Painted Easter Eggs using best techniques

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Easter eggs painting and dyeing is an interesting spring activity. Even kids enjoy decorating, painting and learning new techniques to use on Easter eggs. Today I will be sharing some great ideas for painting and decorating Easter eggs with different art supplies, like crayons, water colors, acrylics (acrylic paints), natural dyes (or food dyes), chalk paint, spray paints etc. There are so many fun, easy and mess free ideas for painting Easter eggs. Techniques like marbleized effects, swirls, spraying, finger painting, sharpies, abstract art, gold leaf and more make beautiful patterns and designs you will love.

Let’s have a look at these best techniques to make uniquely painted Easter Eggs (Spring crafts).

Painted Easter Eggs

Painted Easter Eggs at

DIY Easter Eggs

Here you will find ideas to paint Easter eggs like:

  • Dyed eggs with tea
  • DIY robin eggs
  • How to make painted Easter eggs
  • Watercolor Easter eggs
  • Floral watercolor eggs
  • How to dye Easter eggs
  • Perfect Easter eggs
  • Marbled Easter eggs
  • Swirly pallet dyed Easter eggs
  • Melted crayon Easter eggs
  • Marbleized Easter eggs
  • Naturally dyed Easter eggs
  • Gold leaf Easter eggs
  • Abstract Easter eggs
  • Kids Easter eggs
  • Emoji Easter eggs
  • Easter egg dye shades
  • Owl Easter eggs
  • Easy dotted Easter eggs
  • Chalkboard Easter eggs
  • Confetti painted Easter eggs
  • DIY metallic Easter eggs
  • Natural dyed Easter eggs
  • Shaving cream Easter eggs
  • How to tie dye Easter eggs
  • Sharpie Easter eggs
  • DIY Lace Easter eggs
  • Drawing Easter Egg people
  • Baking soda Easter eggs
  • Tie dye typography Easter eggs
  • Easter egg painting kits
  • DIY ombre Easter eggs
  • Neon dip dyed Easter eggs
  • Glitter Easter eggs
  • Monogram Easter eggs

Dyed Easter eggs

Dyed tea Easter eggs

DIY tea dyed eggs

DIY dyed robin eggs

DIY Dyed Robin Eggs

Easter eggs

Watercolor Easter Eggs

How To Make Easter Eggs

watercolor easter eggs

Water Color Easter Eggs

 floral dye easter eggs

Floral Dye Easter Eggs

how to dye easter eggs

How To Dye Easter Eggs

DYE easter eggs

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

easter eggs painting

Swirly Pallet Dye idea

melted crayons easter eggs

Melted Crayons Painted Eggs

marbelized easter eggs

Marbleized Easter Eggs

How to natural dye Easter eggs?

naturally dyed eggs

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

abstract golden easter eggs

Abstract Dye Easter Eggs

Easy Easter Eggs

Mood easter eggs

Mood Easter Eggs

emoji easter eggs diy

DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

dye shades for easter eggs

Easter Eggs Dye Shades Infographics

owl painted easter eggs

Owl Easter Eggs

dotted easter eggs

Easy Dots Easter Eggs

Chalkboard eggs

Chalkboard Easter Eggs DIY

confetti painted eggs

Confetti Painted Eggs

Hand painted Easter eggs

metallic easter eggs DIY

DIY Metallic Easter Eggs

Naturally dyed easter eggs

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

easter eggs painting ideas

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

tie dye easter eggs

How To Tie Dye Eggs

Cool Easter eggs

sharpie easter eggs DIY

Sharpie Easter Eggs

Lace easter eggs

Lacy Eggs DIY

Egg people

Egg People Drawing

Baking soda easter eggs

Baking soda Easter Eggs


Tie Dye Typography Eggs

Easter eggs painting tools and kits

eggs painting kits

Egg Painting Kits

Painting egg kit

DIY painting kit for eggs

Cute painted Easter eggs

mustache easter eggs

Mustache Easter Eggs

water color easter eggs

Water color Easter Eggs

marbled tea eggs dye

Marbled Tea Eggs Dye Idea

lace dye eggs design

Lace Design Dye Eggs

ombre eggs diy

DIY Ombre Eggs

Beautiful painted Easter egg ideas

Watercolor easter eggs

DIY water color Easter eggs

watercolor eggs dye

Water color Letter Eggs Dye

neon dip dye eggs

NEON Dip Dyed Eggs

polka dot dye eggs

Dotted Dye Easter Eggs

lace design dyed eggs

Lace Dye Eggs Tutorial

ombre colored eggs diy

Ombre Colored Eggs DIY

glitter easter eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs DIY

monogram easter eggs dye

Monogram Painted Eggs

I hope you will enjoy painting Easter eggs using your favorite techniques. These are easy to make and unique to display for decoration this spring. For crafty and creative kids, enjoy using the ideas that range from young to slightly older kids who love to paint eggs using techniques that are involve mess-free ways as well as those that involve more controlled hands.

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Painted Easter Eggs

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