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60 Trending Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

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Easy and simple DIY bedroom wall decor ideas that are stylish and modern for small bedrooms and accent wall for different home decor styles.

Comfort and relaxation are likely to be your top priorities when creating your bedroom, but style should not be ignored. Whether you have a small sleeping area or a huge master bedroom, you may replace your dull walls with decor and elegance.

Are you looking for some ideas to decorate the blank wall next to your windows or the vacant area over the bed? If yes, we have compiled a list of 60 fantastic bedroom wall decor ideas that will have you looking for a hammer and nails in no time.

Ideas to decorate a bedroom wall

The small accent wall can be decorated with many items that include wall art, minimalist paintings, boho scones, a contemporary family portrait gallery, LED string lights and mixed frames with stylish sculpture graphics or old prints in farmhouse style. You can make your plain bedroom wall attractive by painting it with vibrant colors, using patterned and imaginative wallpaper, or painting a wall mosaic.

Another way to make the small space wider is by using drapes and wall paneling. In order to showcase the collection, place items in groups of odd numbers on a wall shelf or in a bookcase. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can do all that on a budget with some creativity and basic DIY skills.

What can I put on my bedroom wall?

Hanging photos and wall paintings is the quickest solution for bedroom walls. Consider using landscapes art that is influenced by nature to create a tranquil bedroom. Alternatively, add drama with a graphic abstract piece. The art that speaks to your personality is what you should hang on your walls.

How to choose a bedroom wall decor?

When selecting bedroom wall art and decor focus on a color scheme and size of your space. Take a picture of the bedroom and think of the furniture pieces and how the room will look with matching and compliment accent pieces when you go shopping. For example, your bedroom may appear small, congested, or confined if you choose dark or vibrant artwork. Neutral and earth-like tones make the space look spacious and serene.

How to make a plain bedroom wall interesting?

There are so many ways to make your plain wall interesting. These ideas include a large scale-art, painted accent wall, installing the shelves, adding houseplants, installing a wallpaper, or hanging decorative accent pieces like mirrors and frames to create a gallery wall.

How to decorate my bedroom for cheap?

If you have a small budget you can decorate with repurposed things and thrift store items. You can make different decorative items with creativity and some DIY at home. Sometimes small changes like simply rearranging the items around the house can help you decorate your bedroom.


Stylish bedroom wall decor ideas

You can add a bit of personality to your room walls. There are plenty of stylish options to choose from!

Painted Canvas Wall art

Hang an extensive piece of art or a collection of more compact works that all share the same theme or color scheme. Paintings, prints, and pictures are just a few examples of the numerous mediums you can use.

Acrylic Painting Forest Birch Trees

Source: Easy things to paint

Create a Gallery Wall

Assemble a gallery wall using a variety of works of art, pictures, and ornaments. In order to make things fit together, you can either go with a theme or color scheme or adopt an eclectic style.

Source: Etsy


Wall Shelves

Set up wall shelves to display ornaments like candles, plants, and books. It is an excellent method to give the walls of your bedroom texture and visual interest. This space looks amazing with shiplap accent wall and wood side tables by calling all creators.


Shabby Chic Shutters Repurpose

Create a rustic and classy ambience by reusing shutters as bedroom wall decor.

harbor breeze home

Source: Pinterest

No matter what design you opt for but remember that your bedroom should reflect your preferences and individuality. So don’t be anxious to be unique and enjoy yourself!

Master Bedroom Wall decor ideas

Spend money on your master bedroom and transform it into the ideal oasis after work or a hectic day if you want your house to emphasize peaceful surroundings and a soothing aesthetic. Find inspiring master bedroom designs below:

Create a Bedroom Feature Wall

Feature walls can be made with a variety of options from panels, collection of frames, mural and so much more. Consider creating a wooden accent wall with pots for freshness and beauty in your bedroom with houseplants.


Source: Vertical plant walls

Use Bold Colors

Pick a color that will lift your spirits and inspire your mood. Play with textures and contrast. Find inspiration for master bedroom color schemes by designers at hgtv.

themed bedroom design

DIY Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas that never go out of fashion

You can try out various innovative and budget-friendly DIY ideas for bedroom wall decoration to add an exceptional and personal touch to your space. Here are some suggestions.

Hanging Flower Garland DIY

Flower Garland Available on Etsy. Photo by Decor thy Nest.



Half Wall Paint Design

For a dramatic effect, select contrasting paint colors (such as beige, hunter green, soft pink or blue) or choose subdued shades from the same color family to break a plain wall. Add a self for decor and stack frames.

Green half wall feature

Source: Pinterest Hang Woven Bowls

Iyadede African Wall Basket

Source: Etsy

Panels and Paint Design

Bedroom wall design with panels and colour

Source: Wagner

Cover the Wall with Wallpaper

Add a classy wallpaper of your choice! This handcrafted vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper has a neutral canvas textured print in Venetian plaster tones. You can get this and others from Etsy.

Neutral Canvas Textured Wallpaper

Simple Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Art with Floral stems and Embroidery Hoops

This art gives a simple yet classy look to your wall. If you want to go for something simple by Classy clutter.


Pallet Accent Wall

Source: Beginning in the Middle


Macrame Yarn Hanging

Add this elegant piece of Macrame Wall Hanging to your room wall.

Macrame Yarn Hanging

Driftwood Wall Hanging


Source: wood craft ideas

Trendy Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Free Hand Paint your Wall

From simple lines and dots to stunning traditional hand paintings. A wall can change the entire vibe of a bedroom.


Source: houzz

French Country Bedroom Palette

Hang a curtain in soft colors or choose a pattern. A simple idea which can be easily replaced by changing the curtain only. This iconic country style is inspired by muted patterns of gingham checks and pale pastel hues.

iconic country style

Source : Tucker and Marks

Paint Chip Art

It is hard to find a perfect piece of artwork when you are on a tight budget. So you can make the best paint chip art for your wall. It takes some time, but it looks good.


Quote Wall Decal

You can stick your favorite quote wall decals. It creates a new look and changes the style of your entire room. You can get these Decals from Etsy.

Best Things In Life Wall Decal

Accent wall Stylish Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

A room can be greatly improved by adding an accent wall. It can add a dash of drama or make a strong statement. Accent walls in bedrooms are cool since they offer the space character and let you show off your particular flair.

Wainscotting Accent Wall

This accent wall looks simple yet classy with wall crown molding using wood trimmings.

Source: Etsy

Wall Molding Bedroom

Blue Dimensional Accent Wall

You will love this fancy Dimensional Accent wall if you want to try something different and go out of the box. Get it from Etsy.

Dimensional Accent Wall

Black and White Stencil Paint Master Bedroom

Choose a stencil and simply tape it on the wall and then paint with the foam roller in your choice of color. It adds charm to your simple painted wall. You can find a variety of options from geometric to artistic like this trending french poem stencil wall.

French Poem Stencil

Headboard Removable Sticker

You can decorate your Master bedroom with headboard removable sticker by simply smoothening it on the wall. It comes in a variety of options.

Headboard Wall Stickers

Small Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

If you have a small bedroom or you are living in a small apartment so you can decorate your room in a way that you can save your space and utilize it correctly.

Create Shelves for saving space

Use shelves for storage and design them to compliment your style.

minimalistic design for bedroom

Source: Natalia Hamada

French Farm House Style Bedroom


Source: Provence Poiriers


These Fabric wall hanging give a stylish and high-end look to your room.


Source: The spruce Crafts

Crate and Barrel Canvas Art


Source: Pinterest

DIY Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Texture Painting with gold leaf

Textured Wall Art with Gold Leaf

Source: Canvas painting ideas

Leaf Resin Art For a rich vibe, create a sizable resin artwork to hang on the walls of your room, like this Leaf Resin Art with an urban jungle theme.


String Alphabetical Stencil Utilizing letter stencils, you can create a tone of intriguing and cool-looking string art pieces by Sisters What.


Paint Dipped Picture Frame

Maybe you’d like to try something different, like paint dipped picture frames. If you enjoy abstract and artistic designs, then this is a basic concept.



Mount your Photo on Scrap Wood Scrapes

Even though there are many different types and styles of photo frames to pick from, they can often be quite monotonous. You can display your favorite pictures on reclaimed wood picture frames if you’d prefer something analogous but different by Home Edits.


Geometric Shape with Popsicle sticks

To create three geometric hearts, you will need about 90 wood sticks. As you work on the project, you can paint each one a different color and interconnect them. Each heart is made with 30 popsicle sticks in 3 layers of 10. Use wood stain or acrylic paints to brush each craft stick using paintbrush or foam brush. Let them dry. Use hot glue to connect all the ice cream sticks together. The heart template can be made by you or found online.


Source: make and do crew

Chevron Wood Shims

Use wood glue to connect spray painted wood shims in chevron pattern to make interesting wall art for cheap with wood from home depot.


source: bhg

Creative Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Colorful Hanging String You may create vibrant string wall art using any leftover yarn from past projects. The result will depend on the kind of yarn you use, the colors, and any additional changes you decide to make along the route by the sweet escape.


Rustic Board Art


unknown source

Statement Abstract Painting

You can create a masterpiece by painting.

DIY metallic abstract art

Source: Abstract art ideas

Circular Wreath

Wreaths can be utilized all throughout the year, not just in the winter. Whether hung on the wall or supported on the mantle, this hoop and dried flower wreath look lovely.


Source: Beautiful wreaths

Decorative Wall Mirror

Hang this trendy drop mirrors wall decor from Etsy.

3D Wall Decor Mirror

Colorful Accent Mirror Set

Decorative small accent wall mirror set of 3 for room decor in Peruvian Ornate style with bronze leaf “Colonial Floral” from Etsy.


Easy Bedroom Wall Decor ideas

There are some tips that you can use to decorate your room easily.

Mountain Wall Art

Source: Etsy

Mountain Wall Art Wood,

Geometric wood Wall Art

Source: Etsy

Brixon Geometric Wood Wall Art

Wooden Family Tree

Source: Etsy

Wooden Family Tree with 23 picture frames

Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas with Lights

Repurposed Lilac Bark with Vintage Bottles

Air plants on a branch with lights by Craftionary.


Neon Sign Led Lights

Source: Etsy


Accent Wall Lighting

Add led light strip to add warmth and romance.

Accent Wall Lighting

Source: leydi

Play with Wall Lights

Diffusing lights placed on top of the bed or nightstands will give your bedroom a contemporary appearance. These days, there are varieties of gadgets available that let you experiment with color and set the mood you want by UnSplash.

white bed linen

Beautiful LED string lights for minimalist bedroom decoration with photos attached using clothespin.

minimalistic bedroom design

source: Pinterest

Create magical vibes with string lights

Choose from shapes to waterfall string lights to create a lighted bedroom wall.


Vintage Decoration Ideas

Animal Wall Figurines


Source: Etsy

Tuscan Wall Panel

Decoupage decorative scrapbook paper on wood panels to create an impressive wall art gallery.


Vintage World Map Wall Art

Canvas Wall Art Vintage Map of the World Artwork

Source: Amazon

You have Bedroom wall decor ideas now; it’s time to decorate your room I hope it will help you make a decision about your happy space.

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