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60 Best Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

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These 60 DIY farmhouse decor ideas will help you achieve the farmhouse look for less. A cozy farmhouse charm doesn’t require breaking the bank or spending too much time on the projects. These are DIY ideas for every part of your home from farmhouse planters to cotton ball wreaths and from farmhouse mirrors to country side trays. Farmhouse crafts include modern and rustic style inspirations for living room, kitchen and shelf decor in neutrals.


Dollar store farmhouse decor diy

Best Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas


1. Elegant farmhouse fruit (tutorial source unknown)

high gloss spray paint + $1 fake fruit

farmhouse decor accent fruits


2. Farmhouse DIY cotton stems (source missing)

branches + $1 cotton balls + glue gun + pine cones + $1 vase

cotton stems diy


3. Farmhouse spring terrarium

$1 picture frames + paint sticks + glue + spray paint and stain

farmhouse decor dollar tree terrarium


4. DIY Rustic succulent pots

terra cotta pots + white and aqua acrylic paint + twine + succulents + potting soil

(except for paint and fresh succulents you can get everything at Dollar Tree)

rustic succulent pots


5. Dollar store succulent jars

$1 jelly jars + chalk paint + $1 fake succulents

dollar store succulents


6. Dollar tree pizza pan door hanger

pizza pan + paint + florals + burlap + ribbon + plaque + raffia + glue

farmhouse sign board


7. DIY farmhouse style moss topiary tree

green foam cone + $1 sheet moss + glue + 1 bamboo skewer + smooth finish + putty knife

diy moss topiary from foam block


8. Double topiary decor (short video instructions)

topiary balls + $1 planters + $1 candlestick + paint + wooden dowel + glue gun + $1 decorative stones + $1 floral foam block

This tutorial also includes video instructions on how to distress paint a candlestick to make it look antique, vintage-like or distressed.

DIY topiary using dollar tree finds decorating on budget


9. Topiary trees

faux greenery balls + pots + floral foam bricks + skewers + moss + clay + paint (green, brown, white). You can use air dry clay from Dollar Store.

topiary trees



10. DIY farmhouse tea towel pillows

$1 tea towels + sewing machine + white thread + polyfil

Use kitchen tea towels to make your own pillows Full tutorial


11. DIY grainsack stripe stamp

Stamp a white dollar store kitchen towel with this stamp.

how to make and use a grain


12. Dollar store DIY industrial farmhouse storage drawers

dollar store drawers + spray paint + metal labels + antique fasteners + balsa wood + wood furniture buttons + stain + wood adhesive

dollar tree industrial farmhouse storage


13. DIY farmhouse hanging wire baskets (source not found)

You can get the wood for free on Craigslist or Kijiji. However, the wire baskets and planters are easily found at the Dollar store or Dollar tree.

farmhouse wire basket


14. Industrial wire basket DIY (unknown source)

$1 wire baskets + bronze spray paint

farmhouse wire basket in the home bathroom ideas bedroom ideas kitchen cabinets


15. DIY farmhouse style kitchen labels

$1 cereal containers + black vinyl + clear transfer tape + vinyl cutting machine

easy pantry labels


16. Salt and pepper shaker

mason jars + acrylic paint + stencil + twine + drill + sandpaper

salt pepper shaker farmhouse decor


17. Farmer’s market stenciled glass sign (not found)

$1 picture frame and $1 glass tapered candle holder for base to make a picture frame pedestal + white and charcoal chalk paint + farmers market stencil

farmers market sign stenciled on glass pedestal picture frame kitchen decor


18. Farmhouse style milk glasses (pinterest)

$1 glass jars from Dollar tree + gloss white spray paint + sandpaper

farmhouse style milk glasses


19. Dollar store storage caddy

cutting boards + picture frames + scrapbook paper + glue + paint + dowel

diy caddy from dollar store cutting boards and picture frames


20. Hand stamped book stacks

$1 paperback books + twine + stamps + ink pad

farmhouse hand stamped book stacks


21. Vintage pantry labels

mason jars + free printables

pantry organization vintage labels


22. Mini farmhouse dollar store scale

$1 candle warmer + $1 mini plate + mason jar lid + spray paint + glue

mini farmhouse dollar store scale


23. Antique farmhouse mirror (source not found)

$1 picture frames + Krylon’s Glass Looking Spray Paint + $1 pack of wood shims + liquid nails

Spray paint frames, glue them together, and glue wood shims on the back for support.

farmhouse mirrors


24. DIY Rae Dunn Dollar tree hacks

$1 vinyl decals + $1 white dishes

farmhouse rae dunn decor hack


25. Dollar tree farmhouse decor

DIY instructions with video for multiple projects like farmhouse faux window sill, lantern, candle pillars and flower vase.

farmhouse decor window wreath


26. Dollar store farmhouse decor

$1 topiary balls + 3 metal pails + $1 galvanized tray for open shelves decor.

dollar store farmhouse decor


27. Hanging basket wall decor

woven basket + vases + faux greenery



28. Farmhouse enamel tub planter

$1 planter + PVC pipe + spray paint + acrylic paint

farmhouse dollar store DIY


29. Dollar store galvanized planters

$1 planter + salt + vinegar + hydrogen peroxide + paper towels + oil permanent marker

dollar store galvanized planter


30. Farmhouse candle holder

candlestick + $1 cake pans + white satin finish spray paint + E6000 adhesive + $1 greenery garland

farmhouse candle holder


31. Farmhouse lantern

$1 plastic fencing + $1 sander + paint + $1 box sign + glue + scissors

farmhouse lantern


32. DIY farmhouse decor candle hack

$1 LED candle + ribbon + twine

farmhouse decor candle


33. DIY farmhouse boxwood wreath

$1 brown willow wreath + greenery garland + hot glue gun

diy farmhouse wreath


34. Dollar store cotton wreath

$1 brown willow wreath + berry picks + cotton balls + $1 floral wire cutter + $1 burlap ribbon

how to make DIY cotton wreath


35. Cotton stem sign

wood sign + ribbon + cotton stems + paint + glue

diy dollar tree farmhouse cotton stem sign



36. DIY moss wreath

$1 foam wreath + $1 sheet moss + $1 ribbon for hanging

DIY moss wreath


37. Farmhouse upcycled frame and wreath

picture frame + white craft paint + small willow wreath + greenery garland + twine

Dollar has all these items except for paint.

simple farmhouse decor


38. DIY cotton wreath (source unknown)

grapevine wreath or $1 brown willow wreath + pine cones + $1 cotton balls + glue gun

cotton wreath


39. Mini farmhouse wreaths (tutorial source unknown)

Hang mini farmhouse wreaths around window frames or mirrors for an cheap and easy look. Make the wreaths using supplies from the Dollar tree like brown willow wreaths, greenery garland and a ribbon for hanging.

cheap farmhouse mini wreaths ideas decoration


40. DIY farmhouse sign (charger plate)

$1 faux wood charger + acrylic paint + metal wood

diy dollar tree farmhouse charger


41. $1 Greenery wreath

$1 wire wreath + $1 floral wire + yard trimmings

farmhouse green wreath


42. Farmhouse kitchen canister

$1 jars (or free if you already have some empty ones) + vinyl cutting machine + free cut files + heat transfer vinyl

farmhouse kitchen canister DY


43. Thrift store farmhouse canisters

$1 canisters (from a thrift store) + $1 white spray paint + stencils + black acrylic paint

thrift store canisters



44. Plate wall artwork

$1 plates + black cardstock + mod podge dishwasher safe waterproof sealer

farmhouse plate art


45. Bas relief botanical art (video tutorial)

$1 frame + air dry modeling clay + plaster of paris + rolling pin + dried flowers + oil + shelf liner

dried flowers bas-relief casting art with clay plaster of paris in white black gold colors


46. Rustic farmhouse vase

modelling clay + $1 vase + knife or blade + paint



47. Farmhouse style vase holder

$1 milk bottle vases + 1×4 wood + nails + hammer + wood glue + paint

dollar tree craft diy farmhouse style vase holder


48. Hobnail milk glass

$1 glass vase + $1 pearl stickers + spray paint + glue

diy dollar tree hobnail glass


49. Thrift store farmhouse decorative plates and vases

$1 glass plates, vases and candle holders + gloss white spray paint and primer in one + e6000 glue

painted dish dollar store


50. Tiered stand

table legs + $1 3 cake pans + plywood circle + paint

You can use $1 glass taper candle holders instead of table legs and cake pans at Dollar Tree.

vintage textiles tiered tray



51. Dollar store cake stand

tart pan + $1 glass taper candleholders + white paint. Dollar tree also sells substitutes for tart pan like round cake pan.

farmhouse cake plate


52. DIY tiered farmhouse tray

$1 frames + chalky paint + wood + wood glue + satin poly + $1 candle stick + $1 finial

frames to tiered tray


53. DIY farmhouse tiered tray

glass candleholders + pie plate + cake pan + paint + glue

2 tier tray farmhouse


54. Tiered pie tin stand

pie tins + silver goblet + silver candle holder + e6000 glue + silverbowl

You might not be able to find these items at Dollar store but you can score them for $1 or less at a thrift store.

pie tin organizer


55. Farmhouse tile tray

$1 tiles + $1 wooden tray + paint



56. Farmhouse tiered tray

$1 burner covers + twine + $1 wood blocks + spray paint + $1 ninja toy

farmhouse tiered tray


57. DIY Macrame planter

burlap twine + planter + plant

You can find all these items except plant at Dollar tree.



58. Dried flowers arrangement

dried flowers + $1 vase

what to do with dried flowers


59. Spring farmhouse decor

$1 jelly jar + $1 fake flowers

farmhouse jelly jar flower vase


60. How to make a cozy home?

This is an additional resource that has 9 tips to make your home cozy no matter your decor style.


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