Pixelated Cube Shelf Lego Minecraft Wall Art Game Decor

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Make a minecraft wall art inspired by lego minecraft sets and pixelated plot of the game for a wall decor that is unique and grows with kids.


My kids asked for a Minecraft bedroom. A themed bedroom can be designed in many ways! The way I like to decorate and design spaces is practical and long lasting with a touch of fantasy. The interactive lego sets and app controlled light wall are all fun and games.


I like to use elements that grow with time and can be refreshed with taste and preference changes. Therefore, when a game themed bedroom design was first bought to table I gave all these elements a proper thinking! The game inspired led cloud wall light was our first project.



Pixelated Shelf Lego Minecraft wall art

I will be sharing kid’s bedroom later. However, today I am excited to share Lego Minecraft Wall Decor. Here’s a QUICK VIDEO to install Minecraft Floating Shelves Display in just 30 seconds (sharing in 2 days).


I researched the internet for themed Minecraft art, but everything was so permanent like wallpapers, frames, hanging lamps, products that were inspired by the game Minecraft like creeper and torch being the top choices.


So, then instead of looking outside I brainstormed inside the system and I noticed my kid’s love to make lego structures and Minecraft lego sets have a lot of choices to offer at Toys R US but mainly Amazon.



I decided to add shelves to the wall in a random design that looks like a Minecraft landscape and somewhat pixelated game wall art.


This idea started to feel good and practical. The lego sets displayed inspired by Minecraft sets can change with time and a shelf display can hold a variety of things with time for game wall art of a new favorite.


I wanted to make custom wooden shelves and paint them the same color I used to make the cloudy sky light. But the cost and work analysis of buying vs making landed in favor of buying ready made wall cubes.


My initial choice were Ikea wall shelves but they were too large and deep, so I ended up buying two sets of wooden cubes in different sizes from Amazon.



Making floating shelf wall to display lego sets

I left the white ones as is and painted the raw wood shelves ocean blue by Behr. Meanwhile, the boys had fun building lego Minecraft sets which they chose themselves making them even more excited.



During the process I realized the larger Minecraft structures need more depth to display properly, so I used gorilla wood glue to stick the extra parts together. Make sure that you unscrew the hanging parts from the back to flatten the two surfaces perfectly for strong bond.



I left them overnight with weight on top.



Next was the alignment of shelves on the wall. Inspired by the Ikea wall display, I placed the shelves on the floor to envision them. Once, I was satisfied with the alignment I used a paper tape to mark their spots for correct display.





How to hang frames or shelves right the first time?

The mistake proof way to hanging shelves and frames:

The best way to do this is by taping the back and marking the holes on the tape. Next you tape the distance in length and width of each cube from it’s surrounding cube shelves.


Once you tape all the measurements, measure the wall in width and height to mark the center point of where you want the display. Next, remove the tape from the cube that will be hanging at the center and place it on the wall. Now continue to remove the tapes from the back of the cubes and carefully stick them on the wall.


Tip: use a level to ensure your tapes are straight.



Once all the tapes are in place. Screw in nails on marked spots. Next, you remove the tape from the wall and start hanging your wooden shelves in place. Finally, display your things (in our case Lego and Minecraft) and you are done!



Here’s the final reveal of the wall that displays Minecraft sets in floating cubes.



I hope you enjoyed this game wall art idea with lighted clouds inspired by gaming as well. We also have framed famous characters of Minecraft grass, creeper, and craft table hanging over the homework station to align with the game wall art decor. Details in minecraft bedroom reveal.



Here’s a video of LED Cloud Wall in action which is so game on. We also have a game on video game themed birthday party with printables.


Products Used to Make Game Wall Art

Wooden Shelves


Lego Minecraft Sets


My younger one likes to play imaginary living in the Mushroom House near the Zombie Cave, going through the ruined portal with Steve and Wither Skeleton passing the Warped Forest to collect things from Nether to End Battle with the Dragon.



I look forward to sharing the FINAL REVEAL with you next week. Till then build a life you envision.



Game On | Video Game Birthday Party with printables

How to make led cloud wall light that changes color

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  1. Jen says:

    Hi. Which cubes did you purchase from Amazon. Can you link it?
    Thanks! Great design!

    1. Hani says:

      Thank you! You can find all the links at the end of the post. I hope this helps!

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