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Spring tangrams for kids – wooden puzzle ideas

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Spring is here and so is all the excitement that comes with it. To us, spring means the arrival of all beautiful and colorful things. The flowers start to bloom, butterflies fly around, the birds are chirping, the days are bright and the nights are starry. The ducks and rabbits start showing up in the lake and parks. With all these, our kids started making spring tangrams utilizing these beautiful concepts.

Spring tangrams for kids


Spring tangram ideas

Tangrams also known as pattern blocks are a great way to enhance a child’s imagination and allow them to create geometric visuals of things they see around them. It teaches them to use math and produce ideas in various ways. This creates the idea of possibilities at early age and kids learn to think out of the box.

Sunny spring day by the lake tangrams


Sunny spring day in the park tangrams


Spring blooming tangram ideas


Free printable spring tangrams for kids


These 3 spring tangram ideas are free to print for personal use ONLY. These printables are designed to help kids start creating tangrams and use tame them to start experimenting their own ideas. Therefore, we believe these should be used as visuals by kids rather than tracers. By tracers we mean printable in which the child picks the shape and puts it exactly on the printable paper.



Free printable hot air balloon tangrams for kids


Video tutorials: Spring tangrams for kids

Our boys have compiled videos for these patterns to help their friends make these happy and fun patterns. If you like to watch videos, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel Build with brothers. We plan to share a video weekly.

Tangrams my kids plays with: Pattern blocks

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