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40 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas that are so charming

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DIY farmhouse Christmas decor ideas with tutorials and instructions to make decorations for holidays using simple material for rustic crafts.

Farmhouse interior style is all about rustic charm, coherence, and sophistication. Find rustic farmhouse treasures in flea market finds for traditional interior aesthetics, draw inspiration from rural architecture and create a cozy home with warm Christmas decor. Incorporate natural materials, buffalo plaid, galvanized metal, wooden beads, and neutral or fresh greenery for perfect balance for contemporary farmhouse Christmas decorations.

From budget-friendly Christmas garland ideas to minimal Festive Christmas tree. Use these hygge decor ideas for Christmas bedroom, office, table setting and even kitchen decor. Bring Christmas spirits to life by crafting winter wreath, Christmas ornaments, charcuterie board, and impressive holiday outdoor decor.

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Christmas Farmhouse decor worth buying

Before getting to the DIY ideas lets have a look at some cool Christmas farmhouse decor you can buy:

Large harmony cow bells


Embroidered deer throw pillow


Christmas highland wood sign


Natural wood Christmas trees


Santa sleigh and reindeer frame decor


Lighted Christmas village


Rustic Christmas candle holder


Rustic Christmas Mantel Decor

Bloom jenny brooks creates a majestic mantle display with a mirror trio, glass lanterns, bells, and garland as primary components. The detailing with neutral trees, beige stockings, rustic candle holders, and can baskets is a visual treat!


Beaded Farmhouse Christmas tree

Add Bohemian charm to your table’s decor with fun Rustic Christmas tree using beads and wire by Ashtyn Mathews.


Decorated Christmas tree

Christmas is incomplete without sparkles! Lexi diy uses a laundry basket and 12 skewers from dollar store to create a firm base for the tree and adorns it with garlands and budget-friendly ornaments.


Wooden Rings Christmas tree

A farmhouse Christmas tree idea made entirely from wooden rings by ninas_wohnwelt. Stack wooden rings in a tree-like pattern and use shiny ornaments to decorate it.


DIY Rustic Christmas tree

Maya Angelou once said that You can’t use up creativity; the more you use, the more you have. This DIY by jenna is the visual representation of this quote as she crafts a well-lit Christmas tree using wooden sticks!


Vintage Farmhouse Centerpiece

Rocios Design introduces a fun and easy way to add a color pop. The best part is that all these supplies are under $50! Use last year’s Christmas decorations and glass cylinders. Add water and floating candles. You can also upcycle old Christmas ornaments into statement pieces for cheap.


Farmyard Christmas Tree Candle

Candles and holiday decorations go hand in hand. Here is a fun way to make your custom candles using old Christmas decorations by the navage patch.


Bottle Brush Christmas Trees Wreath

Craft a Frosty Christmas by using DAP craft snow as snow and colorful Christmas trees to make a village wreath by the navage patch. Use string lights and arrange them around a wire frame to look like a cloud.


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Farmhouse Dining Room

There are hundreds of ways to repurpose old decorations such as old wreaths. Here is a fine example by Blumen paradies michaela who uses natural materials such as pine cones, seed pods, dried flowers, and leaves to create an aesthetically pleasing decor topped with candles.


Farmhouse Display

Make Christmas village display using DIY birdhouse and decorate them your way following mrs cofield and co who uses different ornaments to complete this phenomenal project.


Woodland Living Room

Aurelie Erickson uses acrylic paint, Mod Podge, and glitters to turn an ordinary frame cabin into a custom Christmas decoration. The selection of colors and fine detailing on this project is marvelous!


Farmhouse Living Room Garland

A natural material garland using pine cones, cotton, burlap and other earth environment materials is an instant cozy farmhouse uplift for your bedroom and living room.


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How to hang Christmas Garlands?

Hanging your Christmas decorations without continuous effort to keep them suspended with this easy hack. Kwendy home uses a shower curtain rod to easily assemble and suspend farmhouse Christmas decorations and archways.


Make Your Own Giant Gift Boxes

These magnificent gift boxes are made from scratch by christmas loviing using wooden sticks joined together using a hot glue gun. Later, a lightweight fabric is wrapped around the wooden frame to make a cube. Use a neutral-colored ribbon to complete the gift box look along with Battery-operated LED lights. The final look would look fantastic inside the farmhouse.


Giant Light Up Christmas Presents

This DIY by The Craft Patch is ideal for outdoor decorations to be chic and weather-resistant simultaneously. Use duct tape, transparent corrugated plastic board, and white LEDs to craft these stacked Christmas presents for outdoor Christmas decorations.


Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

Lighten up your bedroom with these rustic string stars that can be hung as wall hanging, garland, or accessory for a decorative tray.


Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Add distinction to your farmhouse decor by crafting these easy rustic Christmas ornaments for your holiday decorations using plastic bowls by Brooke.


Photo by Sherry Ratcliffe

Mason Jar Farmhouse Christmas Craft

Candles instantly elevate the ambiance of a room. Tuxedo Farmhouse uses an old crate and glass bottles to make a fancy farmhouse Christmas centerpiece and adds ribbons and dripless candles to it. This project hardly takes 30 minutes to complete and adds a perfect glow to a dining room.


Snowman Vintage Table Setting

A creative mind is open to infinite possibilities to present things in unusual ways. Here is a fun and out-of-the-box idea by Shawn Lezotz who stacks fish bowls to depict snowy Christmas Eve scenery inside a Snowman.


Farmhouse Front Entry

Convert any space into a super space by using this extraordinary Christmas DIY is convenient and charming. The crafter uses dollar tree bowls and glues them together to create an ornaments-like finish and completes the final look using LEDs.


Christmas Bedroom Art

This unique wooden farmhouse Christmas sign would fit perfectly in your home! Use reclaimed wooden boards or canvas and use mod podge to decoupage gift bag of your choice. Add string lights on the back and see it glow to life.

Learn: How to frame a canvas with gift bag?


You can also innovate and create a larger one by sticking four picture frames together to look like a window Christmas decor.


Wood Log Reindeer

Make these adorable reindeer decoration using 2×4 wood logs and some paint from craftionary.


Christmas Card Holder

Use an old frame and string lights to create a festive Holiday cards display.

String lights card display

Old-Fashioned Christmas Tree Ornaments

It’s always fun to upcycle old photo frames into new projects. Here is an easy Christmas decor project by jennas living. Use plastic ornaments and photo frame to create snowglobe ornaments frame art. This old glass doom creates miniature scenery.


How do you add a rustic finish to your Farmhouse Christmas decorations?

Looking for easy method to upgrade your decorations then try making these matte finish ornaments using dollar store DIY Christmas ornaments. Paint a mix of small and large glass Christmas ornaments in gold, copper, or tan and sprinkle baking soda on them when wet. Dust off the excess baking soda from them after drying. Add some gold rub and buff for the final look by lakefrontfarmhouse.


Christmas Dinner Decor

Make a striking entrance with Polar Express vibes by crafting North Pole prop for your dinning room. Ginaccreates uses dollar tree supplies listing cotton, LEDs, Christmas ornaments, and cellophane tape to adorn this farmhouse decor.


Farmhouse Christmas Office

Why spend so much money on those extravagant decorations in local stores when you can craft your own. Make a statement with 6 feet DIY nutcracker for under $20 with plastic laundry baskets and foam boards by bargainbethany.


Farmhouse Planter Box

Make a wooden planter box for Christmas decor and use it for displaying your plants and pots during the rest of the year. Find the tutorial to make DIY planter box will beginner DIY skills.


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