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25 Adorable Gingerbread Christmas Decor Ideas

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Find easy and doable DIY Gingerbread Christmas decor ideas for kitchen and home from making wreath and table centerpiece to tree ornaments and cardboard gingerbread house.

The sweet odor of freshly baked gingerbread is the perfect way to get into the festive mood! Gingerbread is a classic Christmas delicacy that not only adds cheer to the season but also looks fantastic in the home. There are several ways to include gingerbread in your Christmas decor, including adorned trees, star-shaped wreaths, unique gingerbread ornaments, funny gingerbread reindeer, and traditionally designed gingerbread houses with intricate details to make your home seem festive and inviting.

Just like Christmas decor trends minimalist and farmhouse, there are many unique ideas to transform your house into a charming gingerbread paradise this holiday season. Traditional and multipurpose gingerbread display is a fun and adaptable decoration that you can put all around your house. From cardboard gingerbread house mantels to marvelous centerpieces for your dining table.

Material for gingerbread house

Kuki Fun gingerbread house cookie cutter set

Wilton mini village gingerbread house kit

Gingerbread house baking kit

Oreo gingerbread house

Gingerbread cookie kit

Lego gingerbread house

How to decorate Christmas gingerbread?

Beginners can build a gingerbread house from scratch or buy a kit from the store. Decorate it with icing, candies, and sweets, and design to your heart’s desire. Cardboard and other craft materials are also a good choice for making gingerbread houses.

Christmas gingerbread decoration is such an interesting and enjoyable activity. Here are a few tips that will help you to make this festive decoration:

1. Choose a good Gingerbread Recipe:

First of all, search for a recipe that is easy and suitable for you, so you have your guidelines. It can be your family tradition recipe you have going for years.

2. Preparation of Dough:

In the second step, take a pan and add the ingredients. The most used ingredients include sugar, cinnamon, orange juice, golden syrup, and vanilla paste. Stir overheat until dissolved. Whisk in the butter and baking soda until it gets fluffy. Then, cook all the ingredients on low to medium flame until all the sugar has dissolved and melted well. Then, add flour and mix until the mixture resembles dough. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for two hours before rolling.

Roll, shape and bake the gingerbread:

Adjust oven temperature to 180°C fan. Using flour, knead and spread out the dough, then cut out Christmas cookie shapes and arrange on a lined baking sheet. For threading the ribbon, make a hole in the dough using a straw. Bake for ten to fifteen minutes, or until it turns brown. When pushed with a fingertip, they should spring back. Allow it to cool on the wire rack or tray.

Royal Icing:

To get a durable and glossy surface, prepare the royal icing. Divide it into many dishes and add food coloring to make different festive colors.

Outline and filling:

Take a piping bag and add icing to it. First, outline the shape with thick icing and leave it till it gets dried. Afterward, Thin the leftover icing to saturate the insides of the outlines. As a result, the surface becomes smooth.

Add detail, texture, and pattern:

Using toothpicks or fork tapping, explore textures and patterns, and add embellishments like windows, doors, ornaments, candies, sprinkles, or edible glitter to the baked base layer. Then wait for some time to let it dry.

Assemble and give a finishing touch:

Assemble the gingerbread and make the shape according to your choice with the help of thick royal icing. Hold the pieces of gingerbread together until the frosting hardens. Afterward, give a finishing touch to your gingerbread decoration.

What are the best decorations for a gingerbread house?

One of the many creative ways to make memories for the holidays is with gingerbread houses, which come in kits with crafting tools. For a long-lasting display, start with a solid base. So, let’s begin with the basic tips:

Extra Icing

Use extra icing for decorating as well as acting as glue for adding interesting ornaments like doors and windows of your baked gingerbread house. There are premade royal icing that may be tinted to any desired hue with Wilton icing colors or Color Right Concentrated Food Coloring.


Use icing-cles to turn your gingerbread home into a winter wonderland. Pipe pull-out dots across the roof using a bag fitted with a round nozzle.

Sparkling sanding sugar or sprinkles

For a festive appearance, add sprinkles, zigzag garland, frosting, or sanding sugar on the roof of your gingerbread home.

Round candies or jumbo nonpareils

Enhance your Gingerbread home decorations with festive garlands and wreaths, which provide color and texture. To add a festive touch, add pom-pom wreaths, icing dots, candies, or nonpareils.


Use cookies to make a gingerbread home. Use little or large cookies for pathways, shingles, exteriors that resemble stone, crushed cookies for earth or rocks, and fun circular windows.


You may add charm and creativity to your work of art by using cereals like Trix, Grape-Nuts, and Chex to create colorful trends, pathways, and gingerbread houses.


When it comes to decorating gingerbread houses, mints are a typical choice for windows, gates, and fences. Their red and white color scheme is best for special events.


When making gingerbread homes or yard decorations, use nuts to produce huge bricks or shingles or create naturally colored masonry or rocks.


You may make a gingerbread home with pretzel shapes for the windows, doors, woodpiles, roofs, fences, and log cabins. Many families have a history of making gingerbread houses, and this year, a charming nativity scene set was discovered for exhibition. Using smaller pretzels is another creative approach for spectacular gingerbread buildings.


Gingerbread Christmas Decor

There are many unique, handmade, and custom Gingerbread Christmas decor ideas that you can use to decorate your home this Christmas season. Bring a warm welcome with a gingerbread marquee, jingle bell wreath, and colorful oversized lights in your Christmas yard decorations. You can make a DIY cardboard tree collar, a mini gingerbread house table runner, and even a fun photo backdrop to bring gingerbread street cheers to your home.

Gingerbread Train

This colorful train is a whimsical treat for holiday spirit and liveliness. The train is made of gingerbread and macarons. The fillings are hot chocolate and marshmallows, candy cane buttercream, and coffee and chocolate ganache.


Tabletop Gingerbread Jars

For this tabletop gingerbread Christmas decor, you only have to do some baking. Grab some jars and sugar, and you are all set!


Gingerbread Carousel


Gingerbread house doormat


Buy Gingerbread Christmas Decor

Gingerbread Garland

This tricolor (White, Brown, and red) felt beads and gingerbread man garland represent the Christmas feel. This minimalist and elegant garland adds charm. It is also fun to make gumdrop garland for stairways and doorways.


Gingerbread house garland or make one with cardboard cutouts and white gel pens.


Candy Land Christmas Wood Gingerbread


Colorful Gingerbread Christmas Tree


Gingerbread Cushions


Gingerbread Christmas Tree


Christmas figurines


Kitchen gingerbread Christmas decor

The kitchen is where all the craziness happens on Christmas Day, whether you’re cooking or eating a holiday feast. Make a holiday display with a Mini Kitchen Christmas tree and make festive gingerbread house cookies. As we prepare our homes for the holidays, why not spice up your kitchen with simple decorations and seasonal DIY projects? These ideas include festive inspiration for table centerpieces, mugs, and cozy corners.

Gingerbread Village Cake

Gingerbread-themed dishes make everyone excited. Make gingerbread houses to border any cake of your choice.

Gingerbread house cake recipe

Gingerbread Tablescape

Gingerbread Tablescape is a fun way to add seasonal charm to your dining table along with candles.


A simple candy decor candy canes and peppermint lollipops display.

Gingerbread Bakery Decor via Pinterest.

Sew a gingerbread house kitchen utensils holder

Handmade fabric gingerbread house

Shop Gingerbread Kitchen Decor

Winter wonderland cake stand


Gingerbread tiered tray set for the Holiday season.


Gingerbread Fry Pan

Use the available material for decorating your home to decorate your kitchen for Christmas. Take a pan and put a cute gingerbread man in it with a spatula, tie a Christmas ribbon on the handle of the pan, and add a few more things to the pan for detailing. Keep this in the corner of your kitchen; it looks beautiful.


Kisses gingerbread sign

Gingerbread hugs and peppermint kisses are warm, spicy, and delicious hugs that bring people together to share warmth, love, and the joyous spirit of the season.


Fresh baked cookies book stack

It is a perfect centerpiece for your Christmas kitchen.


Faux Gingerbread Cookies


Gingerbread Mug Topper Peppermint


Christmas Wooden Spoon


Gingerbread cutting board Decor

Put some Christmas happiness and coziness in your environment with these adorable, low-calorie gingerbread biscuit decorations.


DIY gingerbread Christmas decor

Gingerbread Men Wreath

Make this beautiful wreath with gingerbread men, a rope, and a leaf. You can also make a snowflake wreath.


Gingerbread wreath

Gingerbread wreath

Kids Gingerbread Christmas Tree

You can make this gingerbread Christmas tree with gingerbread ornaments, a tiny gingerbread house, and a Christmas tree.


DIY Christmas Ornaments

First of all, prepare a dough and roll it. Then, cut the tree ornaments into different shapes according to your choice. Then, paint and design them accordingly. These are fun and easy to make, yet beautiful. You can use it in various decorations. Either hang it on a Christmas tree or place it on decoration pieces.


DIY Cardboard Gingerbread Village

Decorate your mantel or table in the corner with a cardboard gingerbread village. The materials needed for this decoration piece are not many. These are glue, cardboard, markers, and scissors for a cardboard house. For other decorations, you can use cotton and mini trees. This is one of the easiest crafts. You can also make a cardboard giant playhouse and decorate it for fun.

DIY Cardboard Gingerbread Village

Fairy Garden Gingerbread House

This Fairy Garden gingerbread house looks attractive and elegant due to the colorful icing.


Gingerbread Candle Holder

For the Christmas decor, you do not need to spend money on candle holders. You can make one with plainly baked gingerbread men. You will have to attach the gingerbread with glue around the glass and then put your candle in it.


DIY Waffle Gingerbread House

Make this beautiful piece of decoration with waffles, candies, and icing.


Why is gingerbread a symbol of Christmas?

In the early 1800s, the tradition of decorating gingerbread houses began in Germany. The adorned fairy-tale buildings known as lebkuchen were first baked by German bakers. Bakers would mold them into hearts, stars, animals, and other shapes.

It would be lavishly ornamented as well. Europeans used to dip the ornamented bread into wine and hang it from the trees during the winter. This tradition gained popularity around Christmas when they were introduced to America by German immigrants from Pennsylvania.

Today gingerbread house is a common Christmas tradition in many North American households.

What style of house has gingerbread?

Gingerbread houses are a charming architectural style with significant historical origins, frequently referred to as ‘architectural lace.’ These houses were popular in the United States throughout the Victorian era of architecture, which lasted from the late 1830s until 1900. Their beautiful adornment, typical of the time, symbolized the growing wealth, creativity, and emerging middle class. The origins of the gingerbread architectural style may also be found in Haiti when architects from the island country visited Paris and returned with ideas for striking color schemes and ornate scrollwork for residential and public structures.

Gingerbread houses are like other architectural styles such as Edwardian and Craftsman, but they contain ornate millwork, scroll motifs, pitched rooflines, and lacelike cuts and patterns. They’re also noted for using unique paint colors like turquoise, maroon, mustard yellow, and dazzling white to highlight roofs and pillars that separate rooftops, porches, and windows.

Unlike cookie-cutter homes, a gingerbread-style home is unique since it inspires a whimsical flair and an incredible experience. You can find the origins of gingerbread homes in Haiti when architects from the island nation visited Paris and returned with vivid color schemes and ornate scrollwork for use in governmental and private buildings.

Written by: Alveena Nazir

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