20 Creative Henna Art inspired Handmade Projects

I am so excited to introduce creative Henna Art inspired handmade projects from my friend at Paisleys and Swirls. Mehndi, tattoo, henna is a popular art of making designs on the body with mehndi paste filled inside a henna cone. For hundreds of years this art is being used as a gesture of celebration. In weddings, parties and festive events Mehndi – Henna Art is put on hands mostly, but is now catching popularity in many other ways. Beautiful patterns and designs include traditional, geometric, Arabic, Moroccan, floral and more. With many nontraditional forms of Henna styles becoming cool with talented artists especially in Pakistan and India. These include swirls, paisleys, geometric shapes, Arabic/ Muslim architectural designs and motifs with western symbols, signs and characters as well.


Creative Henna Art (Mehndi Art)


However, creative Henna art is not limited to the body. My friend has used her Henna art making talent into crafting handmade projects with her love for Mehndi designs. Let me share some of her best Henna art ideas from her Etsy shop.


Henna Art Handmade Projects


Creative henna art handmade projects at craftionary.net


These beautiful and cool Henna art projects are crafted with acrylic paints, gel pens, glass paints, glass lead and sharpies.

Each piece is unique in it’s style and made with love.


1. Mehndi – Henna Art Coasters


Creative henna coasters

  Mehndi art coasters

  Colorful mehndi art coasters


2. Mehndi – Henna Art Letters


Henna mehndi letter art

  Henna art letters

  Creative henna art letters

  Creative henna art letters


3. Mehndi – Henna Art Mason Jars


Handmade tinted henna mason jars


4. Mehndi – Henna Art Magnets


retro henna art magnets

  Henna art magnets


5. Mehndi – Henna Wall Art


Henna art wooden frame

  Henna wall art

  Henna art canvas

  Mix media Henna Art Canvas


6. Mehndi – Henna Art Mugs


Henna mugs


7. Mehndi – Henna Art Pottery


Henna art pottery


8. Mehndi – Henna Candle Holder


Henna candle holder


9. Mehndi – Henna Book Cover


Henna art book cover


10. Mehndi – Henna Art Tray


Creative henna art tray


11. Mehndi – Henna Art Bookmarks


Henna art bookmarks


I hope you enjoyed getting inspired by these handmade projects with Henna – Mehndi art.

I love how Naq at Paisleys and swirls works with each custom order to make a unique handmade project that is specially made for you.

These will also make great gifts for a loved one.


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  1. Amazing Designs…Next Year I want to give gift to one of my friend who is getting married and I got very nice ideas. I will definitely gonna use one of this design. Thank You so Much for Sharing…:)

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