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30 Craft tips You will love to know!

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Isn’t it great to learn about good tips! I am sharing 30 Craft tips. These tips are helpful for DIY projects and handmade crafts.

I bet there will be a few you didn’t know before.

I am already following a few of these tips. Some I learnt through my project disasters. Some by reading!

craft tips

so let’s get started:

30 Craft Tips

You will love to know.

color scheme

Paint samples

Paint popsicle sticks the color of every wall in your house.

Carry with you on the go to match furniture, curtains, decorations, etc.

You can also write the brand, and name of the color on the back.

Paint popsicle scheme via pinterest.

comb nail holder

Protect your fingers when hanging something.

Hold the nail in the comb lines.

Comb as nail holder

prevent paint drips

Painting tips

Prevent paint drips. These tips are good for painting anything.

Don’t water down the paint too much.

Do only thin coats of paint.

Don’t spray paint one spot more than once.

Spray or brush in a pattern.

Painting tips

bold color palettes

Hint of bold color that will enliven your space.

18 go-with-everything, paint-anything, put-anywhere hues. These color palettes will work in any room.

Bold color palettes

cardboard spray painting

Spray painting tip

Use cardboard boxes to spray paint. Great idea to paint thumbprint free projects.

Cut an opening at the top. Use wire to hang and rotate your objects.

Freshen up old tape by microwaving for 10 seconds. Heat softens the adhesive for easy release.

Mess free painting

painting door

Door painting tips

How to correctly paint a door! Great image to help you paint.

Painting door via pinterest.

 craft tips

1. Paint brushes: Soak your paint brushes in fabric softener or hair conditioner for 10 mins. Paint wipes off easily.

2. Newspapers: Use newspapers to create huge patterns.

3. Magnets: Use a magnet for easy picking of sewing pins.

4. Scissors: Cut through sandpaper a few times to sharpen your scissors.

craft tips hot glue

Glue Craft tips

Keep the glue sticks in the freezer. It prevents long string bands when gluing.

Microwave glue for 10 seconds. It will help use the last bit of glue from the bottle.

Blow dry your finished projects to remove hot glue strings. Heat from the hair dryer removes strings.

Wipe the tip of the glue tube with lotion using a tissue. It prevents it from sticking.

Store bottles of glue upside down in a jar. You are ready to use without waiting.

Reposition hot glued items by warming them with embossing gun. The heat will loosen it up.

helpful diy tips

Helpful Craft Tips

1. Pipe cleaners: Cut pipe cleaners with wire cutter. Scissors are damaged, if used for cutting any type of wire.

2. Sea shells: Clean your sea shells for craft projects. Use 1/2 on 1/2 solution of bleach and water.

3. Polymer clay: Soften your hard polymer clay by pouring a few drops of water, clay softener  (or baby oil).

~ Tips suggested by readers. ~

4. Table cover: Use plastic party tale covers for craft projects. These dollar store covers are better than newspapers. And can be reused.

helpful tips

1. Chop sticks: Use lacquered chopsticks to smooth out air bubbles and wrinkles after decoupaging. Find them in Asian markets or gift shops.

2. Lazy susan: Spray paint small items on all sides on lazy susan. Cover it with newspaper and rotate as you spray paint.

3. Metallic paint: Brush in one direction to cover when using metallic paint.

4. Paper: It is much easier to cut paper, if you rotate the piece you are cutting. And not the scissors.

DIY tips for home

  1. Duct tape: Wipe scissors with baby wipe for easy cutting of duct tape.

2. Paper Punches: Punch through aluminium foil for sharpening decorative punches. Punch through wax paper for lubricate punches.

3. Paint: Add a drop of liquid soap in acrylic paint. It will prevent it from separating and beading on the surface.

4. Painting: Stick small items on double sided tape when painting. Helps keep your fingers clean.

 sources: Craftplace and Michaels.


I hope you found these craft tips useful!


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  1. Sara says:

    Absolutely an AWESOME post!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU~~ I am world’ dumbest person when it comes to this stuff….and then my carpet ends up all covered in paint…lol

  2. Maria says:

    Polymer clay doesn’t soften using water. Well warm water can be used to soften it but water does not mix in like it does in play dough

  3. Nicole says:

    Yeah, like Maria says; water does not mix with polymer and its a bad idea to try and mix the two. Water breaks it down and starts to separate the oils and then eventually the clay. Just use clay softener its not expensive and you can always use a coupon from a craft store to buy it which will drop the price down to around 3 dollars (with the 40% off) plus whatever your state tax may be. Only a drop or two is needed of the softener though so don’t go crazy.

  4. Mary Chauvin says:

    Love your site and all of your great tips and info.

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    love it thanks so many tips i can use to make my life easier

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    I used baby oil to soften polymer clay, works great!

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