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Rock painting craft ideas with pebbles and stones

Learn the basics of how to paint various designs on rocks? Whether you like to use stones, pebbles or rocks to make art, they are all fun to paint depending on the project you have in mind. Create decorative rocks to brighten up your home and garden. Let the kids learn and have fun making painted rocks (painted pebbles or painted stones) for themselves. Make learning time interesting for your toddlers, kindergartners, and preschoolers with interactive learning activities using watercolors, acrylic paints, sharpies, markers and even glitter pens. Enjoy a few family games with a twist by using painted rocks. Happy rock painting day!


Rock painting craft ideas


Rock painting stone art ideas #pebblesart #paintedrocks



drawing on rocks guide and supply list

Drawing on Rocks Guide and Supply List

via Thrive 360 Living

diy mandala stone

 DIY Mandala Stone

via Colorful Crafts

rock magents

Rock Painting and Magnets

via Alisa Burke

river rocks garden markers

River Rock Garden Markers

via West Valley City Moms Blog

Chalk board rock vase filler

Chalkboard Rock Vase Filler

via B3 Home Designs

word rocks

Painted Word Rocks

via Dabbles and Babbles


painted rock rings

Painted Rock Rings

via Itsy Bitsy Fun


Painted cactus rocks in a pot

Painted cactus rocks

unknown source


Rock family craft

Rock family kids craft

via kentikelenis




DIY painted owl rocks

Painted owls using sharpie

via craftionary

how to make a rock caterpillar

How to Make a Rock Caterpillar?

via Nellie Bellie

how to paint a bee

How To Paint A Bee?

via Pet A Rock Homestead

lady bug rocks

Lady Bugs Rock Painting

via Lake Shore Learning

foolish tortoise painted rocks

Foolish Tortoise Rock Painting

via Kitchen Floor Crafts


Painted rock monsters for kids

Colorful painted rock monster magnets

via craftionary


DIY rock city in the garden

Make DIY rock city

unknown source


kids painted rocks

Painted garden rocks

by craftionary

how to paint muppets on rocks

How To Paint Muppets On Rocks?

via Sandy Toes and Popsicles

pinnable vintage campter painted rocks

Vintage Camper Rock Painting

via Atta Girl Says

Make Sparkle Rocks

Make Sparkle Rocks

via Totally the Bomb




DIY rock puzzle for kids to have fun

Funny Face Rock Puzzle

via The Craft train

rock color dominoes

Colored Rocks Dominoes

via Child Care Land

ladybugs versus tadpoles tic tac toe game

Lady Bug VS Tadpole Tic Tac Toe Game

via Atta Girl Says

diy rocky car track

DIY Rocky Car Tracks

via Playtivities

homemade story stones

Homemade Story Stones

via Happy Hooligans



painted name rocks

Painted Name Rocks

via Mama Papa Bubba

Spelling stones

Spelling Stones

via No Time For Flash Cards

Hands on math with homemade number rocks

Hands On Math With Homemade Number Rocks

via Fun a Day

how to teach colors

How to Teach Colors

via Smart School House


Painted rock wall art ideas


Painted rock art
Painted rock flower art

via Etsy


Painted rocks cactus pebbles decor

Cactus stone pebbles art

unknown source


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Rock painting ideas with creative painted stone and painted pebble art for home and garden that can be made with kids#paintedrocks #paintedpebbles #paintedstones

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Rock painting craft ideas with pebbles and stones

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