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25 Best egg carton crafts and uses that are new and unique

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Best egg carton crafts enlists projects you can make with egg cartons like flowers, wreaths, garden, organizers and kids crafts. You might ask what can I make with egg cartons or what egg carton crafts are good for home? Are egg carton crafts only for kids? Today I am going to share some cool ideas that will make you happy that egg cartons are so diverse. While egg carton flowers can be used to decorate so many projects on one hand. You can use them to organize things on another. There are so many possibilities. Let’s have a look at these best egg carton crafts.


Best egg carton crafts

Egg cartons are so diverse, you can use them to make so many different things. Here you will find the following ideas in order:

  • Egg carton cherry blossom branch
  • Make egg carton roses craft
  • DIY egg carton lamp
  • Egg carton flowers
  • Bluebells egg carton flowers craft
  • Egg carton name cards
  • Make egg carton burlap wreath
  • DIY egg carton canvas art
  • Egg carton centerpiece craft
  • Egg carton chalkboard frame
  • Make egg carton wall mirror
  • Egg carton bird feeder
  • DIY egg carton flower fairy lights
  • Egg carton planters craft
  • Use empty egg cartons as organizers
  • Egg cartons to teach kids to tie shoe laces
  • Egg cartons as disposable palettes
  • Kids color sorting egg carton crafts
  • Egg carton butterfly craft
  • Make egg carton turtles
  • DIY egg carton sea creatures
  • Recycled egg carton bird masks




How to make egg carton flowers?



Make beautiful DIY cherry blossom branch using egg carton, watercolors and branch.

Egg carton cherry blossom branch



A quick tutorial to make roses out of egg carton. Cut petal shapes out of egg carton and shade it using acrylic paints. Next use white glue to stick them to a egg carton base. Let it dry. Use them for decorating various projects.

DIY egg carton flowers by rosijofarecon.



Make a light lamp using egg carton flowers and string of LED lights (or fairy lights). This project is adorable and fun to try with little girls for their bedroom night light as well.

DIY egg carton lamp


egg carton flower diy

Another simple egg carton flowers idea using beads and egg base.



I love this super easy bluebells flower craft. An excellent piece of art for kids to make! This would make amazing Mother’s day or birthday card as well.

Egg carton flower craft



Make these recycled egg carton paper rose name cards or escort cards for your guests.

Paper roses




How to make DIY egg carton wreaths?


  • The classic burlap wrapped wreath decorate it with egg carton flowers.
  • Pink flowers wreath made by wiring egg carton flowers on a wreath. I love the jingle bells on this wreath which will chime as the wind blows and the door opens and shuts via Canadian family.
  • Or make a beautiful flower bouquet on a canvas. Egg carton art via modpodge rocks.



  • DIY recycled egg carton wreath which can also be used as centerpiece for spring and Easter gatherings.
  • Make a wreath by wiring some pretty flowers on a wreath. You can also glue different colored blossoms on a paper plate or boundary of a frame to make a beautiful wreath. I love the chalkboard center for writing messages. Egg carton wreath via plaid online.
  • Try a modern wreath with egg carton that doesn’t involve flowers. Cut egg carton base with hollow center and loop them on a pool noodle. Once the required size circle has been covered cut and glue the sides to complete the wreath.


How to use egg cartons to decorate?


Egg carton flowers entrance door wreath to welcome spring.



Turn an ordinary mirror into a piece of art by gluing egg carton roses on it. Use it as a wreath, wall mirror or accent tray.


How to use egg cartons in garden?



Turn an egg carton into a bird feeder with some threads and hang in on the tree in your backyard.

More ways to make DIY bird feeders.



This craft makes a beautiful garland for a little girls bedroom, balcony, or backyard.

Flowers fairy lights via sendomatic.



Egg carton seed planters. Great idea to germinate seeds before spring.


How to use egg cartons for organization?

There are many ways you can use egg cartons as organizers:

  • office supplies
  • jewelry
  • craft items
  • paint
  • ornaments
  • seeds
  • sprouts
  • sewing essentials
  • buttons
  • stationery items
  • nail polish
  • ribbons


photo via bhg.


How kids can use egg cartons?

Shoe tying tips and tools to teach kids

Use egg cartons for teaching kids to tie shoe laces.


Disposable color palettes made with egg carton

Disposable color palettes are great for kids painting. One can use and toss it in the recycle bin.

Egg carton color palettes via teach preschool.



Use egg cartons to teach kids colors and sorting skills. Paint each egg holder a color and use colorful buttons to create a color sorting activity for kids. Egg carton button sorting via mama papa bubba.


Recycled egg carton crafts for kids

Egg cartons are most popular for making kids crafts. Of the tons of millions of ideas out there I am sharing a few of my favorites.



Egg carton butterfly via crafty morning



Egg carton turtles with pom pom for faces, felt for feet and buttons for embellishment.



Learn to make sea creatures using egg carton along with 70 more ocean animal crafts for kids at creative sea animal crafts by craftionary.



Cute and colorful egg carton bird masks.


Egg carton crafts for kids are very common, however, I hope I inspired you to see what else you can make with egg cartons!


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