Decorating with lights – 20 DIY String Light Projects

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Decorating with lights, 20 DIY string light projects using string led lights. Decorate with lights to create a magical winter wonderland scene for indoor and outdoor Holiday decorations. Decorating with lights to create a magical scene for Christmas sounds very unique and expensive. But you can definitely create these DIY light projects on cheap with easy tutorials found here. Lights bring a festive look to any event. Therefore, these ideas are not only limited to decorating for Christmas but can be reinvented through out the year for birthdays and other festive events.


Decorating with lights

Here you will find the following ideas with images and tutorials to guide you:

  • DIY string lights projects
  • DIY Marquee sign board
  • Mason jar lights
  • Lights Christmas tree
  • Illuminated forest shadow box
  • Hula hoop chandelier
  • Fireflies lantern
  • Tomato cage outdoor Christmas trees
  • Lighted snow globe
  • Driftwood Christmas tree
  • Tin can lanterns
  • Snow ball lights
  • String light tree
  • DIY lighted wood stars
  • Glowing gift boxes decor
  • How to make Christmas light balls
  • DIY light garland
  • DIY light branch
  • Light display frame
  • DIY glowing garland
  • DIY lighted ceiling




20 DIY String light projects for decorating with lights

When decorating with lights there are a variety of ideas. The idea is to string or hang lights on various home decor items and instantly have a festive touch. Some home decoration examples include:

  • Soft glow lamps
  • Flickering candles
  • Greenery with Christmas lights
  • Strands of string lights hanging from staircase
  • Ladder covered with fairy lights
  • Light fixture sparkle with white lights
  • Holiday lights on headboard
  • Creative ways to light canopy bed
  • Living spaces holiday season mantel decor
  • Guests seated in dining room with soft glow centerpiece
  • Create ambiance and mood with battery pack string lights
  • Wrap little light bulbs around vase, patio, or dining table
  • Bring comfort with blankets, corner nook setting, and calm ambience


These ideas are super easy to make. Create a magical winter wonderland scene.

Let’s get started with these DIY ideas for decorating with lights.



DIY Marquee Sign Board

Merry and bright Holiday decor created with string lights and styrofoam cut letters.



Mason Jar lights

Festive entrance door decor using mason jars, wire and string lights.



Lights Christmas Tree

A beautiful string light tree on the wall. Great idea for small spaces.



Illuminated Forest Shadow Box

Create a snow-kissed forest in minutes with four simple materials.



Hula Hoop Chandelier

Hula hoop and lights a perfect outdoor project to lighten up your porch.



Another fun idea to decorate with hula hoop.



Decorating with lights Fireflies lantern

Easy DIY Christmas decoration that looks beautifully festive with stargazer lights.



Outdoor Christmas Trees

Tomato cage and string lights to make great Christmas tree lights outdoor decor.



Lighted Snow Globe

Make a fishbowl snow globe with battery operated led lights.



Driftwood Christmas Tree

Make a Christmas tree canvas with driftwood and string lights.



Decorating with lights Tin can lanterns

Make snowflake lanterns with template and hammered holes. Put string lights inside and voila!

Makes great gifts too.



Snow ball lights

What a fun idea to light up the front! Lights covered with snow balls to make snow lanterns. It’s also fun to make snow balls for this project with the family.



Decorating with lights String light tree

Instead of spending a lot on buying one, how about making an easy Christmas tree. Use twigs and branches from the backyard and attach them to a 2×4 wooden log with wire or string. Now hang the string lights or stargazer lights on it. You have a beautiful outdoor Christmas tree.



DIY lighted stars

Make lighted wooden star using 8″ yardsticks or rulers found at Lowes. Wrap lights on to it and hang.



DIY glowing gift boxes

Make illuminated gift boxes for outdoor decor using plastic boxes and waterproof ribbon. Add string lights or battery operated bulbs inside.



How to make Christmas light balls

DIY Christmas light balls made with chicken wire and mini string lights.



Decorating with lights DIY Light Garland

Ping pong garland made by cutting and pushing cafe lights into the balls.



DIY light branch

Bring a tree branch indoor and light it up. This idea is also great for outdoors.



Decorating with lights display frame

Love this Christmas cards display frame made with string lights.



DIY Glowing Garland

Just a simple addition of lights to the garland makes it look festive.



DIY lighted ceiling

Beautiful magical space created with hooks and twinkle lights in the hallway. I think this will be a wonderful idea for kids playroom or living room as well.



I hope you enjoyed these DIY ideas of decorating with lights. Unknown sources not cited.

Using string lights to create a magical space using small and big scale projects.

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    Where are the directions for these projects? I’m trying to see what is needed for the Illuminated Forest Shadow Box.
    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

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