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How to make bleyblade spinner from scratch using LEGO

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Making bleyblade spinner from scratch using Lego is easy and fun. The best beyblades are the ones that are tested for bleyblade burst challenge. A fun activity where the best one wins as it spins till the end. The one that stops spinning loses the game.

My boys love building things, today they are sharing how to make bleyblade spinner from scratch using lego? They come up with new ideas to make lego beyblades (also called lego bleyblades) and compete. Every time they make a new one, it’s like an accomplishment for them. As a mom, I enjoy their creativity and enthusiasm for innovation.

How to make bleyblade?

It’s very simple to make lego bleyblade. Once you find the lego parts through all your random lego collection, you are set to construct your lego spinner. The fun part is this lego beyblade can also double as a spinner or spinning top. This adds to countless hours of fun with kids.


Read our simple how-to instructions on how to make bleyblade spinner below and then watch a full video tutorial at the bottom of this post.

DIY lego beyblade tutorial

The most famous beyblades like beyblade fusion, metal turbo and burst evolution are toys that are super popular and readily available in kids stores. What’s more amazing to try is to duplicate the metallic design with details! We have two fun ideas to share with you today and they both look beautiful when they spin.

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DIY Bleyblade Supplies

You will need Lego to make these amazing spinners.

For your reference: The standard Lego pieces are called bricks. Flat pieces are called plates or tiles. Plates have studs and their height is 1/3 of Lego brick, however, tiles are flat with no studs. The shape and size of Lego piece is referred by stud count. For example, a 4×6 brick means 4 dots wide and 6 dots long.

Bleyblade Burst 1: You will need 19 pieces

  • – one 6×6 large square tile
  • – one 4×6 medium tile
  • – two 1×6 small tiles
  • – two 1×6 small bricks
  • – one 1×4 small brick
  • – one 2×2 small circle piece which look more like a tile (the look resembles a shield from the front)
  • – eight 2×2 small bricks
  • – one 2×4 small brick
  • – two 1×2 small bricks

Beyblade burst 2: You will need 20 pieces

  • – four triangle shaped medium plates (as shown in the image on the left)
  • – one 1×1 small plate
  • – two 2×2 plates
  • – one 2×3 plate
  • – two 1×4 plates
  • – five 2×4 bricks
  • – four 2×2 bricks
  • – one 2×2 small circle piece which look more like a tile (the flat side makes it spin on the floor)

How to make bleyblade instructions

STEP 1: Start with the small circle tile and small square lego brick. Attach them together to make the base on which the bleyblade spins.

STEP 2: Next we make the base on which the structure is formed. Use the 4×6 medium tile with the two 1×6 small tiles for the first. You can also substitute the tiles with one 6×6 tile. For the second two 2×4 small bricks.

STEP 3: Now use the 2×2 bricks to make a firm second base for the first. A combination of 2×4 and 2×2 bricks forms the second base for the other. Firmly join the pieces together.

STEP 4: Connect the 6×6 black plate to the 2×2 squares base. And the remaining plates connect to form the center, respectively for the two beyblades.

STEP 5: Finally the remaining pieces form the top of the lego bleyblades as shown in the picture. This final step is the strength of the design.

STEP 6: That’s it, let it rip! Now hold the spinner on the floor with your two hands and spin away.

To make the instructions simpler and easier to grasp we have a video that directs you to making your amazing bleyblades come to life. Check it out:

If your kids enjoyed making these fun lego toys with their twist, try making these ones our boys shared earlier on the blog Lego beyblades. You will also love the ideas they shared to DIY Beyblade Stadium.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas. Our boys also love to get creative with other building toys. You can follow there creations at Build with brothers.

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