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Make birdhouses for Garden (20 Ideas)

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 It’s still cold at this time of the year. But it will be soon time for Spring. To get in the groove for Spring Gardening. I am sharing ideas to make birdhouses for Spring Garden. You will also love Buy or make DIY hummingbird feeder.

There are beautiful ideas to build decorative birdhouse at home.

Fun tutorials to help you make handmade birdhouses for interesting birds like Rae Dunn, Martin bird, blue bird, purple martin, chickadee, cardinal and more.

So let’s get started:

make birdhouses

20 Ideas to Make Birdhouses

decorative birdhouses

1. Decorative Birdhouses

Decorate your Garden for Springtime. Use an old ladder to display birdhouses. Also make butterfly feeder to go with it.

mosaic birdhouses

2. Make Mosaic Birdhouse

Stick mosaic tiles, marble, dishware or broken china on to birdhouses via bhg.

make birdhouses

3. Natural Birdhouse

Make the birds feel right at home with nature.

Stick Earth material like Moss, Barks, Pine cones and rocks on birdhouse.

Build birdhouses

4. Modern birdhouse

Make a modern birdhouse with wood. Use unusual stuff to decorate and paint. How about adding a bird bath along with it?

twig birdhouses

5. How to make a bird house?

Use twigs to decorate birdhouse. This will make your bird friends feel cozy via yahoo.

Building Natural Bird houses

birdhouse wood

6. Wood Birdhouse

Nail planks of wood together for this cute birdhouse.

spring birdhouse

7. Junk store birdhouse

Use junk store items to decorate a birdhouse.

A cute use for keys and buttons. Old car number plate and scales. Just make sure you don’t use anything with sharp edges. I doubt using bottle caps.

painted birdhouses

8. Painted Birdhouses

Paint bird homes and hang them on your fence – unknown source.

This will be a fun activity for spring time with your kids.

DIY Make birdhouses

decorative birdhouses

9. A birdhouse made from old books

Decorative books birdhouse

recycle birdhouses

10. Colorful birdhouses

My favorite birdhouse idea for the longest time.

Recycle tin cans into colorful hanging bird feeders.


Make Wooden bird houses

spring birdhouses

11. Mod podge outdoor birdhouses

Make paper or fabric covered birdhouses using outdoor mod podge.


make birdhouses

12.Spring birdhouse

Make bird feeder with Popsicle Sticks via pinterest.


bird house number

13. Bird house number via yahoo

Good multipurpose idea! Use birdhouses as House Number.


butterfly feeder

14.Butterfly feeder

This idea may be irrelevant to birds. But I love this handmade butterfly feeder for Spring.

Make butterfly feeder with fruits. Butterflies feed on nectar. Another fun idea is to make Bug hotels.


Make birdhouses for outdoor decoration

garden birdhouse

15. Birdhouse Fence

Make a cute birdhouse fence. Birds can have some fun playing around it.

A simple plate turned bird bath or bird feeder.

A fun stop for the birds in Spring.


birdhouse library

16. Birdhouse Library via pinterest

A genius idea for sharing Good Books with your neighbors.

A free birdhouse library at home.

Take A Book – Return A Book – Donate A Book.


Make Handmade birdhouses

decorative birdhouses

17. Stone and plants birdhouse

Decorate a birdhouse with stones and plants.

Wow. This is one beautiful birdhouse.


build birdhouses

18. Wooden birdhouse

A big and beautiful birdhouse made with wood and wine corks.

Etsy birdhouses


moss birdhouses

19. Moss birdhouse

Cover a birdhouse with moss. Some cool ways to make bug hotel which are fun for gardens and beneficial as well.

Moss birdhouse at Etsy.

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  1. What fun ideas! I am definitely ready for Spring! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I recently read a book set in the early 1900’s where the main character was an avid birdwatcher and had created a bird sanctuary in her backyard. It totally made me want to get some bird houses for my yard this spring. What a fun roundup of ideas!

  3. Lindsey says:

    These are all such great ideas! I have a ton of bird houses from Yard Envy, and these decorations would suit them so well. I love the idea of covering with moss, and I’ve never considered a butterfly feeder before. Great tips!

  4. Jen says:

    These are wonderful! I love all of them. 🙂

  5. Ranjan Chettri says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderfull ideas…would love to hear and learn more…thanks again…
    With warm regards, ranjan

  6. Ranjan Chettri says:

    Thank u for such wonderful ideas

  7. Laura says:

    Hi there, was wondering what source you got the stone/moss birdhouse from? There was no link 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Hi there, I found this image on pinterest linking to the wrong source. If you know the source let me know and I will add it. Thanks!

  8. Donna says:

    Where can I buy the embellishments or decorations for my birdhouse. I see so many with decor and trinkets, but can’t find a site to purchase items.

    1. Hani says:

      You can find them online at numerous places based on where you live. However, my personal best are thrift stores and Michaels. Hope this helps!

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