Van Gogh Paint Brush Holder DIY

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Hello friends, I made a matching paintbrush holder and brush rest for my painting station inspired by Van Gogh painting Starry Night. It came out so beautifully that I am excited to share it with you. You can use this as tooth, dish or even makeup brush holder.

Paint Brush Holder DIY

You can turn a mason jar, recyclable jar or any vase into this beautiful painted brush holder. Just make sure the surface is smooth so you can easily place the toothpicks on it. You will need:




For your convenience I have a video guiding you through the entire process of sticking toothpicks to painting the Starry Night inspired art.

Gluing Toothpicks:

  • Use a basic paint brush to coat glass jar with wood glue. Start with a portion only. Stick 10-15 toothpicks and then continue coating and sticking toothpicks till you cover the entire surface near the opening of the jar.
  • You can also make a design by varying the height of toothpicks to give it an abstract look.
  • Let it dry and stick properly.


Painting Van Gogh inspired Starry Night:

  • You will need acrylic paints in blue, sky blue, yellow, white, orange, green, brown, and orange colors.
  • Follow the instructions in the video to paint on the toothpicks using fine tip paint brushes.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I also painted a matching brush rest.


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