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I’m a mom of 2 decorating and soulfully designing our home. I love to share crafts and simple ideas for home and garden.

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Rainbow colors and flowers after long nights and pure white of Winter sounds like the season of celebration. This is exactly what we offer in spring crafts. Spring craft ideas is not only about Easter craft or decorating for Easter but more. Consider for example this Colorful Spring Party and Free Printables. You can DIY spring wreath and spring art projects like Green wreaths and make a rainbow. Make easy spring crafts to teach kids about spring like DIY bird craft. Teach kids art and gardening with spring crafts for preschoolers like Gardening with kids and Homemade Paint Recipes.

Easter craft are fun and so is Spring decor. Checkout Easter egg designs and egg decorating ideas like Painted Easter Eggs and handmade Easter eggs. Easter egg decorations on plastic eggs like Easter art or egg painting ideas are fun and mess free. Also find Easter crafts for adults like egg designs on edible eggs for food presentation using natural dyes. Use Easter paints and Easter egg stuffing ideas in food prep. Spring wreath ideas can also use egg decorating and Easter egg painting ideas. Add Easter designs with paper tulips. Play family Easter game and consider decorated Easter trees inspired by Christmas tree for decor. This way you can use things you already have on display from Christmas.

Spring crafts for adults can be fun like kids too. Consider Easter bunny crafts like bunny crafts for decorating. Easter egg crafts found in Dollar tree Easter decorations aisle are a clever way to decorate on a budget. Easter is also a great time for 200 DIY Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas. Spring home decor inspired by DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas using dollar store items. Find Dollar tree Easter crafts and Easter egg filler after scrolling through these ideas. You will find possibilities everywhere using cheap items.

Spring is also great time to think about your garden. Craft it forward with garden ponds ideas or water features ideas to enjoy your outdoors. Make a DIY Fire Pit and get inspired by DIY Water Gardens. There are raised garden pond ideas for interlocked backyard and small gardens in balconies too. All garden related ideas are in the garden category for your convenience. Get inspired by DIY bird bath fountain and homemade DIY fountain along with small front yard fountain ideas. Increase your curb appeal with Landscaping Ideas. Garden wall water feature ideas inspired by Vertical plant walls and DIY garden projects will also be great to start in this season. All this inspiration is enough for small corner yard waterfall pond ideas if you want unique landscaping.

In the garden ideas DIY water fountain, or DIY water feature like pond waterfall ideas and backyard water fall ideas are unique. But you will find tons of inspiration for gardening and simple crafts like make birdhouse and make wind chimes as well.