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25 Cloisonne DIY and Crafts

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Cloisonne is a unique form of art. Learn about material and instructions to make cloisonne DIY and crafts with beginners cloisonne kits and techniques.

What is Cloisonne art?

Cloisonne, an ancient art form originating from the Byzantine Empire, has endured through the centuries, captivating enthusiasts with its intricate designs and vibrant colors. Traditionally associated with jewelry and decorative objects, cloisonné involves placement of thin wires on metal surfaces to create partitions, or cloisons, which are then filled with colored enamel. In recent times, cloisonné has found renewed popularity as a DIY craft, allowing individuals to delve into this fascinating world of metalwork and enameling.

This guide aims to introduce you to the art of cloisonné DIY and crafts, providing step-by-step insights into the techniques, materials, and creative processes involved.


DIY Cloisonne


You can use a beginner’s cloisonne enamel painting kit and get started with necessary materials and tools. For cloisonne projects the basic supplies you need are:

Metal Bases:

The metal bases serve as the foundation for cloisonné crafts, providing a sturdy structure onto which you apply the enamel and other embellishments. You often make these with copper, brass, or silver. You can shape them into various forms like vases, jewelry pieces, or decorative objects.

Colorful Enamels:

You apply enamels to the metal surfaces within the cloisonné design. Fill each cloisonné compartment (formed by the metal wires) with different colored enamels. When you fire it in a kiln, the enamels melt and fuse with the metal base, creating vibrant and enduring colors that define the intricate patterns of the cloisonné artwork.

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Fine Metal Wires:

Use these wires to create the partitions or compartments within the cloisonné design. They are carefully shaped and adhered to the metal base, forming outlines that separate the different colors of enamel. The wires not only provide structural support but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the final piece with their intricate patterns and designs.

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Incorporate gemstones that are occasionally part of cloisonné crafts as focal points or embellishments. They are carefully selected for their color, cut, and clarity to complement the overall design. Gemstones add a touch of luxury and elegance to the cloisonné artwork, enhancing its beauty and value.

Paint Brushes:

Use paint brushes for the precise application of enamels onto the metal surface. Artists use fine brushes to fill each cloisonné compartment with the desired colors, ensuring clean lines and even coverage. Brushes also come in handy for adding additional details or finishing touches to the artwork, enhancing its overall appearance.

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Tweezers are essential tools for handling small components during the cloisonné crafting process. Artists use tweezers to carefully place gemstones, attach delicate metal elements, or adjust the position of metal wires. The precision offered by tweezers ensures that every detail of the cloisonné design is executed with accuracy and finesse.

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Kilns are indispensable for firing the cloisonné pieces after the enamel has been applied. During firing, the enamel undergoes a chemical transformation, melting and fusing with the metal base to create a durable and long-lasting finish. Kilns are controlled environments that allow artists to achieve the optimal temperature and firing duration, ensuring the colors of the enamel are permanently bonded to the metal surface.

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Basic Technique

Here’s a simple explanation of the basic cloisonné technique:

Prepare the Base:

Start with a metal object, often copper, or bronze, which will serve as the base for your cloisonné design.

Forming Cloisons by shaping wire:

Take safety and precaution use gloves if comfortable when working with wire. Thin metal wires, usually made of copper or fine silver, are bent, and attached to the base to create compartments, or cloisons, that separate different areas of the design. These wires are often affixed using a temporary adhesive or soldered onto the base when forming cloisonne beads. Use various tools to make fun designs.

Filling with Enamel:

Once the cloisons are in place, colored enamel powder is mixed with water or another medium to create a paste. This paste is carefully applied within each cloison using a fine brush or spatula, filling the compartments with the desired colors.

Sealing your art by firing:

The piece is then fired in a kiln at high temperatures. This process fuses the enamel powder, causing it to melt, flow, and harden into a smooth, glassy surface.

Cooling and Polishing:

After firing, the piece is allowed to cool slowly to prevent thermal shock. Once cooled, the surface may be polished to enhance its shine and smoothness.

Finishing Touches:

Depending on the design and desired aesthetic, additional embellishments such as gold or silver foils may be applied to certain areas before a final firing. This step adds depth and detail to the finished piece.

Final Inspection:

The completed cloisonné piece is inspected for any imperfections or defects. Any necessary touch-ups or adjustments may be made at this stage to ensure the quality of the final product.

That’s the basic process of creating cloisonné! It requires precision, patience, and skill, but the result is a beautiful and durable piece of art

Cloisonné DIY and Craft Ideas

Here are some of the coolest Cloisonne crafts you can try and buy. While genuine cloisonne can be very expensive we will share ways to make faux cloisonne projects.

1. Cloisonne Tea Tray

Create a visually appealing tea tray following simple steps. Print and tape artwork outlines, trace with glue, and attach wire for a personalized design. Add color with glass paint and sand mixes. Apply epoxy resin for durability.


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2. Easy Pendant

Delia Stone crafts intricate cloisonne pieces by cutting and doming a copper base, securing fine silver cloisonne wires with an organic binder, and applying transparent and opaque enamels in thin layers. Multiple firings and meticulous grinding result in vibrant colors and clean silver wire details, creating unique and polished cloisonne artworks.


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3. Cloisonne Bookmarks

Indulge your artistic spirit with Van Gogh’s Cloisonne Bookmarks. This beautifully crafted artistic bookmark brings iconic beauty of Van Gogh’s masterpieces to life using the traditional cloisonné technique.


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4. Cloisonne Vintage Bronze Vase

Enhance your decor with a pair of Vintage Chinese Bronze Cloisonné Dragon Phoenix Vases. Crafted with intricate detailing and vibrant enamel, these unique pieces feature double ears for an authentic touch.


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5. Cloisonne Painting

Unleash your creativity as you craft intricate designs within defined metal cells. This fusion of meticulous craftsmanship and vivid colors produces stunning pieces, from jewelry to decorative items, showcasing a timeless and exquisite art form.

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6. Cloisonne Ring

Enhance your style with a Vintage Cloisonne Golden-Plated Ring, showcasing a natural gem and a vibrant, handmade, ethnic antique design inspired by Egyptian aesthetics. This unique piece effortlessly combines cultural richness with timeless elegance, making it a standout addition to your jewelry collection.


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7. Cloisonne Photo Frame

Cherish memories with this simple yet highly decorated frame, blending vintage charm and artistic craftsmanship.


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8. Vintage Cloisonne Mirror

This beautiful mirror can be used as a decorative piece with elegant colors and intricate cloisonne artwork.


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9. Cloisonne Resin Craft

Explore traditional cloisonné method to resin, resulting in unique and vibrant pieces. Craft intricate designs, replicate traditional patterns, and infuse your resin crafts with the timeless beauty.


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10. Cloisonne Napkin Rings

Transform ordinary napkins into a statement of artistry with this unique serviette ring.


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11. Cloisonne Brooch

Featuring delicate blue flowers and silver-colored leaves, this oval-shaped accessory embodies vintage charm. The intricate cloisonne enamel work adds an artistic touch, creating a unique and stylish accent to complement any outfit with a touch of classic beauty.


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12. Cloisonne Phone Case

This stunning phone case brings an ancient and personality-rich craft to your fingertips. Each case is a unique, carefully crafted masterpiece, showcasing intricate patterns using the finest materials for perfect color.


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13. Cloisonne Saucer Set

Dine in style with a whimsical set of 10 Cloisonné Saucers, each a perfect showcase of floral delights in assorted colors.


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14. Cloisonne Pen Holder

The cloisonné technique adds a touch of vintage charm to this penholder, making it a unique and elegant addition to your desk.


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15. Cloisonne Teacup

Experience the artistry of tea with the “East Wood” Cloisonne Teacup. Meticulously hand-painted, this unique piece is crafted for the Kung Fu Tea Ceremony, embodying the essence of a master tea bowl.


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16. Cloisonne Candle Holder

Crafted on gilded brass with intricate details, this small collectible piece stands on four brass feet to enhance your antique collection.


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17.Cloisonne Hairpin

This hair jewelry, reminiscent of Victorian elegance, doubles as charming embellishments for junk journals. The rich burgundy and gold hues, coupled with intricate cloisonné details, add a touch of vintage sophistication to both your hairstyle and creative projects.


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18. Cloisonne Bracelet

This hair jewelry, reminiscent of Victorian elegance, doubles as charming embellishments for junk journals. The rich burgundy and gold hues, coupled with intricate cloisonné details, add a touch of vintage sophistication to both your hairstyle and creative projects.


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19. Cloisonne Tea Set

Indulge in the artistry of a Handmade Cloisonné Wine Pot. This resembles turkish tea set. Crafted with precision, this unique piece showcases the intricate beauty of cloisonné craftsmanship. Elevate your wine experience with a touch of handmade elegance.


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20. Cloisonne Box

Discover elegance in simplicity with a Chinese Export Cloisonné Box. This meticulously crafted piece seamlessly blends traditional artistry with functional design. Adorned with vibrant enamel work, it serves as a sophisticated storage solution.


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21. Cloisonne Wooden Coaster

These coasters merge tradition with a modern twist, featuring vibrant enamel designs on warm wood.

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22. Cloisonne Keychains

These unique keychains feature intricate enamel work on jointed carp fish, blending artistic craftsmanship with functionality.


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23. Cloisonne Eggs

This collection includes six eggs with stands, adorned with intricate flower motifs. These small Asian boxes, resembling artful eggs, bring a burst of color


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24. Cloisonne Toothpick Box

Adorned with a delicate floral pattern, this slender box is a testament to timeless artistry. Elevate your dining experience with this distinctive and culturally rich piece, offering a unique way to store toothpicks in style.


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25. Cloisonne Earrings

Handmade with precision, these navy blue dangle earrings blend artistry and elegance for a distinctive and sophisticated look.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners try Cloisonne DIY projects?

Absolutely! Many Cloisonne DIY kits cater to beginners, providing step-by-step instructions and essential materials to help you get started on your first project.

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Can you apply Cloisonné to various surfaces?

While it’s most associated with jewelry and small decorative items like vases and boxes, it can technically be applied to various metal surfaces. However, the success of applying cloisonné to different surfaces depends on factors like the material’s ability to withstand the high temperatures that it involves in the enameling process and its ability to retain the enamel without warping or cracking. Copper and bronze are preferable metals because they have these properties and are also relatively inexpensive.

Can I personalize Cloisonne projects with my own designs?

Absolutely! One of the joys of Cloisonné DIY is the ability to express your creativity. Many kits provide blank metal surfaces for you to apply your unique designs. The technique allows for precise detailing, making it ideal for expressing your creativity. Whether you’re creating a custom piece of jewelry, a decorative plate, or any other cloisonné project, you can certainly incorporate your own designs to make it unique and meaningful to you. Just keep in mind the technical aspects of cloisonné work, such as the need for fine metal wires to separate different areas of enamel, when planning your design.

How do I troubleshoot common issues like bubbles or cracks in the enamel?

Bubbles and cracks can occur due to various factors such as improper firing temperature, inadequate cleaning of the metal surface, or uneven application of enamel. Troubleshooting guides provided by experienced crafters or online resources can help address these issues.

Cloisonne Beginners Kits:

Save yourself the headache of gathering a variety of materials and try these unique kits to see how you like cloisonne as a starter. You can always choose an easy or medium difficulty project based on your comfort level. These are great options for teenagers and adults:

Goldfish Cloisonne Art Kit


DIY Owl Cloisonne Kit


Crowned Crane Kit


Traditional Dragon and Phoenix Kit


Landscape Bookmarks Kit


Cloisonne Lotus Kit for adults


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