18 Easy and creative decorative letters

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I am sharing with you today a few fun and different ways to make DIY letters. Have you been loving the Big letters used for decorating spaces all around! There are great tutorials to help you make letters from cardboard. As well as decorate letters with less common things. Decorative letters not only look creative but they are also easy to craft. Just glue buttons, beads, shells, yarn, and paper. And the list goes on.

 make decorative letters

Here are a few handmade letters using things that don’t come to mind at first!

Make Decorative Letters for shelf

wine cork letters

Wine corks letter tutorial

Use wine corks to make decorative letters.

pom pom letters

DIY Pom pom letter

Cute letter made with pom poms.

washi tape letters

Decorative Letters for Wall

DIY tape letter

Wrap a letter with washi tape. You can also use decorative duct tape.

turf letters tutorial

Make big turf letter

Cover a letter with turf. I love this wreath made from turf for spring. The welcome sign is so cute!

sticks covered letters

Stick letters

Use twigs and sticks to make letters.

paper covered newspaper letter

DIY book letter monograms

Upcycle old books into monograms. Roll paper strips and glue them onto letters.

painted faux letters

Metal decorative letter

Painted letter tutorial

Brush a coat of metallic paint on paper letters.

moss covered letters

Cover letters with moss

mosaic letters

Make Mosaic letter

Decorate letters with mosaic tiles, beads, sea shells, buttons. These cute letters are fun for kids and baby room decor.leaves covered lettersFall leaf initial large decorative letter

I love this hanging letter decorated with artificial fall leaves.

lavender letters tutorial

Lavender dipped letter

Cover paper letters with lavender buds.

how to make letters tutorial

Make BIG letters with plaster of paris

Make cardboard molds and fill them with plaster of paris.

glitter covered letters

Decorating with Glitter letter

Great idea for parties. Sprinkle some glitter onto paper letters. Makes beautiful centerpiece. You can also use glitter sheets.

fabric covered letter tutorial

Make fabric covered letter

Cover a letter with felt and fabric. Fun and cute craft room project. If you are good at sewing. You can also make a fabric letter pillow.

crochet letters tutorial

Make crochet letter

Hello crocheters! Make crochet letters. Or cover a cardboard letter with crochet mat.

cinnamon letter tutorial

Cinnamon sticks letters

Use cinnamon sticks to make this wall hanging letter.

If you like the smell, you can hang it in your kitchen!

cardboard letter tutorial

Decorative letters tutorial

A very easy and detailed tutorial to cut cardboard. And make letters from it.

You can make any size letters using this tutorial. Fun for parties and even handmade pinatas.

burlap covered letter

Burlap covered letter

Cover a letter with burlap. Easy and stylish!

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  1. Super cute – I love the cork heart!!!

  2. All such great ideas! Thanks for including our Washi Tape Letters!

  3. Helen says:

    Thanks for sharing my decorative letters tutorial, hope people find it useful.

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