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I’m a mom of 2 decorating and soulfully designing our home. I love to share crafts and simple ideas for home and garden.

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Find craft and science experiments for kids as well as ideas to organize and decorate children spaces for comfort and aesthetics keeping in mind efficiency and functionality.

Minecraft room ideas

Minecraft bedroom was created keeping in mind functionality and theme’s aspects that the boys adore most. We brainstormed minecraft storage room ideas and minecraft room decor for minecraft bedroom designs to finally create minecraft enchanting room design. Given that I have two boys mostly you will find boys room ideas like Enchanting Minecraft Room Ideas with Bedroom Reveal.

This minecraft room design is great for generating minecraft living room ideas and enchantment room ideas with LED cloud wall that changes color. Minecraft modern bedroom elements are present in this minecraft room ideas. Find kids room led ideas along with kids room shelf ideas for minecraft decor for bedroom.

There are ideas for functional homework stations.

Crafts for kids

Besides our latest major project for the boys bedroom ideas in minecraft. You will find kids cardboard ideas and summer activities for kids. Kids painting ideas and kids drawing ideas like Popsicle stick animals mess-free fun for kids and 30 ways to make Abstract Art projects. Science experiments for kids like Floating boat kids science experiment (Stem Activity), lego activities for kids and tangram puzzles for kids are some fun ideas shared during summer vacation as well.

Disney art for kids

Disney inspires in so many ways and they love to imagine a life of enchantment. Find Disney art like Disneys mickey and friends wall hanging wall art and birthday gift ideas for kids. Origami ideas for kids are super fun to try like Pencil holder made with origami and Origami tulip flower craft. Finally you will love best ideas for kids art display at home and popsicle ideas for kids along with boys room ideas.

Here are some fun ideas I would like to share with you free printables like planets activity and handprint birds. Find a printable for homemade paint recipes and fun new things wit cardboard box.

What fun is to create creative sea animal crafts and rock painting. They will also enjoy egg carton crafts and solar system free printables.

There is a whole lot more on this page to explore for children if you navigation a the bottom. You can always contact me for more information. Some old ideas that I adore are Color Wheel Teaching and cars themed boys bedroom.

There is so much that we can teach our children with crafts. They can learn soft skills as well as motor skills all by practicing children crafts and using imagination. Even if our children don’t aspire to be artistic or creative we can develop these habits for their benefits. Being a mom of boys, I personally struggle with boys crafts. However, I have found they love to paint and gardening. There is a whole variety of possibilities open just by focusing on a single aspect of children crafts like children gardening ideas or children painting ideas. There are science kits and coding kits at children toy stores which are beneficial as well. Lately, I bought a mining kit and chemistry lab kit for my children to explore. These are all opportunities that can benefit.

Lastly, I want to share few articles that I have written straight from my heart based on my personal experience. Bug hotels, rock painting craft ideas and handprint ocean animals. A large portion of my crafting with children is about finding ideas that can benefit them. Last summer I wrote an article based on character traits and crafts. This article is great for teaching and exploring behavior and character traits with them one project at a time. Character trait crafts activities for a month has 30 activities that make room for talking on each idea one at a time.