Beautiful indoor fairy gardens pictures and ideas

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Find inspiration in best pictures and ideas to make beautiful indoor fairy gardens in miniature gardens with plants and fairies at home.


Spring comes with fresh air, beautiful flowers and fresh plants. Fairy gardens are fun to make and spark creativity. Making beautiful indoor fairy gardens that kids can play with, keeps their fantasy alive. Fairy gardens can be a part of your home decor in living room, entrance, patio or kids play area. Today I am sharing best indoor and outdoor fairy garden with pictures and photos for inspiration. These cute fairy gardens come with easy instructions for construction and tutorials to DIY fairies gardens.

Beautiful indoor fairy garden pictures and ideas


Pictures of Fairy gardens


Here you will find pictures and ideas to make big, small or miniature fairies garden to add whimsical fun to your landscape. A fairy garden comprises of understanding questions like:

  • Where to display the fairy garden?
  • What plants to pot in the planter fairy garden?
  • How to construct fairy garden?
  • Where to find decorating items for fairy garden?


Questions for Fairy Gardens


A lot of planning to make a garden depends on the location of it. You can make a fairy garden in any planter, pot or area. Once, the area has been selected you can easily choose the type of plants, decorations and planter.



There are two main things that helps decide on the plants for fairy garden. The flower pot and the location. If your planter has drainage holes you can plant any plants based on the sunlight exposure. Best plants for fairy gardens are actually those you find best. However, some low maintenance plants that can survive little attention, water and sunlight include:

  • pothos
  • succulents
  • air plants
  • cacti
  • evergreens
  • rubber plant
  • snake plant
  • spider plant
  • polka dot plant
  • Ivy



Making a fairy garden is very simple. Once you have made your selection, it’s all about decorating and planting flowers. To help assist with this process we have photos shared below.



You can find unique and interesting items for fairy gardens in many places. Some of my favorite places include:

  • Michaels
  • Homesense
  • Thrift stores
  • Dollar stores
  • Local nurseries
  • Home Depot


Popular Fairy Garden Decor Ideas

DIY fairy garden accessories can also be made using polymer clay or craft supplies from dollarama or natural items. It is fun to keep making things and adding to the fairy garden just like a dollhouse. It keeps you involved creatively and have a hobby to work on in leisure hours.


Beautiful Indoor Fairy Gardens

A fun idea would be to make solar fairy house in a miniature garden. Now let’s look at these DIY fairy garden ideas and photos to help you make your own fairy garden:


1. How To Make Beautiful Fairy Garden?

Use pots of assorted sizes to make layered indoor fairy garden.


2. Build a fairy garden with kids

Some ideas for material to create fairy house with your child:

  • Leaves, grass and moss
  • Flowers, acorns, rocks
  • Tiny animals
  • Miniature birdbath
  • Seashells
  • Windchimes
  • Small pieces of wood, baskets
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Extension cords (if building outside)
  • Wood glue
  • Polymer model clay or air dry clay
  • Twine (for swings or clotheslines)
  • Fake fur or fabric scraps
  • Small dollhouse items
  • Tiny rustic furniture
  • White wood picket fence
  • A set of toadstools
  • Fairy garden furniture
  • Potting soil
  • Small plants for fairy garden

Material needed for fairy gardens


3. DIY Fairy Door Planter

Turn a terra cotta pot into a fairy garden door.

  • Use stones and pebbles and glue them onto the flower pot.
  • With clay shape a door and use a pin for details. With acrylic paints complete the garden door.
  • Add moss and other mini decorations to complete the look.


4. Front porch urn fairy garden

Turn your front porch urn into fairy garden bird bath. This pot is multi-functional. It adds decoration to your front porch as well as helps our tiny friends stay hydrated. You can also add a bird feeder or butterfly feeder. You may also like DIY urn for less tutorial.



5. Easy DIY Fairy Home

Easy DIY fairy garden made with shallow terra cotta planter, rosemary plants, Alyssum plants, potting soil and fairy figurines.


Fairy garden supplies and things


6.  Guestroom Fairy Garden Lantern

Turn a lantern into a fairy guest house using moss, fake flowers and decorative accents. I love the painted Welcome rock. Such a cute idea.


 7. Make Fairy Garden with evergreen tree

I love this idea because it uses the fairies home I choose for mine. Another thought that just passed my mind is to create a custom sized planter box and decorate it with your imagination. It would also be interesting to add a birdhouse to the scene.



8. Make an indoor fairy garden with pots and trays

Make a city of fairy garden whether indoor or outdoor using different sized plant stands and planter trays. Here are some ideas you can find in this image:

  • Use twigs to make stairs for fairies.
  • Fabric pennants and twine makes a cute clothesline.
  • Moss can cover the green area and pebbles can make a path for the garden.
  • Natural elements like jute, birch, wood slices and twigs can make swings, post and even a hammock for the fairy house.
  • Add a picnic mat made with clay food items.
  • A teacup can make a cute room for fairy home too.


Small fairy garden gift idea


9. Teacup fairy garden

This cute little teacup sitting place for fairy makes beautiful homemade gift for garden lovers as well.



10. Fairy garden basket

Make Fairy Garden Basket with succulents, mushrooms, wood slices, moss and seasonal flowers planted in a container. You might also like DIY boxes made under five dollars.


Are Fairy gardens for indoor or outdoor?


11. Constructing epic fairy garden

And my most favorite of the entire list is this epic fairy garden that has left me speechless. Make a greenhouse in a three foot square sunny corner. The fairy house includes:

  • Lake and waterfall
  • Junk store bought birdhouse
  • Weathered cedar piece dome
  • Fence with Popsicle sticks
  • Sliced wood placemat as floor
  • Fairy garden houses and accessories from local nurseries
  • Fairy garden gourd house from amazon
  • Polymer clay decorations
  • Dried hydrangea as tree
  • Stalagmite mountain loom
  • Golden cord and green twine hanging chandelier
  • Galvanized washtubs
  • Acorns
  • Gravel
  • Fairy village woodland table with four stools
  • Cart and bottles from local fairy garden shop
  • Beads and colored stones
  • Scrapbook paper in blue for water
  • Hummingbird figurine
  • Thatched roof cottage
  • Galvanized wheelbarrow
  • Clay farmland where fairies grow vegetables (carrots, cabbage, onions and potatoes)
  • Hanging basket with quilled paper flowers



12. Miniature terrarium fairy garden

Turn a fishbowl into a fairy garden terrarium with succulents, gardening charcoal, potting mix, stones, pebbles, large round glass fish bowl and fairy miniature ornaments. Add gnomes to bring luck to your garden and read all about DIY gnomes and their origin at the link. You might also like this fishbowl snow globe.


Best plants for miniature gardens


13. Best plants for fairy gardens

 Here’s a Guide to Miniature plants for fairy gardens at empress of dirt. Find best outdoor plants for fairy garden on the link. The top 10 indoor trees and bedding plants you can use in your fairy gardens or indoor mini gardens:

  • English Boxwood
  • False Cypress
  • Parlor Palm
  • Norfolk Pine
  • Ellwood’s Blue Cypress
  • Dwarf Mondo Grass
  • Baby Tears
  • Corsican Mint
  • Sugar Vine
  • Zebra Haworthia



14. Barrel Fairy garden 

Fairy Garden Makeover using a barrel. Have you ever considered making bug hotel for ecosystem outdoors? For this barrel the following material is used:

  • Tray, container, saucer or galvanized bucket (large barrel)
  • Pinecones, shells, rocks, marbles or glass rocks
  • Artificial flowers
  • Vintage old tea cups
  • Bag of moss
  • Moss covered stones
  • Ladybug tire swing
  • Dollhouse items from craft store
  • Birdhouse from Joann
  • Flowers from Home Depot
  • Crushed seashells garden path
  • Sand for garden path
  • Ceramic fairies
  • Battery operated twinkle lights



15. DIY container fairy gardens

Bruce angels makes charming fairy gardens in container idea for sale that will bring little magic in your wonderland.



16. DIY water fairy garden

Make a fairy pond in a cup or glass bowl using plants that grow in water. You might also like DIY water gardens.


Mini Birdhouse Fairy Village


17. Tinkerbell fairy garden

A Disney’s fairies and tinkerbell. Miniature Fairy Village Tutorial has ideas like:

  • Create a mini pond with jar lid.
  • Paint wood plates and bottles.
  • Add thimbles for buckets and trash cans.
  • Use pennies or broken tile pieces for stepping stones.
  • Stamps for artwork or posters.
  • Popsicle sticks and toothpicks for signs.
  • Wine corks cut in half for stools.
  • Small beads and trinkets hung from plants as wind chimes.
  • Bark and leaves for fairy home roof.



18. Fairies picnic garden

A magical tea party evening with little fairies in a glass cloche. The base is made with Styrofoam covered with moss.



19. Kids made fairy garden

Make an indoor fairy house in a clay pot with painted wooden birdhouse and picket fence with handmade flowers.


20. Fairy garden pot

Turn a broken pot or broken planter into a fairy land.

I hope you enjoyed these fresh ideas for constructing beautiful indoor fairy garden. You can keep them indoor or outdoor if you wish!


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