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Beautiful indoor fairy gardens that kids can play with

Spring comes with fresh air, beautiful flowers and fresh plants. Fairy gardens are fun to make and spark creativity. Making beautiful indoor fairy gardens that kids can play with keeps the fantasy alive. It is a fun activity for kids that involves play and nature. Beautiful indoor fairy gardens can be a part of your home decor in living room, entrance, porch or kids play area. Today I am sharing some creative and beautiful indoor fairy gardens that will amaze you with their cuteness and easy construction tutorials and DIY instructions.

Make beautiful indoor fairy gardens


Fairy garden ideas



To make small and miniature fairy gardens, you will need to know about miniature plants and plants that are easy to maintain indoors. So I also made sure that information is not missed here. Moreover, the tutorials are not only about finding ceramic objects and decorating a fairy garden but also DIY decorations to inspire you to create handmade indoor fairy gardens from scratch.

fairy gardens making

Beautiful Indoor Fairy Gardens

Use pots to make an indoor fairy garden.

 How To Make Beautiful Fairy Garden

Build adorable fairy garden

Unique finds from dollar store and other home and garden stores makes a custom fairy garden kids will love to decorate.

 Build a Fairy Garden with Kids

fairy planter garden making

Turn a planter into a fairy garden door with some stones and modpodge/ glue.

DIY Fairy Door Planter

easy ideas of fairy gardens making

An easy fairy garden with a cute popsicle sticks bench.

 Easy Way To Make Fairy Garden

fairy garden DIY

Turn a lantern into a fairy garden.

 Indoor Fairy Garden Lantern

Indoor fairy gardens at craftionary.net
fairy garden indoor ideas

How To Make an Indoor Fairy Garden with step by step instructions to make mini fairy things.

tea cup fairy garden

A cute little addition to your home will be this teacup sitting place for fairy.

 Miniature Teacup Fairy Garden Tutorial

fairy garden basket

Make fairy garden in a basket with succulent, mushrooms, wood slices and moss.

 Fairy Garden Basket

Constructing an epic indoor fairy garden

And my most favourite of the entire list is this epic fairy garden that has left me speechless. Turn a small greenhouse into this classic piece kids can enjoy playing in!

 Constructing an epic fairy garden

miniature fairy gardens

Turn a fishbowl into a fairy garden. You might also like this fishbowl snow globe.

 Miniature Fairy Garden Tutorial

Best plants for miniature gardens

A collection of indoor plants you can use in your fairy gardens.

 Guide to Miniature plants for fairy gardens

How to start a fairy garden?

 Fairy Garden Makeover using a barrel.

DIY indoor fairy gardens

DIY indoor fairy gardens by Bruce angels is a collection of beautiful fairy gardens.

indoor fairy garden
Fairy garden from birdhouses

A Disney’s fairies and tinkerbell.

 Miniature Fairy Village Tutorial

fairy garden ideas

A magical tea party evening with little fairies.

Making a fairy garden

fairy garden ideas

Make an indoor fairy house (fairy home) in a planter.

 Easy fairy garden idea

fairy pot idea

Turn a broken planter into a fairy land.

 Fairy Garden In A Pot

I hope you enjoyed these fresh ideas for constructing beautiful indoor fairy gardens. You can keep them indoor or outdoor if you wish!

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Beautiful indoor fairy gardens at craftionary.net


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Beautiful indoor fairy gardens that kids can play with

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