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This Mother’s day give your mom the key to your heart. The Mothers day card key printable template helps you create the perfect key greeting card. Mom holds the key to my heart is an easy handmade Moms day card that kids of all ages and even adults can make for their wonderful moms.


Mothers day card key printable mom holds my heart is a cute and simple handmade greeting card that is customized with mom holds the key to my heart message. Some cutting skills and glue stick is all you need to complete this project. We love to decorate our card so we added some pretty hearts to make it more fuller. Pearl stickers and other crafty supplies can also be used to make this card more prettier.


Mothers day card key



Make Mothers day card key

Kids make for their moms: This card has so many possibilities. Simple key template makes it easy to cut and make it in no time for the Mother’s with their kid’s favorite photo.


Adults make for their moms: This card would certainly bring back the beautiful memories from childhood if given to your mom with a childhood photo. Simple card to cherish for more years for your mom.


Supplies needed for Moms key to my heart

To make this card you will only need some basic supplies and material you already have at home. These include:

– Construction paper (We chose a sky blue color to match with the photo)

– A photograph

– Printable key template (you can print for free below)

– Glue stick

– Sharpies or gel pen for writing your message

– Scissors

– Pencil and eraser



Template to make Mothers day card key

– To make this card first print the key template. PRINT IT HERE. Only for personal use. The key template comes with two inner circles. The inside circle to trace and cut the window in the paper key and the outer one to trace and cut the photo. This will allow room to glue the borders of the photo inside the window.



Tutorial to make Mothers day card key

– Once the key template is cut. Start by tracing the printable key template on the folded construction paper. Make sure you leave some space at the top to make the folded end of the Mothers day card printable key.

– Now cut the inner circle of the template and draw it on the front of the key on the card. Cut out the window with the scissors.

– Draw the outer circle from the template on the back of the photograph with the pencil and cut it out.

– Now that all the cutouts are ready. It’s time to glue things together.

– With the help of glue stick glue the photo inside of the card to pop out of the window. Make sure to erase pencil marks from tracing if any.

– You can trace a circle out on the construction paper to hide the back of the photo at the inside of the greeting card too. (optional)



– Now comes our favorite part. Write your message using sharpies or gel pens.

– Decorate your card with patterns, designs or even stickers. Here the possibilities are endless.

– Mom holds the key to my heart Mothers day card key is ready.


Video tutorial Moms key to my heart

Here’s a video tutorial for those who enjoy watching instructions more than reading.

For more fun project videos follow us at Craftionary on YouTube.


Happy Mom’s Day to all moms out there.


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