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20 Mothers Day Gifts (Handmade Jewelry)

Have you started thinking about Mothers day gifts yet? What do you like to do for moms!

Mothers are so special. And they should be cared for always.

You can give her special handmade gifts or handmade vases with flowers. Or something she has been wanting for long.


Today I am sharing handmade jewelry ideas. These will make perfect handmade gifts for Mothers day.

Even birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, bridal shower and more.


Mothers day gifts

mothers day gifts


 DIY jewelry ideas


mothers day gifts

Flower garland

A cute flower chain necklace made with real daisies.


handmade stones necklace

DIY stones necklace

Make a semiprecious stones necklace.


handmade washer necklace

Washer necklace

Turn washers into pretty necklaces with paper. Great idea!


handmade pearl necklace

Pearl necklace

Make a anthropologie inspired pearl beaded necklace.


handmade ombre necklace

Ombre necklace

I love the colors of this necklace. Beautiful ombre necklace made with beads and chain.


handmade leather bracelets

Leather bracelets

I so want to make these leather bracelets. And I love how easy they are to make!

Not to mention beautiful colors!


mothers day gifts

DIY lace ring

Make a ric rac flower ring. Easy and cute!


handmade gift pearl ring

DIY beads ring

A very simple yet pretty handmade pearl ring.


mothers day gifts necklace

Pearl necklace tutorial

A cluster of pearls joint together to make this beautiful pearl necklace.


mothers day gifts jewelry

Pistachio necklace

Painted pistachio shells glued together to make this handmade necklace.

So creative and fun! This will be great for summer.


handmade gift leather ring

Leather ring

A cute leather ring made with wire and strips of leather.


mothers day handmade gifts

Duct tape jewelry

Use duct tape to make a jewelry set.


handmade gift DIY earrings

DIY pyramid earrings

Handmade earrings with wire and paper rolled beads.


handmade gift earrings tutorial

Handmade tassel earrings

These tassel earrings in gold are so pretty.


mothers day handmade gifts

Cute earrings

A great tutorial to turn pretty buttons into beautiful earrings.


handmade gift bracelet 2

Handmade bracelet

This fabric beaded bracelet blew me away.


handmade gift easy bracelet

Button bracelets

Easy and fun to make bracelets with button and cord.


handmade gift wrapped bangles

Thread wrapped bangle

Simply wrap a bangle with thread to revamp it. I love the use of three colors on this one for color block effect.


mothers day handmade gifts

Clay necklace tutorial

Use clay to make this clay bead necklace. Learn to make clay jewelry with this great tutorial.


handmade DIY wraps

Handmade wrap bracelets

Make handmade wrap bracelets. And combine them together for a colorful twist.


mothers day gifts handmade

Handmade photo pendants

These will make superb personalized gifts. Make photo pendants with tiles and mod podge.


handmade stamped pendant

Personalized Necklace

Make a hand stamped name pendant for your Mom. I love how cute this looks!

Amber shares a neat tutorial on how to make hand stamped jewelry!


mothers day handmade canvas

Mothers day canvas

Make a decorative canvas with your favorite quote.


I hope you all enjoyed this handmade jewelry roundup.


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These are updated regularly whenever I find unique ideas.


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10 responses to “20 Mothers Day Gifts (Handmade Jewelry)”

  1. Ineseda says:

    Love these ideas!

  2. Heather Brigs says:

    I love those accessories! My mo would love them too. Happy mothers day to all! 🙂

  3. Those are gorgeous!!! If only i can have them all, I will never think twice of accepting them. They are all very well crafted and their designs are amazingly beautiful. How i wish i have the talent of making and the art to make accessories as beautiful as this. Thank you so much for sharing great ideas.

  4. Antonios says:

    I really enjoyed the Clay necklace, its kinda minimalistic and so well done brought together.

  5. psdaima says:

    i like it.. great job.. 🙂

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20 Mothers Day Gifts (Handmade Jewelry)

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