24 DIY bird baths for our flying friends

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Making DIY Bird Baths are a caring gesture for birds (our flying friends) and other animals in summer that beautify our backyard (garden, outdoor area). I am going to share some beautiful and easy bird bath projects that are sure to inspire your love for decorating your outdoor surroundings. Include your kids in painting and decorating the bird bath projects, be sure to check out gardening with kids.

Best DIY bird baths

Best DIY Bird Baths

Find amazing ideas to make DIY bird baths using pans, clay pots, terracotta pots, planters, cans, saucers, trays and so much more. There are ideas to recycle old items into birdbaths as well.


     bird bath project

1. Garbage can bird bath

Make Garbage Can Bird Bath using galvanized garbage can and lid.


bird bath project

2. Make bird bath with bowls

DIY Bowl Bird Bath using bowl and old china glued upside down on a copper pipe. You can substitute it with dishes, small candy dish or custard cup. Use E-6000 to stick the parts together. This is a great idea for using beautiful bowls and cups into making bird baths on a post.


bird bath project

3. Modern bird bath

Replace a cast iron bird bath with DIY plate bird bath that looks modern and chic. An inexpensive project to make an expensive looking garden art piece. You will need 3 wood dowels, stain and shallow dish or bowl.


bird bath project

4. Baking pan bird bath

Reuse baking pan as bird bath with stones and rocks. Place in a shaded areas to avoid pan from over heating. Add a hummingbird feeder nearby as well.


bird bath projects DIY

5. Flower pot bird bath

Make a homemade bird bath with terra cotta flower pots stacked up and terra cotta tray on the top. I love the use of art to involve kids into making a bath for our flying friends. Add a cute birdhouse nearby too.


bird bath projects

6. Expensive DIY bird baths flip

A Unique Bird Bath Idea using wooden logs or twigs. Make sure to ground the twigs at least 12 inches to make it sturdy. Glue a bowl at the top and add water.


bird bath project

7. DIY Bird bath from flower pots

Here’s an affordable and tasteful way to make DIY Bird Bath from flower pots. Insert a smaller size urn into the large one and use it as bird bath. Plant bright flowers around to attract birds.


bling bird bath

8. Planter bird bath

Spray paint planters to make bird bath. Arrange them and stack to make a pillar and add planter tray on the top for birds to bath.


bird bath tutorial

9. Make a distressed birdbath

Make an adorable pink birdbath by painting clay pots and distress them from the sides with sand paper. Now add some artificial flowers and bird to decorate it.


bird bath tutorial

10. Succulent bird bath

This is a bit different idea. But if your birdbath is broken and doesn’t hold water anymore, try planting succulents in it. You can also add a bowl between the succulents to make a tiny birdbath in succulent arrangement.


bird bath fairy garden

11. Fairy garden bird bath

Repurpose an old birdbath into fairy garden. Here’s one fairy garden I made for the front porch. You can insert a bowl in the soil if your surface is large to create a pool in which birds can enjoy cleaning their feathers and play.


terra cotta bird bath

12. Terracotta bird bath

Here’s a cute birdbath made with pots stacked together. Paint the pots. Use decorative tissue paper and white glue/ mod podge to affix design on the pots. Rub it with a sponge to remove tissue paper. Instead you can use ceramic dishes with designs and decorative colors as well.


bird bath projects

13. Backyard bird bath

Spray paint clay pots in different colors to make a colorful birdbath for your backyard or home garden. Add a butterfly feeder as well for more magic.


DIY bird baths tutorial

14. Colorful bird bath

Add a splash of color to pots and make these cute project.


clay pot bird bath tutorial

15. Clay pot bird bath

Use clay pots, spray paint and kwik seal to make this amazing piece. Start by stacking pots and sealing them together with kwik seal. Make the pots look like concrete by spray painting them with gray spray primer. Once it dries, use acrylic white paint and water it down and brush over the pots for white wash look.


how to make bird bath

16. How to make bird bath?

Encourage your kids to love nature by making a simple clay bird bath. Place it in your yard and see animals small and large come for a sip of water. Use paint to make the activity more fun for kids to complete.


old sink bird bath

17. Repurposed sink bird bath

Make a unique birdbath from vintage wall-mount sink. You will need drain plug to keep water in the sink. PVC pipe to act as pole for the sink and screws to drill the sink basin into the tree trunk for extra support.


mosaic DIY bird baths

18. Mosaic bird bath

Make a DIY mosaic birdbath with broken china or glass tiles. This looks expensive and difficult to make but is very easy. The height of the bowl is perfect to attract bathing birds. Set the tiles using water resistant tile adhesive. Then use outdoor penetrating grout to seal glass tiles in the terra cotta tray.


Birdbath Maintenance tips

  • Clean your birdbath by scrubbing it with brush or sponge and water. Use a cap full of vinegar or bleach to remove stubborn algae. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Reapply grout sealer once a year or two to prolong your bird bath’s life and beauty.
  • Prevent the birdbath from cracking and chipping by bringing it inside in freezing winters.


DIY bird baths homemade

19. Homemade bird bath

DIY homemade bird bath using glass bowl, patio painted wood slices, and vases. Fill vases with sand, glass beads and baubles.


fountain bird bath making

20. Fountain bird bath

Use clay pots, clay saucers and glue to make a birdbath that looks like fountain. Use paint and clear acrylic spray sealer for outdoors or polyurethane.  You can use liquid nails, silicone adhesive or heavy duty outdoor glue to seal pots together.


natural stacked stone DIY bird baths

21. Stacked stones DIY bird bath

Stacked Stones Bird Bath using galvanized aluminum trays and rocks.


 mosaic bird bath

22. DIY bird bath

Another take on fun Mosaic Bird Bath.


Make your own DIY bird baths

23. Make your own bird bath

Make your own bird bath with terracotta pot, old brass lamp, and saucer. You can substitute lamp with candle holder or spindle.


DIY bird water feeder

24. DIY hanging bird bath

Make a hanging bird bath using faux nest or wreath as base for the bath. Place a glass bowl in the nest and use glue to seal it in place. Use string or burlap thread to hang it on the tree or patio roof.


I hope you enjoyed these inspirational ideas for making bird baths for your garden.

DIY bird baths homemade make handmade

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