Transfer to squeeze bottles or jars: Adjust the consistency and color of stained glass paint before transferring it into tiny plastic squeeze jars with caps for easy application and storage.

Let it Set: Allow your homemade stained glass paint to sit for a while before using it for smooth application. Allow the components to mix.

Application: Use stained glass paint to create complex patterns and designs on a surface. Follow these directions on the acrylic paint bottles and let the paint dry.

Seal if Desired: When the paint dries, add a clear glue to improve longevity and protect your imitation stained glass work.

How to make faux stained glass with acrylics?

You can make your faux stained glass with acrylics by using these instructions:


  1. Photo frame with glass
  2. Acrylics paint in various colors.
  3. White glue
  4. Clear glue
  5. Paintbrushes
  6. Stained glass pattern
  7. Toothpicks
  8. Q-tips for corrections
  9. Disposable cup for mixing paint


Prepare black glue: To prepare black acrylic paint, pour a teaspoon of black acrylics into a container of white glue and mix well. Before applying it to glass, test it on a paper towel. So, if there is any white spot left, you can mix it well again.

Trace your design: Place your design on a plain floor or table. Then, place a glass on it and trace the black lines of your design using black glue. Then, let it dry for some time.

Prepare your paints: Afterwards, add two tablespoons of clear glue to a cup. Later, add couple drops of acrylic paint with a toothpick and mix it until it mixed well with glue. Use this method for all the colors you want to use on glass.

Paint your stained glass: fill the black outlines one-by-one with desired colors. Do not use too much paint. If you make any mistake, clean it with a Q-tip. Afterwards, allow it to dry until the glue dries completely.

Painting tips for faux stained glass

The tips for painting faux stained glass project are as follows:

Clean the Surface: First clean the glass or sheet for flawless application.

Sketch your design: sketch your glass design before starting painting.

Tracing lines: To get a classic stained-glass look, use black paint or leading strips to outline your pattern.

Choose your colors: Choose the acrylic colors according to your design.

Painter’s tape: Use painter’s tape to divide areas and draw clear, precise lines.

Layering: Try to combine different colors to get better texture and brightness.

Use fine-tip brushes: Use fine-tip brushes to create complex details, wavy lines, and designs.

Allow the first layer to dry before adding another one.

Experiment: You may make your unique imitation stained glass masterpiece by experimenting with different designs, colors, and procedures.

How to make faux stained glass window clings?

To make faux stained glass window clings, follow these instructions:

  1. Gather all the materials (PVA glue, dish Soap or liquid detergent, food coloring, stir stick, squeezy bottle, plastic sheet, tissue roll, and scissors).
  2. Add the color and PVA glue to a bottle, mix it with a stirring stick and fill the shapes.
  3. Afterwards, add another color and mix it. If you do not want to add color, later, mix the washing liquid with glue and fill the gaps.
  4. When the glue gets dried, peel the shapes from plastic and stick them to the windows.
  5. Stick the window clings to the windows. Wash the windows and run water over the borders to make sticking easier. Keep on a plastic sheet and reapply as many times as you like.

How to remove faux stained glass from windows?

To remove faux stained glass, you need to follow this guide step-by-step.

Tools and Materials:

  • Knife or razor blade for cutting and slicing.
  • Window cleaner to lessen the adhesive
  • Scraper tool or putty knife for lifting the faux stained glass
  • Warm soap water to clean the residue


  • Use a utility knife or razor blade to make the binding between the imitation stained glass weak and the adhesive film score along the edges.
  • Spray window cleaner along the edges of the imitation stained glass and let it set for a few minutes to remove the glue.
  • Lift the imitation stained glass by sliding a plastic scraper or putty knife under one corner without harming the window.
  • To avoid ripping, remove the imitation stained glass at a low angle. If there is resistance, add extra window cleaner and wait before attempting to remove it again.
  • Remove the imitation stained glass and any adhesive residue from the window with warm soap water and a plastic scraper or soft cloth.
  • After removing the imitation stained glass and residue, wipe the window off with a clean, dry cloth to ensure it is clean.


DIY faux stained glass with tutorial

In this blog, there are many DIY faux stained glass ideas that you can make and decorate different parts of your home which includes bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Vintage Window: Use acrylic paint, glue, and marker to make this beautiful vintage window.


DIY iridescent stained glass ornaments: Mix color in the glue and add it in the ornaments to make it more colorful.


Stained Glass tile motif coaster: Use outliner and blue paint to make this motif coaster.


DIY Vintage Glass Painted wall decor


Stained Glass Bottle art


Floral Glass Painting


DIY Faux Stained Floral Frame Art


Faux stained glass art projects

Use glass, lead strips, and bright colors to create stunning imitation stained glass art. Use a range of patterns and styles to showcase your talent.


Stained glass doors


Stained Glass Picture Frame


Tropicak Motifs Stained Glass Mirror


Glass Painted Wall Candle Holder


Koi Pond Stained Glass Table from pinterest.


Contemporary stained glass lamp DIY



DIY Stained Glass bookmark: For making bookmark use colors and mix them with glue as well as use black outliner.


Stained Glass Style Mosaic Tea light Lantern


Make a unique Glass Painted Tray by using a glass base tray like this one.


Turkish Cylinder Mosaic Floor Lamp


Beautiful Stained Glass Wall Clock


Stained Glass Tiffany Lamp


Floral Art Cutting Board


Glass Stained Butterfly Sun Catcher and more wall hangings.


Mandala Flower Acrylic Window Hanging


Stained Glass Flowers in a vase and more varieties.


Kingfisher Bird Stained Glass Hanging


Abstract stained glass mirror


Flamingo plant stakes


Decorative landscape stained glass panel


Easy stained glass craft ideas

Discover simple stained glass projects using acrylic sheets and sticky lead strips. Pick straightforward patterns like geometric shapes or florals. You can buy these or use them as inspiration for your next project.

National Park Mountains Stained Glass Art


Stained Glass Tissue Box


Lemon tree window corner


Faux Cardinal Stain Glass Mug


Monstera Leaves Suncatcher


Hand Painted Vase


Vibrant Stained Glass Wall Art


Bathroom Window with window film.


Neon Cathedral wall art


Stained Glass succulents look stunning in planters with rocks.


Cute Whimsical Fused Glass Art will make lovely gift.


Hand Painted Easter Egg to look like stained glass.


Adorable mushroom plant stakes


Elegant stained glass flower brooch


Clear suncatcher earrings


There are countless ways to add color and creativity to your surroundings with these innovative ideas ranging from big projects like windows to tiny crafts like coasters and jewelry.

Written by: Alveena Nazir

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