20 Kids Gardening activities, projects and ideas

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Find fun projects for 20 kids gardening activities, garden projects and ideas to decorate the backyard. Learn new garden activities and kids gardening projects for spring and summer. Kids garden learning activities teach kids how to do gardening with hands on experience. Make DIY garden projects with beginner kid ideas. Involved them in these projects to bring them close to nature and create a useful hobby.

You can find kids gardening gloves, kids gardening tools, kids gardening set and kit at walmart for a reasonable price. However, I suggest to get them knee pads and gloves while they can use gardening materials you already own at home.

gardening with kids

So, let’s get started:

Kids Gardening Ideas

1. Butterfly feeder

Make a butterfly feeder with your kids by adding water and fruits in a bird feeder. Butterflies love to feed on fruits nectar.

butterfly feeder

2. Paint birdhouse

Have fun painting some birdhouses with your kids. Hang them over the fence to attract birds. Find ways to make birdhouses.

gardening with kids

3. Make planters

Upcycle baby food jars into planters. A fun spring garden project with kids. Drill in the clamps and hang the jars. Baby food jar planters and mason jar garden planter ideas.

gardening with kids

4. DIY pond

Make an easy water garden with your kids. Simply pour some water in your container of choice and place lilies in it to make easy water garden. Find water fountain ideas.

water garden projects kids

5. Grow cacti and succulents

A cowboy garden project for your enthusiastic kids. Plant some cacti in a container with gravels. Succulents are easy maintenance and grow indoors. Your kids will also have fun planting popcorn kernels.

windowsill cacti garden desert

6. Picture with flowers

A great idea! Take a framed picture of flowers. Kids are going to love this memorable picture. It will also excite them about gardening and growing more flowers and plants. Find vegetable garden ideas.

gardening with kids photo

7.  Build a sponge grass house

Cut and make a structure. Spray water (making sure not to over soak) and layer with grass seeds. Keep it moist by covering with a lid. What a fun spring garden project for kids!

 plant seeds in sponge

8. Decorate planters

Take your kids on a walk in the neighborhood. Collect natural things (like pinecones, moss, feathers, branches etc). Decorate your planters with them.

decorating planters with kids

9. Recycle items

Recycle empty containers into planters. Baby food jars and tin cans will make great planters.

gardening with kids

10. Make pot heads

These are the cutest painted planters I have ever seen! Use two pots to make the bodies. And smaller pots for hands and legs. Drill holes and use cord to hang them. (Source link was broken)

kids gardening planters

11. Make a foam caterpillar

Cut circles and poke them onto a stick. Use a ball to make the face.

foam caterpillar

12. Plant markers

Make planters with popsicle sticks and tongue depressors. Paint them. You can also make garden markers, with bottle caps. Spray paint them and make a color code system on a board. Find how to make duct tape garden markers.

garden plant markers

13. Kids fairy garden

I love this one with planter as home. A bucket filled with water and pebbles and seashells for decorating. Find more ideas to make fairy gardens.

make fairy garden

14. Japanese garden

This one is made in a shoe box lid with sand and rocks. A great idea for the artistic kids.

rock garden kids projects

15. Preserve backyard flowers

Preserve backyard flowers by pressing them. Have your kids make things (like faces, buildings, cars etc) with pressed flowers. Alternatively have them press different flowers and note facts about each. You can also teach your kids to collect seeds as a Fall activity. Learn how to dry flowers?

preserve flowers kids activities

16. Make wind chime

Make a wind chime with fish wire and beads for your garden. Find fun tutorials to make windchimes.

wind chime kids activities

17. Grow vegetables

Grow potatoes in a bucket and find more ideas and tips for your vegetable garden.

gardening with kids

18. Paint rocks

Paint rocks for garden with kids. Painted Decorative rocks look beautiful in your backyard. Find ideas for painted rocks.

kids painted rocks

19. Self-watering planters

Make a self watering planter with your kids gardening at home. This recyclable one is a perfect start using soda bottle. Find more self watering planters.


20. Hummingbird feeder

Make a feeder for your fast moving friends and enjoy them when they visit. Find hummingbird feeder ideas you can make and buy.

diy hummingbird feeder easy kids

21. DIY bug hotel

Learn about the benefits and make a bug hotel with kids gardening and teach them about the ecological system around your home with materials from nature.


These are some fun ideas to keep your kids busy this spring. Which one did you like?

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  1. Ami Allison says:

    Great list!! Alice LOVES helping me in our garden and I bet she would love some of these projects!

  2. Martha says:

    I thought other readers would enjoy an activity I got at the botanical gardens. Have you or your children “Ever Seen a Plant Move When You Tickle It?” If you wanted to share your love for nature with your children, here is an activity I have done with mine. This may change the way you and the kids react to plants for ever. Imagine giving your children some seeds. Having them watch them sprout and grow. Then shortly after the second leaves appear they tickle the plant and it moves its branches down and closes its leaves! Give them more than a gift; give them a learning experience they will never forget. “Ticklemeplant”

  3. Maria G. says:

    I did not know that I could use my artistic skills to enhance my home garden. Besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of my backyard, craftionary has provided me with a means through which I can bond with my kids through simple gardening projects that we can all do together.

  4. Sprouting and growing of seeds for a children is an uneviatable experience. It is the responsibility of the parents to assign their childrens some work regarding plantation of trees. If childrens do this by their own then in future they could not be suffered from any of this problems related to planting. ThankYou for posting such a awesome and a knowledgeble blog.

  5. mark bennett says:

    i really like Growing some plants . and allso they need a drink of weter eveyday in the week . and need energy . . ii like the pictures on the website .

  6. Art activities in Dubai says:

    hi..nice article! I enjoyed it very much. its nice that you have shared, keep posting!

  7. I love this! I have school gardens always looking for ideas for kids to help with and these are soo cute!!!

  8. BrendaHill says:

    Where can I get hands and feet for the flower pot kids?

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      You can use clay or playdoh to make your own or paint on stones or dollar store items to make them look like hands and feet.. Hope this helps!

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