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45 DIY Table Candle Decoration Ideas

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Nothing compares to the feeling of walking into a clean house with a fresh scent of burning candle. Candle brings a sense of invitation and special moment with its warmth. DIY candle decoration ideas will help you turn simple store-bought candles into beautiful gifts. You will also find easy 2023 trends to make decorative candles to sell from your online shop or handmade business idea. Conversely, you might be tempted to buy candles because the ones listed are selling like hotcakes on Etsy. If you would rather be making candles, these ideas are great for beginners.


Candle decoration

Use these soy wax and beeswax soy candle ideas to decorate for an event, gift, or a space in your home. These ideas are great for living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Gift these for valentines day, mothers day, wedding, coworker, anniversary, teacher, boyfriend, best friend, neighbor, retirement, plant lover, long distance relationship, birthday or even housewarming.

Decorations to put in the candles

You can decorate creative candles with different things like:

  • Glitter
  • Stickers
  • Ribbons
  • Spices
  • Tissue papers
  • Wax Paper
  • Heena
  • Mica powder
  • Botanicals
  • Pressed flowers
  • Essential oil
  • Clay
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Wooden log
  • Crayons
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Glass tiles
  • Gemstones and more

Easiest way to decorate a candle

Melting Ready-made Candle’s Wax:

  1. One simple trick is to buy cheap wax candles and melt them on a double boiler. You put a smaller stainless steel pot filled with wax over a large pot filled with water on low flame.
  2. Or a large pot filled with water bought to boiling point and submerge your candle jars into it to melt the wax in the glass jars.

Place a fresh wick and pour melted wax into a beautiful wooden bowl with potpourri or essential fragrance oil for a quick candle decoration. Be careful when the candle lits, the decoration shouldn’t catch fire or get damaged with dripping candle wax. You can also opt for flameless candles or LED candles.

DIY Candle Decoration Ideas

Find ideas to decorate candles and make candles that are popular and people like to buy. Get into making these to sell or for home decor. You will also find beautiful handmade candles to buy.

Gel candles

Beautiful easy gel wax candle diy with shells and embellishments.


Use spices and gold leaf to make clear gel candles.


Add dyes or food coloring to make gel tealights by recycling old tealight cups.

Cement Table Candle

These Candles are stunning in that they can blow the mind of your viewers. Cement + cardboard tubes + oil spray + popsicles + empty water bottle + melted wax or soy wax + perfume oil + Gold leaf + paint brush + sanding paper + heat gun by muneera.


cement candle

Vintage Candle

This DIY vintage candle is a piece of art. You can make this with pillar candles + rice paper + silicone molds + clay + white glue + acrylic paints by love shabby chic.


vintage candle

Figure Statue Candle

Veiled lady Greece sculpture candle for home decor aethetics buy here.


Veiled lady candle

Venus de milo statue candle

Buy here


Goddess candle

Coconut Candle

Old wax candles, coconut shell, scent, dried flowers and sea shells by candles and candles.


Coconut candle

Aromatherapy jar candle

Buy here


Aromatherapy candle

Recycle Pillar Candle

Leftover tealights or candles + crayons (for color) + candle wick + pringles container by archana.


Recycle candle

Ceramic Bowl Candle

Two ceramic bowls (upside down) + E6000 glue + leftover wax in candle jars + candle wick by the craftessa.


Ceramic bowl candle

Floral Soy Candle

Pink candle with wax flower on top buy here.


Anemone floral candle

Beach Candle Decoration

Place sand, faux plants and sea shells in a large wooden bowl. Put a candle wick and candle wax on seashells to make tealights by design decor travel.


Beach candle

Modern pillar candle

Luxurious-looking minimalist and geometric candle with ruffles buy here.


Modern pillar candle

Holiday Candle

Use a mold or larger box that can fit pillar candle with some space around. Add berries and evergreen to it. Pour candle wax, remove it from the container and tie a string to complete by mabougie by lyly.


Holiday candle

Handmade real dried flowers candle

Nordic Buy here


Dried flowers candle

DIY Marble Effect Candle

Pillar Candles + gloves + container + marble dyes + brush + water by Sheri Vegas.


Marble candle

DIY Taper Candlesticks

You can turn your boring candle into a beautiful bold one with this easy DIY. Bee wax candle + bee wax sheet + cookie cutter by inspired by charm.


Taper candle

Long Twisted candles

Classic Boho home decor with spiral and diamond candlesticks buy here.


Taper candlesticks

Floral Ring Candle Holder

Box wire wreath + green cloth wire + wire cutter + candle holder + faux flowers by she gave it a go.


Floral candle ring

Natural Spices Candle

Dried flowers + mug/cup + candle wick + soy wax + essential oil + crystals by Amira DIYs.


Candle cup

Fragrance candles

Healing crystals energy and herbs fragrance aromatherapy soy candles buy here.


Crystal herbs tealights

Farmhouse Candle Base

Dollar tree bamboo skewers + embroidery hoops + wooden discs + candles + napkins + apple barrel burnt umber acrylic paint + wood beads + jute twine + hot glue gun + glue sticks by DIY with amber.


Farmhouse candle

Heena Candle

Pillar candle + heena paste + glue + plastic cone by rabiya.


Henna candle

Custom message glass jar candles

Some of the coolest message or have your custom message soy wax candle buy here.


Message candles

Cane Webbing Candle

It is easy to make by wrapping the candle jar with cane webbing. Cane webbing + mesh cane webbing + hot glue gun + scissors + candle jars by alice and lois.


Cane webbing candle

Brooch Candle

You need a brooch with a pin and push it into the candle by totally dazzled.


Brooch candle

Cube candles

Scented bubble candle buy here.


Scented cube candles

Dried Fruit Candle

Bake orange, lime and apple slices in the oven for 1 hour at 100°C. Add a pillar candle in a slightly large glass jar and add dried fruits on the side. Fix food color and fragrance oil to candle wax as you melt it in a pot and pour on top by mini mee.


Dried fruits candle

Metallic Gold Dip Candles

Plain candles dipped in gold paint. Metallic gold shiner dip + gold metallic paint + metallic spray paint + candles by design and creativity.


Gold candles

Amethyst scented car accessories

Car air freshener (freshie) crystal charm buy here.


Scented car accessory

Decorate with Candle Pens

Make these beautiful candles with beeswax sheets and candle paints. It is a fun craft by colorful crafts.


Candle pen decoration

Sand candle

Container + fillers (rocks, beads, flowers etc.) + water + candle sand + wick by candles and usa.


Sand candle

Concrete Tealight Centerpiece

Quick concrete mix + paper cups + tealight candles + fluorescent lights box (or any mold) + greenery by tatertots and jello.


Concrete tealight holder

Wavy pillar candle

Buy here


Wavy shaped candle

Twisted Candlesticks

Wide mouth mason Jar + candy thermometer + solid-color paraffin wax taper candles + waxed paper + rolling pin by bhg.


Twisted candlesticks

Hand rolled taper candle

Buy here


Hand rolled taper candle

Log Candle Centerpiece

Drill + spade + candlesticks + log + ribbons + greenery by liz marie galvan.


Log candle holder

Floating candles

Use glass jars, glitter and flower petals to make floating candles for a special event by craftionary.

DIY romantic candles

Floating candles

French Vanilla Coffee Candles

Coffee beans + tealight candles + ceramic bowls by Craftionary.


French vanilla candles

Crayons Dipped Candles

Citronella Candles + tin can + plastic liner + paint stirrer + slow cooker + crayons by HGTV.


Dipped candles

Candle Wax Bowls

Balloon + candle wax + glue + dried flower by bee amour jewelry.


Wax bowls

Decorative doughbowl candle

Farmhouse and cottage style centerpiece buy here.


Succulent flowers candle

Striped tapered candles

Use painter’s tape and acrylic paint to paint candlesticks inspired by anthropologie by craftberry bush.


Painted candles

Plant Candles

These are some beautiful candles for plant lovers.

Buy here


Cactus candle

Buy here


Terrarium garden candle

Buy here


Desert rose soy candle

Buy here


Peony flower candle

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