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25 Best egg carton crafts for kids and adults

Do you like reusing and recycling to make crafts? Recycling crafts are great for kids and some are good enough to be a part of home and garden decor. Egg carton crafts are very popular and therefore we have categorized today’s post into egg carton flowers, DIY egg carton, egg carton wreaths, egg carton ideas, egg carton organizers, and egg carton kids crafts. There are so many possibilities to work with egg trays and egg boxes. They are available in Styrofoam cartons and thick paper material, which is ideal to make paper crafts that’s durable. While you pat yourself for coming up with ways to craft using inexpensive material that is 100% recyclable. Let’s have a look at these best egg carton crafts.




Egg Carton Flowers


egg carton flowers DIY

Make these beautiful DIY cherry blossom branches using egg carton. They not only are a recyclable craft but they look fantastic too.

Egg Carton Cherry Blossoms


egg carton flowers making

A quick tutorial to make roses out of egg carton.

Egg Carton Flowers Making (Italian Language)


egg carton flowers lamp

Turn egg carton flowers into a lamp display. All you need is egg carton and string lights to create this masterpiece.

I think this is a good project for kids night light.

Egg Carton Lamp


egg carton flower diy

Pretty up some egg carton flowers with beads.

Egg Carton Flower Idea



And my most favourite of the lot is this wonderful super easy bluebells flower craft. An excellent piece of art for kids to make!

DIY Egg Carton Flowers


Egg carton name cards

Make these inexpensive and recycled egg carton paper rose name cards (escort cards) for your guests.

DIY name cards




DIY Egg Carton Wreaths



Make a wreath by wiring some pretty flowers on a wreath. Or have some beautiful various blossoming flowers glued together on a plate/ frame to make a beautiful wreath. I love the chalkboard center for writing messages.

Egg Carton Wreath



Make a modern wreath with egg carton that doesn’t involve flowers.

Egg Carton Recycled Wreath cut a hollow center with four leaves on the side of the egg carton square and loop them into a wreath on a pool noodle to make the wreath.



A beautiful flower bouquet craft which will make a good Mother’s day or spring gift.

Egg Carton Canvas wall Art



egg carton wreath



Egg Carton Flowers Wreath with message.

  unknown source



Burlap wrapped wreath with egg carton flowers.

Burlap carton wreath decorated with egg carton flowers.



Pink flowers wreath made by wiring egg carton flowers on a wreath. I love the jingle bell flower bud feature on this wreath.

DIY egg carton wreath


Egg carton rose mirror (wreath)



Turn an ordinary mirror into a piece of art with this DIY egg carton rose frame that is multipurpose. Use it as a wreath, frame, mirror or even a tray. DIY egg carton roses on a mirror craft.



DIY recycled wreath for Easter made with egg carton and eggs.

DIY wreath


Egg Carton Crafts and Ideas


Egg carton bird feeder

Turn an egg carton into a bird feeder with some threads and hang in on the tree in your backyard.

Plus more DIY bird feeders best ideas


Flower fairy lights made with egg carton

This craft makes a beautiful garland for a little girls bedroom and even backyard.

Flowers Fairy Lights Tutorial



egg carton planters diy

Egg carton seed planters. Great idea to germinate seeds before spring.


Egg carton organizers


egg carton drawer devider

Turn an egg carton into an organizer for small office and/or everyday supplies.

Egg Carton Drawer Divider


Shoe tying tips and tools to teach kids

A great read for parents to teach their kids to tie shoe laces. Useful tips and tools to help kids begin!

Egg carton to teach kids to tie shoe laces, source no longer exists.


Disposable color palettes made with egg carton

Disposable color palettes are great for kids painting. One can use and remove and it’s totally recyclable.

Egg carton color palettes


Egg carton kids crafts


They are super popular for making kids crafts. Of the tons of millions of ideas out there I am sharing a few of my favourites.


egg carton butterflly making

Egg carton butterfly via crafty morning


Egg carton tortoise

Egg carton turtles with pom pom for faces, felt for feet and buttons for embellishment.


sea creatures out of egg carton

Learn to make sea creatures using egg carton and seventy more ocean animal crafts for kids creative sea animal crafts


Egg carton masks

These birds are like a menagerie of birds. Use something simple and everyday like egg cartons to make these DIY bird masks.

Egg carton masks


Egg carton button sorting

Create a sorting system for kids to play and learn about colors using egg carton and some acrylic/ water colors.

DIY button sorting


Egg carton crafts for kids has more than a thousand splendid ideas, and I hope I inspired you to see what else you can do with this gifted material every household is bound to have! Enjoy crafting.


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25 Best egg carton crafts for kids and adults

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