DIY Shadow show for kids (Build projector at home)

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We love simple ideas for kids that build remarkable memories. Today, I am sharing DIY shadow show for kids that requires you to build projector at home. This idea is almost a no brainer and you don’t even need a tutorial for it.


But don’t forget to see the shadow show our kids have put together in the video at the bottom. The supplies you need to make the projector are recyclable and available in every home. Are you excited already?


DIY Shadow Show for kids



First we need to build projector and then we are set for the shadow show. You only need five minutes to setup the projector.




Material needed to make kids projector at home

  1. Toilet paper roll
  2. Stickers (can be foam stickers, regular stickers or any other opaque material)
  3. Tape or rubber band
  4. Cling wrap
  5. Flash light



Instructions to build projector at home

Cut a piece of cling wrap. Now wrap it around the toilet paper and secure it using rubber band or tape. Place the sticker on top of the plastic wrap.




Get ready for the shadow show with your flash light.




Lights off – camera – action!




Video Kids DIY Shadow Show

Our kids have put together some fun stories about the transportation heroes. Check it out and have a good laugh! Enjoy!

Want to see on the channel: Kids transport show


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