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20 DIY Modern Christmas Tree Holiday Ideas

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Nothing is more rewarding than getting involved for making DIY modern Christmas tree ideas in anticipation for the Holiday season. The most wonderful time of the year is soon upon us. This year we plan to make some Christmas trees to decorate the window in our living room.

Since, I was looking for some easy and simple Christmas tree ideas. I thought Modern is just it and got interested in DIY Modern Christmas trees. I found beautiful ideas to craft Christmas trees. These ideas include making Modern Christmas trees with wood blocks, burlap, lace, paper and fabric. Even more unique projects include using cupcake liner, pipe cleaners, wire and jewelry.

20 DIY Modern Christmas trees  Holiday Ideas



Starting in no particular order lets have a look at various craft supplies you can use to make Modern Christmas trees:

  • Burlap ribbon modern Christmas trees
  • Ruffled burlap Christmas trees
  • Christmas tree cupcakes
  • Coffee bean modern Christmas tree
  • Lace Christmas tree
  • DIY cupcake liner Christmas trees
  • Gold leaf Christmas trees
  • How to make modern perforated Christmas trees?
  • Doily Christmas tree
  • DIY Fabric Christmas tree
  • Felt covered Christmas tree
  • Funnel fabric covered Christmas tree
  • Vintage jewelry Christmas tree
  • Wood Christmas tree decorations
  • DIY Paper modern Christmas trees
  • Pipe cleaners Christmas trees
  • Pom pom ribbon Christmas trees
  • DIY rustic pine Christmas trees
  • Make trees with old sweater
  • DIY wire Christmas trees

Burlap ribbon modern Christmas trees

DIY burlap ribbon trees are made by wrapping burlap wire ribbon around a Styrofoam cone with a dowel rod at the end for tree trunk.


Ruffled burlap Christmas trees

Ruffled burlap and rhinestones string make perfect combination for wrapping a cone. Looks classy with cones and rustic wood trees.


Christmas tree cupcakes

Make cute cupcakes with ice cream cone upside down to look like Christmas tree.


Coffee bean modern Christmas tree

Glue coffee beans using hot glue to Styrofoam cone, spray paint it and display on a pedestal to make this adorable Christmas tree display.


Lace Christmas tree

Use white glue or mod podge to cover old lace wrapped around Styrofoam cone and let it dry. Remove it from cone once completely dry and spray paint it any color of your choice. For classics gold or silver and for modern white. Top it with a star and put twinkle lights inside. Make them in different sizes and group together as centerpiece.


DIY cupcake liner Christmas trees

Make cute Christmas trees with cupcake liners.


Gold leaf Christmas trees

Use fake golden leaves to cover a cone and make gold leaf Christmas trees.


How to make modern perforated Christmas tree?

Make modern perforated Christmas tree by drilling holes in papier-mache cones found in craft stores. The lights look magical when lit at night.

Modern Christmas tree -

Doily Christmas tree

Use dowels and doilies to make trees centerpiece.


DIY Fabric Christmas tree

Fabric covered poster board Christmas tree cones


Felt covered Christmas tree

Pin felt circle cutouts on Styrofoam using pins.


Funnel fabric covered Christmas tree

 DIY Christmass tree cones made by using funnel as base instead of Styrofoam. Cover the stacked funnels with ruffled strips of fabric or ribbon and you are done.


Vintage jewelry Christmas tree

Use your collection of jewelry to glue on a cone and make a Jewelry Christmas tree via something created everyday. I included it here because you can spray paint it to give modern look.


Wood Christmas tree decorations

Colorful forest created using wood cutouts to make Modern Wood Christmas tree decorations.


DIY Paper modern Christmas trees

Paper evergreens made by folding paper following simple origami technique.

Paper Christmas trees -

Pipe cleaner Christmas trees

DIY pipe cleaner trees Christmas craft made by twisting a combination of pipe cleaners together in evergreen tree shape.


Pom pom ribbon Christmas tree

A pom pom ribbon Christmas tree ribbon glued around a paper cone creates this Christmas tree.


DIY rustic pine Christmas trees

Some pine kindlings were put to a great use creating rustic pine Christmas trees using Styrofoam cones.


Make trees with old sweater

Wrap cardboard cutouts in triangular shape with old sweaters to make sweater trees.


DIY wire Christmas trees

Gauge wire wrapped around a paper cone to shape like evergreen trees.


Wasn’t it fun looking at these 20 different materials that you can use to create modern Christmas trees!


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  1. Mary Varley says:

    These are easy enough that you could wait until the day after Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) to start! These are all adorable and I’ve only ever made a third of these ideas!

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Thanks Mary. 🙂 I love easy crafts.

  2. Nancy Smith says:

    Love your idea’s on making the Christmas trees! I am going to make the one’s with dollies with my 2020 students!! They look easy, fun, and are pretty! Thank you!

  3. Maria Magdalena Rivera says:

    Love your ideas, thanks.

  4. Billie Ratcliffe says:

    I am a 73 yr old hyper/ocd crafter
    that’s always looking..I am in LOVE with every stinkin’ cute one of these. Here it is Sept and I’m seriously wanting to get set up but alas we’ve had an attic fire and working on repair/upgrade. No crafts?. Thanks for the post and I’m going to try to do that Instagram thing…

    1. Hani says:

      Wow, you are such an inspiration. I stopped crafting a few years back when I had babies. They needed me more and now that I am restarting and just working on creating my first ever crafts room you made me so excited for this journey. 🙂 I am sorry for your fire damages but I am glad you and your family are safe! Goodluck with the upgrade and hope you stay in touch! I am social on instagram.

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