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60 Small Summer DIY Projects (easy tutorials)

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Ah, summer! The season of sunshine, long days, and endless possibilities for creative DIY projects. Whether you’re dreaming of transforming your backyard into a cozy oasis, breathing new life into old furniture, or simply enjoying some creative time with family and friends, we’ve got you covered. These 60 small summer DIY projects are bursting with inspiration and practical tips to help you make the most of your time and talents. So, grab your supplies, embrace the warm weather, and let’s dive into a world of creativity and fun!


Small Summer DIY Projects:

Here we have listed ideas based on different focuses. We have renovation ideas to breathe new life into a space, but what if everything is to your heart’s content at home then how about some new additions or improvements this summer? You will find inspirations for home and garden decor. Now if your focus this summer is not on the physical aspects of home but to have fun at home, we have taken care of that too. You will find summer entertainment and memory making projects and ideas to make the most of it.

Let’s get started:

Summer Home Renovation Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to revamp your space! Freshen up doors with bold paint colors or install new curtains, even small tweaks like new plants or a trendy rug can make a big splash.

1. Paint Washing Old Furniture

Photo: Shelly Chic Boutique



2. Repaint the Front Door

Select a relaxed yet intriguing color that mirrors the sunny ambiance. With just an afternoon’s effort, revitalize the front of your house with a touch of color that adds an inviting charm.

painting door

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3. Make a breakfast garden

This is the ideal time to design your indoor garden space. Bring houseplants and setup a garden to have breakfast. Not only will it bring green vibes indoors during summer but also in winter.


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4. Install Light Curtains

Sew or install light, airy curtains in soft tones to let in more natural light while keeping the space cool.

Shop: Summery Curtains

Install Light Curtains

5. Add a featured mirror

Hang a mirror opposite a window in your living room during summer to harness natural light. This smart placement reflects outdoor scenery and sunlight, brightening the room and making it feel like you have an extra window. Just angle it right to avoid glare.


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6. Beautiful Plant Display

Hang planters or build a vertical garden on a wall to bring greenery in your space.

hex netting cedar blocks wall garden

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7. Revamp your coffee bar

This modern coffee bar is perfect execution of a go-to-place in the morning.


Make Summer Themed Projects to decorate

8. Experience henna tattoo art

Have fun making paisleys and swirls on your body for temporary tattoo art. Find henna designs to inspire you. You can also use it in henna art projects.

9. Keepsake jar

A keepsake jar is a perfect way to keep your souvenirs and memories from a travel labelled and safe. Display on the shelf your captured moments.


10. Sunflower art

Have fun decorating your baking items with focaccia bread art like these sunflowers. Painting sunflowers for home decor is also an enjoyable experience.

Sunflower bread art

11. Summer Time Light show

Brighten up your space with a neon sign or holographic lights. Think “Hello Sunshine” for the entryway or “Beach Vibes” for the patio. Neon signs add a trendy, playful touch and create a cool, laid-back summer vibe.

Shop: Neon Sign

neon sign

Shop: Holographic Light

Holographic Light

12. Paint a shed

Bring life in your backyard with a painted garden shed.



13. Hot air balloons

Repurpose used bulbs into summer decoration with relief outliner.



14. Make Garden Mushrooms

Create Garden Art with gemstones and bowls. Use remote controlled string lights to light up mushrooms garden decor in your backyard at night and see the magic come to life.


Gemstone Garden Mushrooms


15. Make Seasonal Wreath

Here’s a tree of life wreath to not only decorate but bring positivity in your environment.


Tree of Life


16. Summery Fruit Painted Accessories

Infuse your space with summer freshness using vibrant fruit painted or printed cushions. You can paint fruits on coasters, drinking glasses, pitchers, flower pots and so much more.

Painting fruits on pots


DIY Garden Decor

Picture cozy nooks lit with fairy lights, vibrant clay pot stools, and colorful garden stones. Embrace the season with style and turn your garden into the ultimate summer hangout spot. Create magical fairy garden that shines under the sun or upgrade garden projects.

17. DIY water fountain

Turn planters and bowls into water fountain with solar disc. Just add the disc in any bowl of water and enjoy your instant water fountain without doing anything.


18. Make a tree house

A real tree house on small scale would be a fun ideas with planks for stairs, a swing to come down. But consider a play tree house from old stump if you are not that adventurous.


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19. Build a herb garden

Learn best practices to setup a herb garden.


20. Setup an outdoor entertainment space

Bring zen in your space with Japanese garden concepts.


21. Setup a floor pillow backyard space

Have a ground sitting space for relaxation and chats with kotatsu seating.


22. Make a raised garden bed

Raised garden beds are ideal for growing vegetables and plants.


23. Paint Rocks for people to discover

Get inspired to paint rocks with kindness messages or fun rock art. Drop them in various spots in parks, forests, beach, and other spaces for people to discover and get surprised.



24. DIY Solar lighthouse with Terra Cotta Pots

Upgrade your garden with a trendy solar lighthouse crafted from terracotta pots—it’s a fun and easy way to jazz up your outdoor area!

Photo: Crafts By Courtney


25. DIY Clay Pot Toadstools

How about adding some quirky clay pot toadstools to your garden? Using terra-cotta pots and saucers, paint them in vibrant colors to bring a cheerful vibe to your outdoor space.

Photo: Crafts By Amanda.


26. Work on eco-friendly projects like a Bird Bath or Insect House

Give your garden a stylish splash with a modern DIY bird bath or bug hotel.

butterfly feeder food

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27. Decorate with chandeliers for magical evenings

Jazz up your outdoor space with decorative lights and chandeliers.



28. DIY Easy Suncatchers with Jar Lids

A creative activity for a weekend evening with mason jar lids and acrylic sheets. Decorate with dried flowers.



29. Underwater Pool Lights

Dive into summer nights with submersible led lights. They transform your pool into a glowing oasis, perfect for magical evening swims and unforgettable poolside hangouts. These are fun for camping and indoors as well.

Shop: Pool Lights

Underwater Pool Lights

Small Summer Improvement Projects

Level up your summer garden with fun and easy DIY projects for hot days.

30. Make memories in a tent

Cozy up your outdoor moments in a DIY tent! Deck it up with cushions, pillows, and throws for the ultimate relaxation spot. It’s where lazy summer afternoons turn into cherished moments of pure bliss.



31. Setting up the Patio

Invest in a comfy patio furniture, pergola, and use creative ways for Backyard Lighting.

Front Yard Landscape Lights Waterproof Garden Decor


32. DIY Fire Pit

Elevate your backyard with a DIY fire pit. Gather around, roast marshmallows, and cozy up for night stories.


Backyard firepit landscaping


33. Build a Swing or Hammock for leisure hours

Create your relaxation oasis with a DIY porch swing project! Gather materials, follow simple instructions, and soon you’ll be swaying gently, enjoying lazy summer days like never before.



34. Install Patio Umbrella with Solar Lights

Enjoy sunny summer days and breezy nights with a multipurpose umbrella. Enjoy the shade and relax in your backyard oasis.

Shop: Umbrella with lights

Umbrella with lights

35. Backyard Home Theater System

Turn your backyard into a family movie night haven with a home theater setup. Gather around for fun summer evenings watching the kids’ favorite movies under the stars and make rainbows.



36. Outdoor Kitchen Fence Setup

Upgrade your summer entertaining space with a stylish kitchen in the backyard. Crafted with simple materials and a touch of creativity, this fence idea is perfect for serving drinks and snacks al fresco while cooking meals.

outdoor kitchen fence


Summer Entertainment and Memory-Making Projects

How about adding a burst of creative entertainment to your summer? These enjoyable and imaginative summer crafts will allow you to explore the artistic world of organizing and creating lifelong memories.

37. Make a kite to fly in the park

Have fun making your own kite or enjoy flying a kite bought from store.

Make a kite to fly in the park

Shop: Most Popular Kite

38. Make a photo collage

Use your travel photos to make a photo collage.

39. Collect seashells and sand

Use collected sea shells and sand to fill bottles or paint on seashells.

41. Embroidery jean pockets

Sew buttons on pockets to upgrade your jeans or make fun button art.

42. Paint on mugs

Dip mugs in nail polish to make fun patterns and seal with spray.


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43. DIY cool sunglasses

Paint or add stickers to your sunglasses for fun.


44. Paint your summer shoes or tote bag

Paint a giraffe on canvas bag.


45. Creating Textures on T-Shirts

Give your t-shirt a unique twist with textured threads.

Photo: Fly and Mabel

Creating Textures on T-Shirts

46. DIY Mini Notebook

How about making this unique mini notebook with buttons this summer? Collect and tape your daily discoveries of beautiful botanicals from park and forest walks.

Photo: Wood Lark

DIY Mini Notebook

47. DIY Floral Bookmark

Spruce up your summer reading with floral bookmarks.



48. Make a Fun Summer Journal

Summer journaling offers a unique opportunity to explore new ideas, document adventures and practice mindfulness. Grab a pen and paper and let the sunshine inspire you. Make a fabric book cover.

fabric journal cover


49. Crochet Fun Coasters

Fun crochet owl coasters in vibrant summer colors.

Crochet owl coasters


50. DIY Summer Scented Bath Bombs

Create your summer bliss with DIY bath bombs! Combine coconut, watermelon, or citrus scents with a few simple ingredients, shape them into fun forms, and relax into a soothing spa experience. Great for gifting or treating yourself.


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51. A Picnic on Blanket

Create a picnic blanket for your loved ones that’s both stylish and practical. Pick your favorite fabric, sew a large and cozy blanket, and add a waterproof backing to make it perfect for outdoor adventures like this one from Darcy.

Shop: Best Picnic Blanket

A Picnic on Blanket

52. DIY Ice Dyeing

Summer just got a whole lot cooler with ice dyeing! This groovy project is the perfect way to relax and get creative. Mix ice, dye, and fabric, add a dash of love, and voila! You’ll be rocking your own unique, handmade masterpiece in no time.

You won't belive what we used to tie dye


53. Enjoy S’mores

This cute tabletop fire pit doubles as s’mores kit as well as marshmallow party time.

Shop: S’mores and Fire Pit Kit

Roundfire Tabletop Fire Pit with Smores Kit

54. Summer Bouquet Coloring Sheets

Escape the heat with adult summer coloring books! Relaxing designs and vibrant colors to soothe your mind.

Shop: Coloring Sheets

Adult Coloring Book with beautiful realistic flowers

55. Pressed Flowers Candles

Use mod podge to stick handmade treasure features like pressed flowers. A radiant symbol of elegance and serenity, to brighten any space.


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56. DIY Beaded Bracelets get together

Make fun bracelets like these glittery ones.

How to make glitter vinyl tube bracelets


57. Summer Popsicle Door Hanger Painting Kit

Welcome summer with a personalized splash of color.

Shop: Door Hanger

Door Hanger Painting Kit

58. Make Natural Inks for your craft projects

Nature’s colors ink! Use berries, bark, leaves, and moss to create vibrant, all-natural paints.

Photo: Lost In Colors


59. Bathtub Tray for Luxurious and Relaxing Summer Time

Elevate your bath game! To a sleek tub caddy into your summer essentials.

Shop: Bathtub Tray

Bathtub Tray

60. DIY Summer FlipFlops

Upgrade your plain flip-flops with vibrant flowers and turn them into a stunning statement piece for your warm-weather wardrobe for beach activities.


61. Hand Painted Citrus Serving Tray

Create a vibrant and functional DIY citrus tray that’s perfect for summer entertaining. Pour epoxy resin on top to seal and protect your painting.

Photo: Sustain my Craft Habit


62. Make Your Own Handmade Bag

Design colorful and playful handmade bags that’s ideal for beach trips, picnics, or everyday adventures!


63. Revamp a plain summer hat with trendy patterns

Stay cool and stylish this summer! Create a trendy hat with just a few simple materials and a dash of creativity. You can paint, sew buttons or even hang trendy elements for fun.

Tiny transformations have a big impact! Our collection of 60 small summer DIY projects is your ticket to a refreshed and radiant summer. From twinkling decor to functional faves, these tiny treasures pack a punch. Get ready to sparkle, shine, and make your summer sizzle with these easy and adorable DIY delights!

Written by: Sabah Waqas

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