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DIY Modern Christmas Trees (Holiday Crafts)

The most wonderful time of the year is soon upon us. Christmas is my favorite Holiday. This year we plan to make some Christmas trees to decorate the window in our living room. Since, I was looking for some easy and simple Christmas tree ideas. I was also very interested in DIY Modern Christmas trees. I found beautiful ideas to craft Christmas trees. These ideas include making Modern Christmas trees with wood blocks, burlap, lace, paper and fabric. Even more unique projects include using cupcake liner, pipe cleaners, wire and jewelry. These are the best Christmas trees I have found that also fit in the modern Christmas trees. DIY Christmas trees for decorating your home for Holidays.

Modern Christmas Trees

DIY Modern Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Starting in no particular order lets see these crafty Christmas trees.

DIY Christmas Trees

burlap ribbon Christmas tree - craftionary.net

Burlap Ribbon Tree made by wrapping burlap around a strofoam cone.

Ruffled burlap Christmas tree - craftionary.net

Ruffled burlap with rhinestones makes a perfect custom ribbon for wrapping a cone. Looks classy with cones and rustic wood trees.

Cupcake Christmas tree - craftionary.net

An ice-cream cone makes a perfect Christmas tree cupcake.

Coffee beans Christmas tree - craftionary.net

Coffee bean Christmas tree made with glued beans on a cone. These can be spray painted to match any theme.

Decoupage lace Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Mod podge old lace over styrofoam cone, let it dry. Remove from cone and spray paint gold or silver. Fill with white lights and embellish with a star.

Make different sizes for an awesome grouping!

(unknown source via pinterest)

Cute Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Cute and easy Christmas trees made with cupcake liner.

Gold leaf Christmas tree - craftionary.net
Modern Christmas tree - craftionary.net

Modern Christmas trees made by drilling holes in papier-mache cones. The lights look magical when lit at night.

Doily Christmas tree - craftionary.net

Christmas trees made with dowels and doilies. I love how these are arranged across the table to create a forest look!

Fabric cone Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Poster board cone trees looking their best when wrapped with paper or fabric.

Felt Christmas tree - craftionary.net

Felt Christmas Tree – Pin felt circle cutouts on styrofoam. Love it!

Funnel Christmas tree - craftionary.net

Kitchen funnel Christmas trees finished with ruffled fabric and burlap.

Jewelry Christmas tree - craftionary.net

A collection of jewelry can come handy in making this beautiful Jewelry Christmas tree.

Modern wood Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Magnificent forest created using wood cutout Modern Christmas trees.

Paper Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Paper Christmas trees create a cool ambiance arranged on a mantel.

Pipe cleaner Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Cute Christmas trees made by wrapping pipe cleaners.

Pom pom Christmas tree - craftionary.net

A pom pom ribbon glued around a paper cone creates this Christmas tree.

Rustic pine Christmas tree - craftionary.net

Some pine kindlings were put to a great use creating these rustic Christmas trees from styrofoam cones.

Sweater Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Recycle old sweaters into Christmas trees.

Whimsical wire Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Gauge wire wrapped around a paper cone creates these whimsical Christmas trees.

Modern Christmas trees - craftionary.net

Wasn’t it fun looking at these 20 different materials that can create modern Christmas trees!

Merry Christmas everyone.

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3 responses to “DIY Modern Christmas Trees (Holiday Crafts)”

  1. Mary Varley says:

    These are easy enough that you could wait until the day after Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) to start! These are all adorable and I’ve only ever made a third of these ideas!

  2. Nancy Smith says:

    Love your idea’s on making the Christmas trees! I am going to make the one’s with dollies with my 2020 students!! They look easy, fun, and are pretty! Thank you!

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DIY Modern Christmas Trees (Holiday Crafts)

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