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30 DIY duct tape tutorials

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Duct tape tutorials {DIY duct tape}.  Have you ever used duct tape to craft? What have you made?

It’s so much fun to use.  If you have been following along, I did a mini series on duct tape last week.  And today I am finalizing the series with this duct tape tutorials roundup.

I hope you all enjoy these ideas:

duct tape tutorials

So let’s get started:

30 Duct tape tutorials

duct tape tutorials

Back to school duct tape projects

1  Duct tape a plain clipboard.

2  Use duct tape to make bookmarks.

3  Wrap duct tape around a vase  Makes a great stationery items container.

4  A new twist on notebook covers  Wrap them with duct tape for modern look.

duct tape storage solution

Duct tape storage solution

Wrap cartons and boxes with duct tape. Makes better looking reusable storage boxes.

Use them for storing kid’s toys, craft supplies, cleaning supplies and more.

duct tape outdoor ideas

Duct tape outdoor projects

1  Decorate your picnic/ beach accessories with duct tape.

2  Cut duct tape shapes (i e leaves) and stick them on coasters.  Easy and decorative.

3  Make a duct tape band and stick it on a key chain.

duct tape tutorials

Duct tape necklaces

These necklaces made with leather.  But you can simply sandwich the chain between duct tape.  And use scissors to shape them.

duct tape kids crafts

Kids duct tape projects

1  A duct tape road track for cars.

2  Use duct tape to make a roll-up crayons holder.

duct tape gift wraps

Duct tape gift wrap

Use duct tape to wrap gifts.  Easy to wrap and makes your gift look beautiful.

You can also top it with a duct tape bow.

DIY duct tape home

Duct tape home decoration

1  Use duct tape to beautify your table, lamp, frames and so much more.

2  Wrap a vase with duct tape to decorate it.

3  Wrap candles with duct tape.  I like the cute ruffles on the smaller candle!

4  Make a duct tape flower.  Cut petals on the duct tape strip and wrap it around a bud.  To make the bud, roll duct tape!

duct tape girl crafts 2

Duct tape accessories

Use duct tape to turn ordinary into pretty like these bangles, duct tape jewelry and makeup containers.

duct tape accessories

Use duct tape to turn ordinary items into beautiful matching accessories.

Cute bow jewelry with matching wallet.

duct tape crafts party ideas

Duct tape party

Use duct tape to host a themed party.  Just like this easy-to-do rainbow themed party with duct tape.

duct tape tutorials

Duct tape plant markers

Use duct tape to identify plants.

baby food jars

Duct tape jars

Recycle baby food jars as office, kitchen and craft supplies holder.  Simply wrap them with duct tape.

Duct tape jars and markers


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