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15 Homemade trail mix recipes for Fall/ Autumn

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Homemade trail mix recipes with ingredients full of energy for Fall Autumn. These healthy snacks are great as Halloween treats and gift ideas. Homemade trail mix recipes are so much fun to try. These recipes are great for Fall snacks. Kids and adults are sure to love trail mix as treat for Halloween as well. It’s so simple to make and just put it in a treat bag and you are done. Perfect for parties and entertainment.


I am sharing 15 different trail mix ideas with mouthwatering ingredients you will love. You can create your own using your favorite items as well. These ideas will guide you to make your own trail mix. Let’s have a look at these delicious trail mixes. These healthy snacks will also make great gifts for Holidays.


Homemade trail mix recipes

In this post you will find the following 15 homemade trail mix recipes list below:

  • Witches stew Halloween trail mix
  • Trick or treat caramel corn
  • Monster mix Fall recipe gift idea
  • Homemade trail mix snack recipes
  • Sweet and spicy wasabi trail mix
  • Spicy honey mustard trail mix
  • Quinoa chivda savory cereal granola
  • Popcorn trail mix
  • Handpicked trail mix
  • Spooky Halloween homemade trail mix
  • Road trip trail mix
  • Hazelnut mocha trail mix
  • Halloween trash mix gluten free
  • Candy corn crunch
  • Banana smore popcorn trail mix




Halloween trick or treat ideas



1. Witches stew Halloween trail mix

A great Halloween treat gift idea or party favor. Made with all the slimy and spooky ingredients. Witches stew Halloween trail mix with pretzels, cheetos, fritos, M&Ms, candy corn, sunflower seeds, hot tamales, and raisins.



2. Trick or treat caramel corn

Make homemade caramel corn mixed with pretzels, candy corn and other goodies. Perfect Halloween mix snack.



3. Monster mix Fall recipe gift idea

Monster mix made with pecans, M&M’s, chocolate chips and skor bits.



4. Top three homemade trail mix snack recipes

I am loving these kids, adults and entertaining recipes that vary a little each.

Trail mix snack ideas

Trail mix for kids ingredients:

  • roasted and salted peanuts
  • cashews
  • pretzels
  • raisins
  • banana chips
  • chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • semi-sweet chocolate chips

Trail mix for adults ingredients:

  • raw almonds
  • dried mango
  • dried cranberries
  • dark chocolate chips
  • shelled pistachios

Trail mix for entertaining ingredients:

  • white chocolate chips
  • raw almonds
  • hazelnuts
  • chocolate covered espresso beans
  • dried currants
  • dried strawberries rhubarb pieces
  • shelled pistachios



5. Sweet and spicy wasabi trail mix

Sweet and spicy trail mix is a combination of wasabi peas, peanuts, dried cranberries and cashews.



6. Spicy honey mustard trail mix

Soy nuts, cereal and chopped dates are the highlights of this honey, mustard and spice tossed trail mix.



7. Quinoa Chivda

Savory cereal trail mix snack with puffed quinoa, brown rice krispies, puffed rice, dried fruit, cashews, walnuts, and other nuts sauteed in red chili powder, oil, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, pepper, cilantro, sugar, salt, green chili pepper and turmeric powder. A vegan gluten free Quinoa chivda trail mix snack recipe.



8. Popcorn trail mix

Kids all time favorite Autumn trail mix recipe with cinnamon, dried apricots, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and cranberries.



9. Handpicked trail mix

Great energy source for busy hours. Fall Trail mix recipe with salted peanuts, almonds, yogurt covered peanuts, pretzels, maple crisps, butterscotch chips, cashews and raisins.



10. Spooky Halloween homemade trail mix

Spooky Fall trail mix ingredients pretzels, marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanuts, caramel popcorn and candy corn.



11. Road trip trail mix

A colorful trail mix for all the fun times. Chex, cheese crackers, chips, bugles, yogurt coated candies, and goldfish are the highlights.



12. Hazelnut mocha trail mix

Mocha trail mix snack uses chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate chips, raisins, roasted almonds, and hazelnuts as ingredients.



13. Halloween trash

As the name suggests mix of Halloween trick or treat makes this gluten free trail mix.



14. Candy corn crunch

Candy corn trail mix made with handful of roasted peanuts and candy corn.



15. Banana S’mores Popcorn Trail mix

Banana smore popcorn mix combines ingredients like popcorn, cinnamon toast crunch, marshmallows, banana chips and melted milk or dark chocolate.


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  1. Gail Beezley says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these recipes!!!! I am always looking for snack-type recipes that I can put in a cello bag or jar and add a hand-stamped tag. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. What fun treats! These would be great little treats for kids to take to school or for people give out to office co-workers for Halloween.

  3. Wow. There are so many variations and they all look healthy and delicious. This is a great reference for when we need something special to give away. I tweeted and pinned. Have a lovely day!! 🙂

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