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While compiling these creative bean bag crafts, I ended up making sensory bean bag game for my niece. She has still not been able to decipher what it is! You will find basic bean bag stitching or non stitched (no sewing) patterns to different uses of bean bags and lots of different themed toss games.


Homemade bean bag crafts

Bean Bags and Creative Bean Bag Crafts


Simple Bean Bags

Simple Bean Bags by fair field world.

Angela Muir stitched these bean bags with oly-fun fabric and poly-fil stuffing beads for a star wars themed toss game. An easy project for party games that can be customized to your theme.


No Sew Bean Bags

No Sew Bean Bags by thermo web.

Stitching is not everyone’s piece of pie. This tutorial teaches you exactly how to make bean bags without stitching by using a fabric fuse tape.


bean bag tablet stand

Bean Bag Tablet Stand by my patch work.

If you love crafting, you’ll definitely love making this bean bag craft iPad stand. The tutorial gives exact cardboard base measurements and also a tutorial on how to make fabric  flower. This stand is great to have in your kitchen and office or even outdoors.


chick bean bag favor

Chick Bean Bag Favor by Martha Stewart.

Use  felt and fabric to make these easy and cute bean bag chicks. You can use these as party favors for the next party you throw. You can also make bean bag animals following the easy tutorial. It involves No Stitching.

Bean bag toy for teething baby

Bean bag toy by sew like my mom.

This bean bag toy for teething babies with loops is perfect for little ones to chew on and play. Best thing about these is they are washable.

DIY bean bag tripod

DIY bean bag tripod stand via unknown source.

Bean bag crafts and projects continues.

Bean Bag Chair And Ottoman

30 minutes kids bean bag chair

30-Minute Kids Bean Bag Chair by project nursery

This tutorial gives you a hassle free, under the budget way to make a bean bag. It uses a stitching method with 2 pieces of fabric and zipper. It is filled with 100 litres of bean bag filling.


diy coffee bean bag ottoman

DIY Coffee Bean Bag Ottoman by a piece of rainbow.

Use a single coffee bag to solve your storage problems and bring a rustic touch with this bean bag ottoman at home. The tutorial has minimal stitching and lots of space for creativity from your side.

Creative Bean Bag Games

DIY Bean Bag Launcher

DIY Bean Bag Launcher by preschool inspirations.

Use this DIY wooden launcher to make your bean bag tossing game a tad bit more fun to play in your back yard. You can improvise by painting the launchers with different colors and patterns.

DIY corn hole board

DIY Corn Hole Board by Alayna’s creation.

If you are going to make a bean bag launcher then the bean bag also needs a surface to land on. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to make a Corn hole board with the exact measurements and picture tutorial.

Old Sock Bean Bag Game

Old Sock bean Bag Game by a little tipsy.

Recycle lost pair socks into bean bags and let the game begin.

back yard bean bag toss game

Back Yard Bean Bag Toss Game by Craftster.

Make an instant fun game with a piece of plywood and a few buckets and colored bean bags.


sensory bean bag

 Sensory Bean Bag by mericherry.

A cool activity for your preschoolers to learn and have fun at the same time. These sensory bean bags are made using Ziploc bags and duct tape. As well as rice and letters for filling.


alphabet bean bag toss game

 Alphabet Bean Bag Toss Game by mericherry.

The sensory bean bag you just made awhile ago can be used for this awesome toss game for kindergartners. All you have to do is cut card board cutouts with letters similar to the ones in the sensory bean bags.

Themed Bean Bag Toss Games


little bo peep bean bag toss game

 Little Bo Peep Bean Bag Toss Game by Craft ideas.

Cute nursery rhyme inspired bean bags with tutorial that includes free template for the bean bag pattern.



Strawberry Basket Bean bag Game

Strawberry Basket Bean Bag Game by Hello bee.

Mollie gives us a brilliant way on making learning fun for our little princesses. Using these strawberry bean bags she has given ideas on many different ways other than just a toss game.


Fish bean bag toss game

Fish Bean Bag Toss Game by Craft ideas.

This bean bag toss game tutorial is a perfect for a kids themed party. This tutorial can even be used as a classroom bean bag project.


DIY Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss

DIY Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss by pink stripey socks.

A complete dose of Easter bunny bean bag toss game with a cardboard cutout Bunny and carrot shaped cute little bean bags.


shelved bean bag toss game

Shelved Bean Bag Toss Game by make baby stuff.


A simple use of cardboard box and little bean bags can be a fun activity for almost all age groups from toddlers to teenagers. Anyone can have fun with it.

4th of july bean bag toss game


4th of July Bean Bag Toss Game by Chica and Jo.

Recycle your old jeans to make this game which is a modified version of corn hole for kids.


bean bag football toss game

Bean Bag Foot Ball Toss Game by one artsy mama.

This could be a perfect game or a gift for a football fan. I just love those cute little felt football bean bags.



shooting star bean bag game

Shooting Star Bean Bag Game by pieces by polly.

A simple circle with a felt cutout in star shape and ribbons flaring out is not so hard to make. These would make great party favors.


I hope you enjoyed these terrific bean bag crafts.


Creative bean bag crafts for kids, party and use with DIY tutorials and free patterns at craftionary.net


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