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92 Extraordinary Christmas garland ideas

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92 extraordinary DIY Christmas garland ideas gives you solutions for all budgets whether you like to make from scratch or buy and combine layers. These Christmas garland with lights decorating ideas and styling tips are the best to drape your home with Holiday cheers. Learn to make stunning garlands like a pro that look high end luxurious and are not very expensive to DIY.

These Holiday garlands are ideal for your hanging on your mantel, draping on your Christmas tree, arranging as centerpiece on dining table, and even hanging on your entryway, window and front door. You can also decorate your front porch and outdoor space by hanging these outdoor Christmas garlands on the wall.

Christmas comes with lots of fun, festivity, and decor. Everyone loves to decorate their home and surroundings to welcome Christmas. But you know that Christmas decor is incomplete without the garland because it becomes a must-have accessory to your Christmas decoration across all cultures. Christmas garland states your decoration. It considers a vital part of Christmas decorations for decades all around the world as a symbol of love, purity, peace, and passion. The best part is that it can be used to decorate anything in your home or workplace like windows, staircases, Christmas trees, a fireplace, and a table centerpiece. You can diy lighted Christmas garland or can easily buy prelit Christmas garland from the store.


92 Extraordinary Christmas Garland Ideas

You can use garland everywhere, but you must ensure the appropriate required length. For example, the length of garland you required for the staircase will be different from the one required for the fireplace or even for the window. Here you will learn the different ideas to make the Christmas garland and the places where you can easily buy it.

You can make a garland as simple and elegant or extraordinary stunning and thick by layering garlands together. In a garland, you can intertwine leaves, flowers, or other festive materials in a decorative way that can be hung on any object or lay it on any place.

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Outdoor Garland Decor Ideas

Ornament Garland in gold:

What will be the best way to welcome your Christmas rather than this ornament garland? It’s just a breathtaking garland.


DIY Wood Light Christmas Garland:

This unique outdoor DIY wood light Christmas garland gives an extinguished look to your decoration.


Foraged Foliage Outdoor Garland:

The foraged foliage garland is just perfect for your outdoor realistic Christmas decor.


Front Porch garland in Red:

This front porch garland in red is stunning and makes your porch beautiful.


Natural Christmas Garland:

This natural garland looks fresh with cedar greenery. This real Christmas garland costs you nothing to make with branches from your backyard.


Doorway Christmas Garland Ideas

Red Christmas Garland:

This red garland is just outstanding for Christmas decor.


Bauble Door Garland in silver and gold:

Bauble door garland is a perfect welcome for all the guests and Santa this year.

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Front Porch Garland in green and white:

This green and white front porch garland is so  gorgeous. It states your entry way. You can make this vocal garland with pines, mini wreaths, DIY gift boxes, and mini bulbs.


DIY Candyland Garland:

Make a colorful whimsical Candyland Garland. You need snow flock pine base, mesh, ribbons, lollipops, and glitter candy picks to make this candy Christmas garland.


DIY Mesh Garland:

Mesh Garland Idea is beautiful.


Ornament Ball Garland:

This DIY Christmas ornament garland is perfect for your Christmas and states your entrance or doorway decor.


Windows Decoration Christmas Garland Ideas

Citrus Garland:

This DIY dehydrated Citrus Garland use to decorate your tree, door, or windows. But it’s perfect for the windows because it looks so beautiful when the light shines through this garland.


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6 feet Traditional Garland:

You can make this 6 ft traditional Christmas garland with ribbons and some ornaments for your outdoor windows.


Sparky Christmas Garland:

Decorate your window with red and green garland that adds a spark to your decor.


Staircase Decoration Christmas Garland Ideas

Pearl Paper Flower Garland:

No Christmas celebration is complete without decorating stairs with garland. This pearl flower garland is perfect for the staircase decor and states your Christmas.


Silver Bauble Glam Garland:

This silver bauble garland is so beautiful and makes your staircase decor stunning.


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Vibrant Color Garland:

Sparking color ornaments and floral is a good combination for this vibrant color garland. This garland makes your viewers wow.


Stunning Christmas Garland:

For this staircase garland you don’t need to be a pro in the garland creation.


Mantel Christmas Garland Ideas

Frosty Mantel Garland:

You don’t want to go with vibrant colors. Then this frosty mantel garland gives a breathtaking view to your decor and is perfectly amazing for those who have a forest theme obsess for Christmas.


DIY Faux Asymmetrical Garland:

Do you want to decorate your mantel? Then try this faux asymmetrical garland to modernize your decor this season.


DIY Flocked Garland:

Flock garland is just beautiful and easy to make. It can be used to decorate your doorway, windows, mantle, and anywhere.


Leaf Garland With Christmas Ball:

With some Christmas balls and leaves from your neighborhood, you can make this cute and elegant Christmas balls leaf garland. I bet you this cute garland enhance your decor.


Glam Garland in Red and Gold:

This glam garland with a combination of red & gold is just perfect for any Christmas decoration.


Glam Christmas Garland in Pink and White:

This Glam Christmas Garland with silver, gold, and rose gold ribbon with some ornaments created for mantel makes wow to your friends and family.


Thick Christmas Garland:

Here you learn how to turn simple garland into a fuller or thick garland for your Christmas.


Gnome Garland:

This gnome garland is so cute and gives an addition to your Christmas tree decoration.


Cascading Garland in red and white:

Cascading Garland makes a good impact on the mantel decor with lighted wood houses.


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Burlap Christmas Garland:

This DIY burlap Christmas garland states your Christmas decoration.


Layered White Garland:

You can decorate your mantel at Christmas with this layered garland. It states your decor.


Dollar Store Reindeer Garland:

Spruce up your farmhouse Christmas decoration with dollar store reindeer garland.


Waterfall Cedar Garland:

Waterfall cedar garland is perfect and gives an evergreen decor look to your farmhouse mantel decor.


Magnolia Cedar and Pine Fresh Garland:

Fresh Garland is made out of magnolia, pine, cedar branches, paddle wire and piece of rope. You can also add nandina berries to add colors.


White And Silver Garland:

This white and silver garland gives a breathtaking view to your guests.


Pine Cone Garland:

Decorating with pinecone garland is cost-effective and beautiful.


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Candy Cane and Buffalo Check Garland:

The combination of this buffalo check with candy cane strips is wow. This candy cane & buffalo check garland states your mantel.


Christmas Tree Decoration Garland Ideas

Merry Christmas Garland:

This DIY merry Christmas garland idea is simple to make out of colored paper and string.


DIY Cup Cake Liner Garland:

Cupcake Liner Garland is best for last-minute thanksgiving decoration and is easy to make.


Jingle Bell Wood Bead Christmas Garland:

As a name shows, this is a combo of wooden beads and jingle bell. This jingle bell beaded garland is so versatile that can be used to any occasion.


Beads Garland:

You can make this beautiful wood bead Christmas garland by painting the wooden beads.


Faux Popcorn Garland:

DIY faux popcorn garland looks so real and easy to make with insulation foam.


Deco mesh Christmas Garland:

This deco mesh garland enhances the beauty of your Christmas tree.


Gingham Ball Garland:

With the usage of fabric, jute twine and ping pong balls; you can make this gingham ball garland to enhance the decor of your Christmas.


DIY Christmas Garland Decoration Ideas

Paper Garland:

Make this Christmas tree paper garland which is crafted from colored paper.


Dried Fruit Garland:

This dried fruit garland is Eco-friendly decorated Christmas garland idea and easy to make.


Whimsical Elves Garland:

Whimsical elves garland is a masterpiece for your Christmas decoration.


DIY Santa Claus Garland:

This DIY Santa Claus garland is easy to make and best for your kids’ school activity with felt, yarn and paper.


Foliage Garland:

This foliage garland is beautiful and can be entangled outdoors.


Paper Flower Garland:

Make this paper flower garland with the help of kids to decorate your classroom or for school activities.


Felt Christmas Garland:

Felt Garland is so easy and affordable to make with the help of felt sheets. it gives a look of leaves to the viewer at first sight.


Balloon Garland:

A Christmas Balloon garland is beautiful and fun-loving.


Clothespin Mini Christmas Tree Garland:

In this idea, you turn clothespins into beautiful mini Christmas tree garlands.


DIY Gold Wreath Garland:

This golden wreath garland is perfect for hanging on your door, windows, or wall. Just spray paint faux greenery.


Snowy Pine Cone Garland:

Snowy Pinecone garland adds a pretty element to your Christmas. Pinecones + sticks + fillers + wood cutout hearts.


Boho Christmas Tree Garland:

You can easily spruce up your Christmas decoration with this boho Christmas tree garland.


Ginger Bread Letters Garland:

This Christmas, spell your message out in gingerbread garland.


DIY Mini Stocking Garland:

This DIY garland idea is so cute. You can make this cute mini stocking garland without sewing.


Star Garland Advent Calendar:

This star garland advent calendar is so adorable. Gold leaf sheets (gold leaf kit or gold liquid gilding) on paper mache star boxes.


DIY Christmas string light garland:

This DIY Christmas string light garland is definitely for kids’ crafts. Kids will love and enjoy making this cute garland with shrink plastic clear sheets and twinkle lights. Use Christmas garland clipart to make shapes.


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Cotton Christmas Garland:

You don’t want leaves or greenery for your Christmas decoration. Then this cotton Christmas garland is perfect for you. Cotton garland is a natural snowy, soft, and fluffy way to decorate your mantel for Christmas.


DIY Light Ball Garland:

It’s a fun-loving creativity and can be made with balloons, threads, glue, and fairy lights. Especially kids’ will enjoy making this light ball garlands.


Lighted Burlap Garland:

DIY lighted burlap garland idea is so cute and gives a farmhouse look decor.


Beautiful Garland lights:

These beautiful handmade fabric garland lights are so quick and easy to make with country garland vibes. Take scraps of fabric and tie them on a string light.


Scented Salt Dough Garland:

Add some delightful scent to your space with these scented salt dough garlands.


DIY Extra Large Popcorn Garland:

This cranberry and giant popcorn garland are just wonderful.


Crepe Paper Poinsettia Garland:

Craft this DIY poinsettia garland and Holly leaf Christmas garland with white crepe paper and gold fillers.


Christmas Card Garland:

Christmas card garland is a perfect way to display your Christmas cards.


Eucalyptus Christmas Garland:

For this Garland, you need some branches of eucalyptus, wire, and clippers. Eucalyptus garland is so simple and smells so good.


DIY 3D paper light Garland:

You can make this 3D paper light garland in any color that you want. This paper garland is so cute.


Lighted Snowman Garland:

You can make this cute snowman garland with the help of kids and let them be an artist by painting the snowman and their faces.


Silver Glitter Garland:

This Glitter garland idea makes your entrance beautiful with white and silver ornaments touch and it gives an elegant look to the viewers.


Farmhouse Christmas Decoration Garland Ideas

DIY Boho Farmhouse Garland:

This Boho Farmhouse Garland adds an accent to your farmhouse Christmas decor.


No Sew Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Garland:

This rustic farmhouse garland is so easy and perfect for Christmas decor with traditional plaid red and black ribbon.


Farmhouse Mantel Garland:

This Farmhouse mantel garland is so easy and simple to make. This “V” shape garland is contemporary and natural.


Birch Bark Paper Garland:

Natural birch bark paper garland gives a rustic farmhouse look to your Christmas decor.


Centerpiece Christmas Decoration Garland Decor Ideas

Christmas Table garland:

Make this beautiful Christmas table garland for your festive dinner with foliage, led candles and berries.


Centerpiece Garland:

Centerpiece garland spruce up your festive dinner decoration for Christmas.


Yardstick Christmas Garland Ideas For Front door

Floral Centerpiece Garland:

With the help of yardstick, floral picks, ornaments, and ribbon; you can make this elegant floral yardstick garland for your Christmas decoration and door swag. It’s just a piece of art and creativity.


Blue Christmas Garland:

Christmas doesn’t specific to red, green, and white color but you also add blue colors to your garland. This blue garland looks so cool.


Mesh Yardstick Garland:

Wait! You don’t know how to welcome Christmas? Then let me suggest this red and white garland is perfect to decorate your door and welcome your friends.


Crochet Christmas Garland Decor Ideas

Crochet Christmas Tree Garland:

For those who love crocheting and want to show their art to others, then nothing is better than this idea to make the crochet Christmas tree garland and surprise everyone with your art.


Crochet Jingle Bell Garland:

A Crochet jingle bell is so cute and easy to make.


Crochet Angels and Heart Christmas Garland:

Crochet angel garland is so adorable and consists of hearts and angels that will add a special symbolic meaning to Christmas.


Santa’s Wardrobe Garland:

This Santa wardrobe garland is perfect for the Christmas decoration and gifts to your family and friend.


Christmas Garlands to buy

If you don’t know how to make the garland or don’t have time to make it. Then buy it from stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Walmart. Hang it where you want and reuse it for years to come.

Natural Wood Christmas Garland:

This stars and red baubles natural wood garland is perfect for a staircase, mantel, and doorway.


Battery Operated Garland:

You can buy this beautiful artificial velvet poinsettia battery operated garland with holy leaves and Red berries from Walmart.


Long Artificial Garland:

This 9 ft pre-lit artificial long garland is perfect for your doorway, staircase, or mantel with ribbon, pine cones and berries from Amazon.


Faux white Ilex Berry Christmas Garland:

This faux white ilex berry garland gives winter finery to your table, mantel, window, or door frames from Crate and Barrel.


Christmas Snowflake Garland:

This beaded snowflake garland is so elegant to decorate your tree from Crate and Barrel.


Snow-Frosted Christmas Garland:

This snow frosted Christmas garland is waterproof and used for indoors and outdoors from Etsy.


Mini Christmas Crochet Tree Leaf Garland:

Do you want to decorate your Christmas with crochet but have no idea about crocheting then, you can buy this Primitive Christmas garland from Etsy.


Copper and Gold pre-lit Garland:

This 9 feet long copper and gold pre-lit garland gives a traditional touch to your winter wonderland this Christmas.



What things can we use in a Christmas Garland?

You can use different things in a Christmas garland according to your taste like paper lanterns, Christmas lights, felt leaves, ribbons, popsicle stick snowflakes that are covered in rhinestones, balloons, or fabric phrases and words. Add real evergreen, eucalyptus, laurels and poinsettia for fresh touches on your table runner, chandelier or gilded garland.

What is a garland substitute for Christmas tree?

You can use ribbon instead of garland like buffalo checks or plaid in red, blue, black, green, gold and more popular colors.

How can we make cheap garland look expensive?

We can make cheap garland look expensive by adding tree trimmings, ribbons, vintage ornaments, mesh, faux green garland, flowers, twigs, and magnolia branches.

How can we make garland look good?

You can make your garland look good in different ways:

  1. Layering or ‘v’ shape makes your garland look fuller and thicker.
  2. Use two or three types of garland together.
  3. Add fresh greenery like eucalyptus leaves and magnolia branches.

How many garlands are required for a 7ft tree?

There is a rule of thumb that 9 feet of garland are required per foot tree. So, for a 7 ft tree 63 ft garland is required.

How many ornaments are required to make a garland?

As per the standard rule, 100 ornaments are required for every 3 feet garland.

What things can be used to hang the garland around the door instead of nails?

Clear adhesive hooks are the best alternative to nails to hang the garland around windows and doors.

What are the easiest ways to hang garland instead of drills or nails?

There are different ways to hang garlands:

  1. Use adhesive hooks
  2. Secure with Nylon Fishing-Line
  3. Use Craft wire
  4. Garland Hanger

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