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82 Holiday Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

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Find 82 stunning DIY outdoor Christmas decorations ideas that you can use for outside Christmas decorations that people will stop to see.

Will you be putting up DIY Christmas decorations in your house? One of the most famous events ever is the one in question. People search for outdoor Christmas decorations ideas to decorate their homes each year. Looking for cheap outdoor Christmas decorations and extra large outdoor Christmas decorations. Home depot, lowes, amazon, etsy, and walmart have a wide variety. Christmas is a happy time of year for many of us. When it comes to decorating, we frequently consider a few basic components like a Christmas tree, wreaths, and decorations, all of which help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our homes during the chilly winter months.

You will find tons of great ideas from light up, pre lit, vintage, grinch, lighted led, and more outdoor Christmas decorations that you can make and buy. These ideas are easy, simple, unique and unusual.


Choose your theme

You ought to pick a subject that is not only important to you personally but also to your family. If you’re going to spend time together over the holidays, it needs to be an activity that will bring everyone together and strengthen your bonds. Pick a topic that is appropriate for the time of year and all the holidays.

Consider using decorations like lights or tinsel, for instance, if it is Christmas. Decorating with snowflakes will also make sense if you reside in a place where it snows frequently during the winter. Choose a color theme like Pink Christmas decorations, or a combination like blue and silver Christmas decorations. Other popular colors include white, rose gold, green, gold, purple, black Christmas decoration ideas.

Create a holiday arrangement for the front porch

To make your landscape more aesthetically pleasing, plant a tree. One of the most well-liked holiday decorations is a Christmas tree. One can be incorporated into an outdoor Christmas display or used as a stand-alone exterior decoration for your home.

Similar to those that are used to hold candy at Halloween parties, make a large basket out of several smaller ones. After you’ve decorated it with miniature toys, embellishments, and ribbons, hang it somewhere everyone can see it.

If food isn’t already available outside, you could set up some snacks inside. If there are young children present at nearby parties who might be unable to communicate, this is especially crucial.

Create decorations for the fence, gate, or garage door

Consider fence, gate and garage door Christmas decorations ideas to go with the holiday’s overall theme. Use fake pine branches rather than real ones to create a traditional look (you’ll save money!). Natural looks best and is cheap Christmas decorations.

Try wrapping the branches in tinsel to add some glitz to your yard instead of using twigs or pinecones. Employ seasonal components. Use wreaths or lights if you want a seasonal accent that you can keep up all year.

Place tiny lights inside reusable bags that are twined together if you want to create an outdoor Christmas tree scene this year. This will prevent the lights from falling off when you shake the bags. Lanterns could be used to adorn your fence or gate in place of tinsel.

Important Parts of your house for decorations

Front door and garage:

One of the most crucial components of any house is the front door, so you want it to be warm and inviting. Your front door can be decorated in a variety of ways for Christmas, such as with snowflakes and wrapping paper that has red bows tied around it.

  • Wreaths: Decorating your front door with a wreath is simple and affordable.
  • Garland: Add a lit garland to your door’s bottom or sides.
  • Candy: Use candy canes or other holiday treats like chocolate kisses, peppermint sticks, or sweet tarts to decorate your front door.
  • You can icicle your windows and doors, or you can adorn the outside of your home with tinsel and pinecones.

Front Porch:

There are many ways to decorate your front porch for Christmas, regardless of whether your house was stick-built or has a traditional design.

  • Traditional outdoor decorations include Christmas trees, the Snowman, Santa Claus and his reindeer, candy cane lights or vibrant string lights, and Santa Claus figures with bells on the sides.
  • Wreaths made of fake holly and pinecones are sold in craft stores as well as online retailers like
  • You can dress up the elaborate railings, potholes, and garlands on your front door with ribbon that has been cut into strips or miniature lights strung along strings.

Steps and Staircase:

Candles and light decorations from within or outside the home can be used to decorate the stairs. Snowmen and angels are used as decorations on the stairs leading to the first floor. Santa Claus stands at the fourth floor’s entrance, carrying a large bag filled with presents.

Create a snow scene on the staircase or steps with some snowballs and other decorations. Use some small lights to light up the steps or stairs so that they look brighter and more attractive during Christmas time.

Backyard and Front Yard/ Lawn:

Here are some ideas for decorating your lawn for Christmas:

  • Decorate the trees and bushes in front of the house.
  • You can use lights, tinsel, ornaments, and other Christmas decorations to make them look festive.
  • Install a Santa Claus on top of a tree or bush.
  • Use eggnog as a stain on top of the grass to get it even more festive looking!
  • Install a nativity scene on your lawn that has figures made out of light bulbs and other items that shine brightly in the evening.

Chimney and Roof:

Decorating the chimney is one of the most important decoration items for your house at Christmas. You can use different styles and colors to create a unique and beautiful chimney for this year’s festive season.

  • Put some pinecones on top of a white string with red ornaments and hang it on the chimney. In the winter, this will look stunning against the blue sky.
  • Small lights are strung around a metal rod and hung on the chimney to reflect in the water below. Right after dark, it will appear to be a starry night sky!
  • This year, decorate your chimney with snowflakes for a straightforward yet elegant look. To make them stand out like stars in space, get some clear tape and attach them all around your fireplace.


Driveway Christmas decorations are a significant component of the holiday season. The best way to make your home feel festive is with festive lighting and outdoor accents.

  • It’s advised to decorate your home with lights or use artificial Christmas trees in the yard.
  • Use natural material based ornaments like leaves or twigs. They are kind to the environment and won’t harm it because they fall off their branches and quickly decompose.
  • Make your driveway appear to as snow covered landscape with LED lights. Use various tree species that can be arranged in various patterns and shapes to decorate your driveway.
  • Christmas lights can be used as a backdrop for a photo or even to create an illusion.


The hedges are the best place to hang your lights and decorations. To illuminate your hedge, use twinkle lights. Hanging lanterns come in a variety of styles and sizes, depending on how big or small you want them to be. You can make these yourself or buy them at most retailers that sell holiday decorations.


Balconies are a crucial component of your outdoor décor that occasionally goes undecorated. It is visible from a great distance from your home. Wreaths, garlands, LED lights, and artificial hanging snowflakes can all be used to spruce up your balcony. In addition to these, you can also display miniature Santa, reindeer, or Christmas trees on your balcony.

Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Let’s have a look at outside Christmas decorations that are stunning for this season. You can find Christmas decorations at Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart to name a few popular choices. However, Target, Amazon, Dollar Tree, Costco, Michaels and Hobby Lobby are a game changer for products as well. Find a variety of options that suits every budget.

Big Lots Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Lighted Christmas Balls

DIY Christmas light balls for outdoor decorating
Jumbo Christmas Lights by Sugar and Cloth.


Simple Christmas decorations

DIY Wood Paddle Signs by back to the south.


DIY Flower Christmas Light Balls by Christmas lights etc.

Floral Botanical Ball Spheres

Christmas Flower Light Ball

Repurposed skies by confessions of a serial diyer.


For a new look, place candles, mason jars, and greenery on the table.

  • Using candles, create a path from the front door to the front porch or deck.
  • String lights along the branches of pine and spruce trees or suspend them from decorative garlands beneath tree limbs.
  • Wrap lights around your outdoor pool or hot tub so you can see them while swimming or relaxing. Decorate your outdoor space for the holidays with red and green lights!
  • Consider stringing several strands of brightly colored LED lights together for a striking effect if you have a large yard.

DIY Giant Christmas Candles with PVC pipes and jumbo Christmas light bulbs.


DIY Light up Christmas display with dollar store bowls by hometalk.


Christmas Playhouse by dreaming of home making.


Styrofoam balls to snowballs with snow-tex.


Simple Winter Decoration by Julie.


Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations

Outdoor Christmas tree by houseful of handmade.


Nutcracker Christmas tradition decor

Handpainted Wooden Nutcracker soldier Christmas Tradition Decor from Etsy.


Christmas wreaths

Christmas Rose Pink Wreath from Etsy.


Cat Christmas Wreath with red ornaments from Etsy.


Drape greenery around doorways and windows

Greenery should be draped around doorways and windows.

Use pinecones, pine boughs, and pine needles to create a natural, low-maintenance look. You can also use the same materials to make a garland or wreath to add holiday cheer to your home all year! If you have a particularly large space and want more fabric than hanging decorations alone can provide (like an entryway).

Any windows or doors in your house should be decorated with greenery and wreaths. Use pinecones, pine boughs, and pine needles to create a natural, low-maintenance look. Other than windows and doors, they can be applied to any surface in the house.

Front Door Christmas Decorations Ideas

You will also love these homemade holiday door decorations that are unsual.

Blue and white Christmas decor trend by Melanie Lissack.


Wrapped door decoration with green ribbon source unknown.


Modern Farm House Christmas decorations by modern glam.


How to decorate with Christmas garlands and traditional accents by our southern home.


Colorful Christmas porch decoration with wrapped empty boxes and lanterns filled with ornaments by dimples and tangles.


Greenery and Lights Front Door Decor by Emily Henderson.


Use garland to accent lights on the roof, porch, or balcony

Garland is used to decorate Christmas trees. If you’re unsure of how to decorate for the holidays with garland, try wrapping it around the base of your tree. For a more festive appearance, you could also attach it to your house or house numbers. Garlands can be used to adorn windows and doorways. To make your home feel more festive, decorate your windows and doorways with garland. The garland can be wrapped around any window or doorway, and lights can be hung from either end.

Accent lighting on the roof, porch, or balcony is the best way to use garland for outdoor Christmas decorations and ideas. The task of hanging Christmas lights on a house can easily overwhelm you. However, we have some fantastic recommendations to make things simpler. Think about how you want your home to look at night. Are you trying to evoke a particular mood? You might prefer something to be welcoming and warm, or bright and colorful.

Office Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations are not only for homes but also great for commercial spaces like office, local business and other places.

Rustic Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Rustic Christmas Signs by home road.


Front Porch Christmas Decoration by ribbons and glue.


Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Light Bulbs buy from Etsy.


Retro Christmas decorations like Farmhouse Vintage Christmas


Solar Christmas Decorations

Decorate your front yard with lights. Find ideas for Decorating with string lights for small yard spaces.

Outdoor Christmas Decorating beginner guide.


Place light branches in a basket outdoors with stones at the bottom for weight. Found at amazon in many varieties.


Outdoor Trees and Pathways Christmas Decorations

Lighted Christmas Tree Balls by redeem your ground.


Solar LED Spiral Christmas Trees by Amazon.


Lighted Archway by chas crazy creations.


Walmart Christmas Decorations

Poolside Christmas Decor using Walmart supplies. An inspiration for warmer places.


White Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Snowball string light curtain from Amazon.


Christmas house lights decorations by the honeycomb home.

Gold and white is a perfect combination for twinkle and hope. Make your balcony and patio Christmas decorations ideas Merry and bright with lighted arrangements for small spaces.


Mason Jar Lights

Decorating with lights - DIY mason jar lights

Star Outside Christmas Decoration Ideas

Star with string light by Christmas world.


Christmas Wall Hanging Star Lights Decorations from Etsy.


Star Lanterns from Etsy.


DIY Star luminaries from amazon.


Grinch Christmas Decorations

Green Monster Christmas Grinch Wreath from Etsy.


Christmas Grinch Neon Sign from Etsy.


Grinch peeking over the fence digital file from Etsy.


ELF Christmas Decorations

Tomato cage Christmas gnomes and 30 Gnomes home decor projects for good luck.


Christmas gnome porch decoration by bhg.


Gnome Christmas Tree by Just might DIY.


Disney Christmas Decorations

Mickey mouse Christmas decorations inflatable by Amazon.


Green Christmas Decoration

Christmas snowflake large hanging ornament with green LED from amazon.


Animated Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Reindeer and Sleigh Christmas Decorations with incandescent lights by Amazon.


Harry Potter Christmas Decorations

Golden Snitch String Lights by floating candles with wands.


Harry Potter Wreath by epbot.


Front Porch Christmas Decoration

Even a small front porch can be decorated with this simple DIY Rustic JOY Sign by doodle craft blog.


5 Wooden pendant porch and patio Christmas lanterns from Etsy.


Snoopy Christmas Decorations

The ever green peanut characters and Charlie brown Christmas decor. Snoopy Christmas Decorations from Amazon.


Snoopy with Present from Amazon.


Extra Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Extra large red and black Christmas ornaments decorations from Etsy.


LED Christmas Holiday Lighted Twinkling red and gold ornaments from Amazon.


Gingerbread Christmas Decoration

DIY Giant Gingerbread Man with insulation foam board by Isaac Alexander.


Candy Cane Christmas Decorations

Candy canes in planter with plain store bought candy cane and red tape by bhg.


Outdoor Christmas Lanterns

DIY Christmas lantern by by Marianna Makela.


Painted Christmas lanterns for outdoor from Etsy.


Snowman lanterns lights up Christmas from Etsy.


Adorn your mailbox with Christmas cheer

One of the most crucial Christmas Eve decorations is your mailbox. It is best to decorate it since it is one of the first things a visitor sees when they enter your home.

Your mailbox can be festively decorated in a variety of ways.

  • Use different garlands, snowmen, reindeer ornaments, or even Santa Claus figures to give them a festive appearance.
  • It can also have lights added to it so that it will glow when people pass by it at night.
  • Pinecones, dried fruit, and other items can be used to make a straightforward Christmas wreath that will look nice all year.
  • To make elaborate patterns that shine brightly throughout the holiday season, you can even attach colored confetti ornaments and lights to the top of the box!

This idea is great for staircase decoration as well as mailbox Christmas mailbox decoration.


Christmas Tree Decorations from stores

Gold Slim Shimmer Trees by Amazon.


Animated Outdoor Light show Christmas Tree Decorations from Amazon.


Snowman Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Inflated snowman outdoor decorations for yard from Amazon.


Pre-lit Pop Up Twinkling Snowman Family from Amazon.


Snowman light Christmas Decorations with flocking material from Etsy. You will also like outdoor lights simple and easy ideas for homes.


Outdoor Christmas doormats

Find fun ideas to DIY christmas doormats or buy Coir Believe doormat from Amazon. Here’s how to paint coir doormat.


Easy Christmas doormat Happy Holidays by lovely etc.


Joy Floral Christmas Doormat from Oliver Bonas.


Outdoor Christmas Banners

Christmas Banners from Amazon and Etsy.


Golden Christmas Tree Door Decoration from Etsy.


Other Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Climbing Santa from Etsy and inflated LED lights climbing santa from Etsy.


Lighted Christmas Pathway sign from Etsy.


Galvanized Christmas bell decor from Etsy.


White Christmas decorations

LED Penguins Acrylic Figures from Amazon.


Prelit Christmas Artificial Pine Poinsettia Hanging Baskets from Amazon.


Christmas snowman light covers from Amazon.


Blue and silver ornament wreath and more winter wreath ideas.

winter wreath

Christmas tree door decoration with ornaments and string lights.


Staircase Christmas Decorations

Cedar garland natural greenery by lynch creek wreaths. Add lights to it and wow.


Candyland Christmas Decoration from Wayfair. You will also like 20 DIY Modern Christmas Trees


Set up a tree with lights and ornaments outside the front door.

To make it feel more joyful and festive, decorate a tree outside the front door with lights and decorations. After that, the tree trunk should be decorated with bows, ribbons, and gift wrap. Remove any dead branches from an older tree before hanging it for decoration.

If you don’t have enough room for a real Christmas tree, you might want to use an artificial tree instead. Artificial trees are a great substitute if your holiday spending budget isn’t as big as it was the year before.

This holiday season, you can create a Christmas tree out of lights if you’re pressed for time. It takes up a lot of space and adds to your decor.

Primitive Christmas decorations

Christmas tree decoration with ladder and vintage collection. You will also like Christmas Mantels for Holidays.


Primitive Christmas village display on a dresser.


Try these Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas to make your holiday remember able. Even simple light decorations would be very helpful to you in decorating your home on a low budget if you do not want to spend much money, and they look so visually stunning. Try to analyze the theme in light of the information I just provided. You could keep your spending in check and extend the life of your products.

You will also like:

Make winter snowglobes village decor


DIY Black and gold shadow box


Facts and Important Questions

What will be your Budget?

  • Choose your Outdoor Theme: Your outdoor display will look more cohesive and harmonious if it has a specific decorative theme, and it will also help you estimate your spending. When compared to a cottage, traditional, or winter wonderland theme, an elegant, minimalist, or modern design may occasionally require fewer decorations. The former could help you save money by preventing the need to buy additional decorations to complete the look.
  • Determine the display’s size: Consider how opulent you would like your display to be. Some people who love Christmas put up a huge number of exterior decorations, but they don’t feel compelled to compete with ostentatious displays. Budgets should be scaled up or down based on individual preferences, needs, and situations. On rare occasions, having special guests—like recently reunited family members or new grandchildren—may necessitate doing something more extraordinary.
  • Consider cost of electrical consumption: Outdoor Christmas lighting can have a big effect on your monthly electric bill. By preventing potential overheating, installing outdoor lights on a timer adds an extra layer of safety while lowering electricity costs.

Decorate considering the weather of your area.

  • Humidity and heat areas: Take into account the heat and humidity as well. Artificial wreaths and garlands are made from materials that can withstand some heat and humidity. Tropical heat and humidity, on the other hand, can cause the colors of some ornaments to bleed and stain nearby surfaces. This is most common with artificial fruits. To avoid discoloration, spray ornaments with a UV-protective spray, which is available at hardware or craft stores.
  • Consider the amount of sunlight: White wreaths, garlands, and trees are susceptible to UV radiation from the sun, which causes white foliage to turn yellow. Even indoor green artificial trees may fade in color if placed next to a sunny window for the entire season. To prevent fading and cracking outdoor Christmas trees are specially treated with a UV-resistant coating.
  • Consider the amount of average snowfall: Most artificial wreaths and garlands are made of durable materials and have a weatherproof coating, allowing them to withstand environments with average snowfall. The longer you use incandescent Christmas lights, the hotter they become. These lamps can also burst due to the cold snow. It is best to keep these lights turned off for as long as possible.
  • Waterproof your decorations: Consider purchasing battery-operated wreaths and garlands if the presence of electrical cords seems too clumsy or inconvenient. In order to preserve battery life, many models have built-in timers. Alternately, use battery-operated light strands to adorn an unlit wreath or garland.

Where to place your decorations?

Consider accessibility to electrical outlets:

  • Electric 30-inch cords are included with a lot of perlite wreaths and garlands. Use extension cords for decorations that are far from an exterior electrical outlet. Make sure they are compatible with the lights and are approved for outdoor purpose. Spend some time inspecting the electrical outlets as well.
  • This ought to have a three-pronged plug-compatible ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). When it detects a short circuit, a GFCI outlet turns off the electricity.
  • Speak with an electrician for installation of these. A power stake may be helpful for reaching decorations mounted on the fence or in the garden area if you have a large lawn. Several of these stakes have three outlets, making them safe and practical.
  • Consider purchasing battery-operated wreaths and garlands if the presence of electrical cords seems too clumsy or inconvenient. In order to preserve battery life, many models have built-in timers. Alternately, use battery-operated light strands to adorn an unlit wreath or garland.

How long my decorations will last?

Lifespan of Garlands, Trees, and Wreaths

  • With proper use and storage, the foliage on premium artificial wreaths and garlands can last 7-10 years. However, due to normal wear and tear, replace perlite models lights every three years.
  • An outdoor artificial tree’s lifespan is roughly 5-7 years under normal use because it must contend with harsher environments. The user guide or on the manufacturer’s website always has warranty duration of a product.

Lifespan of outdoor Christmas lights:

  • The lifespan of outdoor Christmas lights can change depending on a number of variables. Inappropriate use, handling, and storage, as well as abrupt temperature changes brought on by rain, snow, or humidity, can all shorten a product’s lifespan.
  • Indoor incandescent lights should last up to 2,000 hours under ideal circumstances. But after roughly half that time, it’s not unusual to start changing the bulbs in outdoor incandescent lights. LED lights are more expensive, but they should last 20,000 to 30,000 hours in typical usage.

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