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Kitchen cleaning products that are good for environment naturally

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When it comes to house cleaning, kitchen is prioritized in every home. A clean kitchen is a sign of happy housewives and healthy living. How often do you clean your kitchen? If you are planning to deep clean on monthly basis or maintain cleanliness on daily basis, you should checklist as you go through these individual steps. Kitchen cleaning is more resourceful and environment friendly when it uses kitchen cleaning products that are natural and chemical-free. Hence, you will find kitchen cleaning tips, tricks and hacks that use natural kitchen cleaning products. These chemical-free kitchen cleaning products are made with home based ingredients.


Kitchen cleaning products


Kitchen cleaning products that are good for environment


Natural cleaning products


DIY kitchen wipes

 DIY Kitchen Wipes (video tutorial)

An efficient way to clean is using homemade cleaning wipes made with paper towels soaked in vinegar, alcohol and soap.


rust removal hacks

 DIY rust stain removal

 You can remove rust from your old knives easily. All you need is some lemon juice! Simply soak your knives for a few minutes in the lemon juice, then wipe with a sponge or cloth.


how to clean dishwasher with vinegar and baking soda

 Clean your Dishwasher Easily

 Clean your dishwasher monthly to prevent a buildup of germs and maintain the efficiency of your appliance, you want to make sure your dishes are actually clean.


Kitchen cleaning hacks


this graphic shows how to clean your kitchen with everyday ingredients image showing clean kitchen

 This graphic shows how to clean your kitchen with everyday ingredients

Try vanilla essence dipped balls for keeping your refrigerator smell good. Also an activated charcoal can absorb odor in your refrigerator. You can get it from any pet store.


natural cleaning hacks

 Natural Cleaning Recipes DIY

 Make these useful cleaning products with all natural ingredients. You can clean faster and better without the use of harmful chemicals.


kitchen cleaning checklist

Kitchen cleaning check list cheat sheet

 By following this useful cleaning check list, you can be able to clean your kitchen gadgets like microwave, refrigerator, fridge, toaster, mixture and oven/stove top. All natural ingredients with a schedule for well organized you.


Environmentally friendly cleaning tips


right way to clean your drip coffee maker using basic natural ingredients

 The right way to clean your drip coffee

Start with a mixture of water and vinegar and pour it in the top where you usually put the water. Let that sit for about five minutes and then turn your machine on and let it run through the brew cycle. Once the water has come out the bottom into the carafe, turn the machine off and let everything cool down completely. Scrub it with baking soda and you are done!


slowcooker cleaning hacks

 Lifechanging healthy way to clean that

 Deep clean your cooker by filling it with water and distilled white vinegar. Add baking soda and warm the water for one hour and let it cool down. Clean the residue with kitchen scrub, it will easily come off.


grease remover cleaning hacks

 Stove top hood vent filter cleaning 101

 Nobody likes a dirty stove top head, Mix borax detergent powder in hot water and soak stove top filters in it for 15 minutes. Help remove grease and stains with less effort.


cabinets cleaning hacks

 How to clean grease from kitchen cabinet doors

 Remove oil and grease from cabinets by using dish washing soap with baking soda and scrub using a brush. Use a damp towel to wipe it off and see the difference yourself! Moreover, using vinegar and borax can leave it smooth and shiny.


How to clean your kitchen?


kitchen cleaning hacks

 Step Step Clean Kitchen

 All purpose cleaner can make the desk, counter and floors clean with a little bit effort. An image with numbered surfaces to help you ensure all surfaces were cleaned in your routine.


kitchen hacks

 How to clean your kitchen sink

 Lemon is a powerful natural element for cleaning, along with sea salt and vinegar you get a neat – feel and smell good combination for cleaning your surfaces. Mix these ingredients and rub on any surface and then wipe off with damp cloth.


kitchen sink area cleaning and storage

 Organizing under the kitchen sink

Tips on using unused spaces like under the sink, and corner drawers. And using jars, baskets and labelled bottled to organize cleaning supplies to avoid waste of time and quick clean with essentials you need.


kitchen cleaning hacks

Make a natural ingredients floor cleaner with soap, vinegar, baking soda and warm water. A perfect recipe for well-maintained and clean floors.

unknown source


clean your blender

Blend soapy water to clean your blender

 Add some dish soap and water in the blender and start it. That’s it. Super easy way to clean it and it’s quick too.


DIY cleaning products


clean with sea salt and sponge

Remove the grease and residue from the cast iron skillet with sea salt, water and sponge. This will make the skillet neat and clean. Give it a try and you will like this idea. unknown source


natural way to clean dishwasher

How to clean your dishwasher

You can clean your dishwasher with two natural products, One cup of vinegar and 5 drops of essential oil. This is how you can deep clean your dishwasher easily.


kitchen cabinets cleaning

 Remove the grease from your cabinets surface. One table spoon baking soda and two table spoon vegetable oil. Apply with used tooth brush or sponge and clean it. Magical way to clean properly. unknown source


Garbage disposal refreshers

Homemade garbage disposal refreshers

Make small balls of baking soda, salt, liquid dish soap, and lemon mix and save them in a airtight jar. One garbage disposal refresher works great to keep the air fresh and clean around the garbage bins.


 A guide to cleaning products


infographic a guide to natural cleaning diy products

Inforgraphic a guide to natural diy cleaning products

Here it is a complete guide for making natural cleaning products for your kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. A useful infographic by Heiton Buckley sums up kitchen cleaning products the best along with other useful areas around the house.


I hope you found this resource useful. A tip from me as you leave would be to make a schedule. First day you can clean the cupboards inside and then outside, Second day clean your stove and oven grills etc. Third day you can organize and deep clean your refrigerator. And so on! Step by step work will make the whole cleaning process easy for you.


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