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40 Cool Air Plant Display Ideas

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Air plants are one of the most common indoor plant species. They are durable, adaptable, and do not require soil to grow. Air plant display grow naturally on tree branches and feed on the moisture in the air. Because the air plant has a very small root system, it can be displayed in a variety of containers, from traditional pots to macrame hangers.


Air plant display

It’s no secret that air plants display ideas are popular due to low maintenance and ease of growth. They look sophisticated in minimalist home decor. Most air plants, like Tillandsia, are epiphytes, which means their roots do not require soil. You can grow them with almost anything your heart desires. There are numerous creative ideas available that go far beyond the stereotypical driftwood or seashells.

You can also display your air plants outdoors. A covered outdoor patio, a deck, an outdoor table (if not in full sun), or the crooks of tree branches are all good places to display your air plants outside.

Common Air Plants

  • Xerographica: Slow growing, striking spherical shape and ability to withstand more sun and less water.
  • Capitata: Grows large, soft-leaved and beautiful hybrids that can grow on trees and rocks.
  • Ionantha: Best for terrarium design, spiky shape and various sizes and varieties.
  • Stricta: Naturally grows, vibrant green leaves and stunning pink blooms with low maintenance.
  • Streptophylla: (aka Shirley Temple) Lovely pink inflorescence frosted with trichomes. Its leaves curl up into tight ringlets when dehydrated.
  • Brachycaulos: Hybrid varieties, adaptable and easy maintenance.
  • Aeranthos: Produces pups and pink blooms.
  • Caput Medusae: Sea creature-like air plant with trichomes, withstands sunlight and less water.
  • Tectorum Ecuador: Snowball-shaped, rare and lives in dry climate.
  • Bulbosa: Tentacle-like leaves and bulbous bases, ideal for terrariums.

Air Plant Holders and Hanging Ideas

Here are some basic ideas for your air plant display:

  1. Terrariums: Glass terrariums are simple to set up. The contents of the terrarium can be easily changed depending on the season. However, experts recommended not to change often as air plants collects water and might die with the change. It is ideal for busy people. How to display plants indoor?
  2. Vertical Gardens: All you need is an antique picture frame, wire mesh, and some air plants! Find Vertical plant walls and gardens with design instructions for all this project..
  3. Sculpture: A ceramic plant holder will make a modern and stylish air plant display.
  4. Macrame: This plant display is perfect for our Boho and farmhouse home decor fans. With cotton rope and a wooden dowel, weave your own mini macrame air plant holder.
  5. Natural Containers: The use of seashells, urchins, and natural containers is ideal for homes with a coastal theme. It’s fun to display your travel collectibles with plants.
  6. Driftwood: Use driftwood, grapevine, or Mopani as plant holders. Air plants are frequently found attached to the sides of trees. Collect beautiful pieces of driftwood to recreate their natural habitat in your home.
  7. Cork: You can display your air plants in corks on fridge with magnets.
  8. Metal plant holders: You can use copper to give your air plant displays a gold look or traditional steel buckets to add charm.
  9. Gemstone: Brightly colored gemstones add a splash of color to your tabletop display. You can use a simple gemstone as a base for an air plant holder, a raw gemstone to give it a gem look, or geode planter pots.
  10. Concrete planters
  11. Clay Planters: Place your air plants in large or small clay pots.
  12. Air Plant Frames: Many options for instance casting art idea to make plant frames.
  13. Ceramic: A vegetable or fruit shaped air plant holder is another fun way to display your air plant in kitchen for example a pineapple or carrot shaped holders.
  14. Stained Glass Display: Glass painting and stained glass plant containers come in a variety of colors and sizes.
  15. Resin: The clear look of resin and resin art can produce unique air plant holders for display.
  16. Basket or bowl: The simplest ideas are the best. Display it in a beautiful kitchen bowl or bathroom basket.

How to care for air plants?

  • Water your air plant regularly.
  • Keep your air plant in light not direct sun.
  • Display your air plant in airy space.
  • Keep your air conditioner at a normal temperature.
  • Although copper wire is poisonous to Tillandsia, you can use other metals.
  • Never directly touch or drip water on the plant.

How often should you spray an air plant when it is in a container?

Every 4-5 days mist your plant with one spray for tiny globes and 2-3 sprays for larger globes. Monitor the drying time of the air plant. Smaller globes can hold the moisture for longer due to less circulation.

Can you glue air plants to stick them in place?

Several techniques can be used to fix air plants. Although it is fiddly, tie them on with a fine, clear thread or fish wire. Alternatively, use “Tilly” glue or E-6000 which is waterproof and safe. Make sure that the glue doesn’t cover the plant’s base near the roots.

Air Plant Display Ideas

Here are some creative air plant ideas.

Cool Air Plant Holders

Framed Air plant Art by airplantartisan.


Christmas Air Plant Display by birdzofafeather.


Baby Groot Planter from Etsy.


Macrame Plant Display by studiotwelve60.


Jellyfish Plant Holders from Etsy.


Sea Animals Air Plant Holders from Etsy.


Creative Air Plant Ideas

DIY Faux Terrazzo Wall Hanging Planters by Oh Joy.


Air Plant Discs for wall from Amazon.


Air Plants Cedar Stands by Flourish Succulents.


Driftwood Terrariums by thelittlegarden22.


Air Plant Stands by planetharz.


Pear ceramic plant holders by airplantdesignstudio.


Air Plants in clay pots by beeswaxwraps.


Antique Scale from whore2culture.


DIY Air Plant Frame with chicken wire or buy from Amazon.


DIY Air Plant Display Ideas

Driftwood Air Plant display by bhg.


Birch Log Holder for Table by Sand and sisal.


DIY Large Air Plant Wall Display in Bedroom by Cocoon Raw.


DIY Hand Painted Pots for Bathroom by Jenny Lemons.


Air Plant Stands

Pineapple air plant holder from Etsy.


Office Desk plant holder from Etsy.


DIY House Shaped Air Plant holder from Crafting My Home.



Geode Planter from Etsy.


Crystal Air Plant Holder from Etsy.


Giraffe Air Plant Holders from Etsy.


Air Plant Tree from Etsy.


Geometric plant terrarium from Etsy.


DIY Mini Air Plant Stand from homeyohmy.


Geometric metal wire Air Plant hangers from Amazon.


Ubend Plant Wall Hanger from Etsy.


Hanging Air Plant Holders

Small Geometric Terrariums from Amazon.


Copper Air Plant Containers from Amazon.


Stained Glass Display from Etsy.


Moss balls display by Super Moss.


Air Plant Wreath by flowermag.


Sea Shell and Airplant Display by tagandtibby.


Sea Shell Air plant mobile from seathingsventura.


Air Plant Lanterns from airplantman.


Rustic Plant holder from Etsy.


Mesh air plant basket with liner by moemax.


The best air plant display ideas are those that are aesthetically pleasing. When starting a new project, it can be difficult to choose the best idea. So when creating a display, it is important to take into consideration the size of the space and what elements you want to include. Transform your adorable little air plant into a work of art, with these suggestions and find your own creative air plant idea.

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