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15 Ideas to Make Handmade Easter Eggs crafts

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Let’s celebrate Spring with handmade Easter eggs crafts. I am sharing 15 cool crafts to make handmade Easter eggs. These ideas are great for last minute Easter preparations using plastic Easter eggs to decorate home.

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make handmade easter eggs

Let’s get started:

Make handmade Easter eggs

textured easter eggs

Textured Easter eggs

Add texture to your decorative eggs.

Use seeds and herbs to make Easter eggs. Like pepper, thyme, rice, white chia, rooibos and many more.

Apply mod podge and roll in any!

button easter eggs

Button covered Easter Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs with buttons.

washi easter eggs

Washi Easter eggs

Fun and colorful. Wrap Eggs with washi tape.

Use strips of different washi tape for this project.

twine easter eggs

Twine Easter eggs

Here wooden Easter eggs are decorated with baker’s twine.

Use mod podge and wrap twine on the ends first. Then cover the center of the egg.

easy easter eggs

Speckled Easter Eggs

Dye your eggs. And then use watered down brown acrylic paint.

Take an old toothbrush. And splatter paint by running your finger along the brush.

Love the Easter eggs decorated with grass.

make handmade Easter eggs

Embellish Easter Eggs

Decorate Easter eggs with trims and ribbons.

Glue pretty embellishments like paper punches, stickers and many more.

paper easter eggs

Paper punched Easter Eggs

I love this idea! Cut circles of patterned paper. And pin them using straight pins on styrofoam eggs.

decoupage easter eggs

Decoupage Easter eggs

Cover Easter eggs with fabric or decorative napkin paper. The easiest way to decorate eggs.

make handmade Easter eggs

Glitter Easter eggs

Use pins/nails on a board to hold plastic eggs covered with glitter. Brush a layer of glue or mod podge on eggs and sprinkle glitter via Martha Stewart.

wrapped easter eggs

Foil wrapped Easter eggs

These are basically Chocolate eggs wrapped in gold foil.

But this just gave me the idea! Use foil to decorate Easter eggs.

jeans easter eggs

Denim Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs made with denim, look beautiful.

Use patches of jeans. And decoupage on Easter eggs. I love the pen drawn sewing lines on each.

decorative easter eggs

Button and lace Easter eggs

Dye Easter eggs. And Wrap with lace, button and twine.

Decorate with Easter eggs and Mason jars.

Easter eggs in a jar

crochet easter eggs

Crochet Easter Eggs

These are so elegant. Cover Easter eggs with crochet.

chalkboard easter eggs

Chalkboard Easter eggs

What’s more fun than using chalkboard paint on Easter eggs?

Draw your imagination. Or create fabulous doddles.

They are playful for kids as well.

make handmade Easter eggs

Black and white Easter eggs

Enjoy making black and white eggs with sharpie.

These were some of the easiest ways to decorate Easter eggs.

For last minute these are great to make Easter eggs crafts!

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  2. Thanks so much for featuring my paper punched Easter eggs!
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    It’s such an honor to be alongside such talented crafters!

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