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Creative Squirrel Crafts for Kids that are adorable

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Make cute squirrel crafts and activities that will keep your children engaged in constructive use of time while being creative. These animal crafts for kids are about making squirrels using various recyclable items such as egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, Popsicle sticks, paper, felt, acorns and what not!


Squirrels are seen around homes in Fall (Autumn) and Winter seasons. These cute creatures search for nuts and food preparing for cold weather ahead. Squirrel crafts are a great project for home and school to teach kids about their amazing habits and nature.


Kids are excited to see them especially due to the popularity of cartoons like Chip n’ Dale and Chipmunks. Other familiar squirrel family animals are woodchuck (groundhog), rodents, beavers and marmots. Let’s get crafting these adorable squirrel crafts.


Creative Squirrel Crafts for kids




How kids can make squirrel crafts?

Today I’m sharing some of the most cute squirrel craft ideas for kids. Sarah Jessica Parker said, “Squirrels are just rats in a cute outfit”. Let your kids be creative and let them choose which outfit will suit better on the squirrel with these fun filled squirrel crafts.


List of squirrel craft ideas

In this post you will find ideas to make squirrel craft like:

  • Popsicle sticks squirrel craft
  • Felt flying squirrel craft
  • Felt squirrel ornament
  • Recycle squirrel crafts idea
  • Pinecone squirrel crafts
  • Paper squirrel container
  • Nature hunt squirrel craft
  • Paper bag squirrel kids craft
  • Kids paper squirrel crafts
  • Origami squirrel kids craft
  • Squirrel in the tree kids craft
  • Toilet paper roll squirrel crafts
  • Paper roll squirrel kids craft
  • Paper squirrel kids craft
  • Clay squirrel kids craft
  • Playdoh squirrel crafts
  • Lunch bag squirrel craft
  • Paper squirrel wreath craft
  • Sew felt squirrel craft
  • Pipe cleaner squirrel craft
  • Squirrel coloring pages
  • Acorn squirrel kids craft
  • DIY paper squirrel craft
  • Squirrel plant marker craft


Popsicle sticks squirrel craft

Glue popsicle sticks together and use it as your canvas to make popsicle sticks squirrel via craftionary.



Felt flying squirrel craft

Make cute flying squirrel using felt with free pattern.



Felt squirrel ornament

Make this cute felt stuffed squirrel ornament.



Recycle squirrel crafts idea

Recycle old knitted hand glove to make squirrel sock puppet by cashmerette.



Pinecone squirrel crafts

Use your collection of pinecones from park to make squirrel crafts and complete the look with glittered felt by liagriffith.


Paper squirrel containers

These paper squirrel chocolate and candy containers by Martha Stewart are so thoughtful. Even though they are no longer available for print these can be prepared with a few craft supplies.


Glue craft paper to wrap a cylinder or tube to give it a log or branch look. Now print and cut out a squirrel of your choice, many free templates are available online. To make it sturdy you can use thick cardstock paper or glue the print out on a thick sheet. Cut a rectangular base to stick the squirrel on the container. It is ready to hold yummy goodies.



Nature hunt squirrel craft

Use Fall leaves to make squirrel craft by Leap Frog.



Paper bag squirrel kids craft

Recycle lunch bag or brown paper bag to make paper bag squirrel kid craft.



Kids paper squirrel crafts

Use a mixture of white glue and water to wrap paper towels on a newspaper shaped squirrel. Let it dry and paint it. Add feathers to make a fury squirrel tail by that artist woman.



Origami squirrel kids craft

Easy video to make origami squirrel kid craft.



Squirrel in the tree kids craft

Squirrel craft for kids inspired by the famous peanuts.



Toilet paper roll squirrel crafts

Recycle toilet paper roll to make squirrel craft. Fill the roll with pom poms to show nuts collected by the squirrel.



Paper roll squirrel kids craft

Use paper roll, walnut, paper and fur to make squirrel kid craft.



Paper squirrel kids craft

Use squirrel cutout body parts and use paper fasteners to make movable squirrel kids can play with by learn create love for preschoolers.


Clay squirrel kids craft

Don’t let the language barrier stop you from making these adorable polymer clay squirrels (unknown source). A wise person once said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”



Playdoh squirrel crafts

Watch the video to make squirrels with playdoh and learn how to make Playdoh Squirrel craft.



Lunch bag squirrel craft

Turn lunch bag into paper squirrels by danielles Place.



Paper squirrel wreath craft

Use a maple leaf template to cutout leaves for Leaf wreath and stick squirrels and acorns to complete the hanging squirrel craft.



Sew felt squirrel craft

Kids will need adult supervision to hand sew squirrel fabric cutout and stuff it with felt by parents.



Pipe cleaner squirrel crafts

Use pipecleaners to make kid squirrel craft and more pipe cleaner pals.


Squirrel coloring pages

Even thought these printable squirrel coloring pages are for grown ups but I wanted to share this idea that you can print and involve kids in as simple as squirrel coloring activity.



Acorn squirrel kids craft

Use acorns and pipe cleaners to craft squirrels.



DIY paper squirrel crafts

I love this fold open paper squirrel craft so easy and creative.



Squirrel plant marker craft

Use cookie cutter and clay to make squirrel plant markers via babbles.



Enjoy choosing your best squirrel crafts to make! These greats ideas may want you to choose more than one to try. Let me know your favorite.



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