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70 Crafty Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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Crafty living room wall decor ideas shares unique and creative crafts you can make to decorate your home on a budget with art.

You can put a variety of things on the small accent wall such as wall art, minimalist paintings, boho scones, a shelf with plants to bring jungle vibes, a modern family photo gallery, string lights, and mixed frames with farmhouse-style vintage prints or chic sculpture graphics.

Decorate and design your plain living room wall by painting a fresh color, create interest with patterned and creative wallpaper or choose to paint a wall mural. Wall paneling and drapery can also make an enclosed room look spacious and airy. Use a wall shelf or book storage to display a collection and set things by grouping them by odd numbers.

Think of inspirational options that speak to you like hanging your treasured sports equipment, a handwoven piece of rug, a collage, or a family tree to cherish memories or artwork utilizing your collection of cork, coins, or even musical notes.

Take a moment to observe your living room space. Pay close attention to the height of your ceiling, the layout, and the dimensions of your walls. Now think about a comfortable budget and price point, color, size, and art that appeals to you. Decide based on the overall vibe of your living room and narrow down choices that complement the existing design of your home.

Whether you live in a spacious estate or small downtown apartment. Start with the right choice of color. Like what color will make my living room appear bigger? White paint will reflect light and make the room seem larger. Liven up a dull living room by considering natural wood furniture or purify the air with houseplants.


Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Here you will find easy and fun DIY wall-hanging ideas that are suitable for every decor style that is functional and practical. From formal elegance to earthy rustic elements and from trendy aesthetics to subtle touches. Entertain and showcase that unique designer inside through your home wall decor. Create a cozy and calm simple space or a happening eclectic abstract area you can enjoy with these endless possibilities.

Consider major upgrades

You can bring big impact in your living room decor ideas with major upgrades. For example, add lighting by pairing wall scones on a large wall or adding a single light fixture in a dark corner. Add wood beams to add depth to your space. Install large windows for spacious and airy feeling that cover the wall from floor to ceiling. You can also color the window trimming black for modern aesthetics. Hang window treatments like roman shades, fabric curtains or shutters to complement your home decor.

Wallpaper ceiling and painted walls

Consider covering the ceiling with wallpaper and painting the walls for designer touches.

Framed TV

A frame TV is an excellent choice for decorative living room that doubles into a family room. When not in use it can be displayed with a wallpaper to look like a large sized framed art. Change your wallart for no cost with this beautiful addition on your wall.

Trendy Yarn Wall Art

A fashionable and contemporary circular decor creates a particularly eye-catching effect.


DIY Modern Art

Hang a Beautiful Garland

Freshen up the walls for the season with colorful paper flower garland.


Paper Flower Garland

Wainscoting on the wall

The most popular way to add feature to your walls in with wainscoting panels and paint. Crown molding, shiplap and wall molding with baseboards, decorative moulding, and trimming is another excellent option.


Coffee bar ideas

Dark green accent wall with Rattan Baskets

Bring Bohemian vibes with Rattan baskets and wicker lamp.


Nordic style gold wall vases

These trendy traditional ginkgo biloba inspired Gold and glass vases add instant interest in any corner of the living room.


Repurposed lilac bark with Vintage Bottles

A vintage bark was used with miniature vintage bottles to create this unique wall-mounted vase. When a branch of ancient lilac is cut, a purple circle appears in its core, and the wood is robust and durable.


Hanging plant display

A Silhouette Effect

Use this timeless classic art to make modern black and white statement centerpiece.


Silhouette portrait

Flower Pressed Art

Press flowers in seconds with a microwave and create gorgeous botanical artwork to hang on your living room walls indefinitely.


DIY pressed flowers in frame

A large resin art

Resin with all its exceptional possibilities. Make a large resin artwork to display on your living room walls for luxurious feel like this urban jungle inspired Leaf Resin Art.


Gingko Branches in a Frame

Paper ginkgo leaves and spray-painted fake stems might work to make this elegant piece.


Gold ginkgo branches

The dream catcher

Add a contemporary dream catcher for minimalist and modest look on your living room walls. White crochet and macrame are common but more vibrant yarn can also be used.


Sparkle white dream catcher

Geometric patterns on the wall

Painting a circle or an arch on the living room wall before installing floating shelves can provide depth and visual appeal to the display.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

DIY painted circle shelf

Upcycle Clay Canvas

Create an abstract piece of wall art with clay, gold leaf paint markers and acrylic paints on a canvas.


Upcycling art

Make Textural Wall Art

This colorful and textural fringe wall hanging made by brushing cotton fabric is an excellent addition to your living room.


Fringe wall hanging

Vintage handkerchief wreath

Use your collection of vintage linen and other items to create unique wall hanging.


handkerchief wreath

Hanging wicker basket

Adding homemade tassel trim to already-beautiful wall hanging baskets makes them stand out more and become a charming and unique rustic accent.


DIY woven basket wall hanging

Statement Abstract Painting

Paint whatever your heart desires and its a masterpiece.

DIY marble abstract art tutorial

DIY abstract art

Paint a wall mural

If you are an artist spend some time making a mark on your accent wall with unique wall painting. Conversely, you can add peel and stick wall decals.



Paint a mural

Circular Wreath

Wreaths may be used year-round, not only in the winter. This hoop and dried flower wreath are beautiful, whether hung on the wall or propped up on the mantle.


DIY fall hoop wreath

Plant Display Shelf

Display your Lego creations, plant collection or any thing that interests you on living room wall shelves you can build. These are decorative and functional.


Wooden display shelf

Fun Patterns for brightness

This colorful geometric living room wall hanging will surely be a conversation starter wherever it is displayed.


DIY giant geometric wall hanging

Traditional Monogram Wall Hangings

Paint or embroidery monograms on fabrics to create unique wall hangings with tassels.


Hand embroidered letter wall hanging

Display Framed Photographs and Drawings

Make a grid with collection of photo frames and display photographs from your trips or your drawings if you like. Or go artistic with a empty frames wall art.


Display your favorite books in built-ins

Make custom built-in cabinets and create a library of your books collection for living room wall decor ideas. I love the use of traditional gold frames to hang on the wall cabinets.


Styling bookcases your way

Laser Cut Paper Sketch

Laser cut layered artwork on paper or wood with a cutting machine or use an xacto knife with cutting mat instead. Distinct designs will look great hung up together in a grid on the living room walls.


Papercut fall owl artwork

Simple Brown paper stars

Repurpose supermarket or local grocery store bags to make glam snowflakes or stars and hang them with branches for seasonal decor.


DIY paper bag stars

Macrame Accent Piece Trick

Use this simple macrame trick to hang anything on the wall.


Macrame wall mount

A Wall Shelf with Decor

Adding storage and appeal to your walls with a dramatic floating shelf is an easy but striking way, particularly when it’s decorated with lovely items like candlesticks and hanging paintings.


Pixelated Cube Shelf

Dress up a bookcase

You can considering styling a book shelf with accent pieces for living room wall decor ideas. This ideas helps you make changes as your heart desires with ease.


Styling bookshelves and bookcases

Fresh Potpourri Wreath

Your living room will smell lovely with a large rosemary and fragrant lavender rustic wreath looped with a belt on top. Use this idea to glue potpourri and other natural scented items on a wreath form.


DIY rosemary wreath

Make a Rainbow

This one is just as simple, enjoyable and upbeat in a living area as in a bedroom. You’ll also be astounded by what an ordinary pool noodle can accomplish here.

macrame rainbows tutorial


DIY rainbow wall hanging

Decorate wall with trellis

Hang a trellis and paint the wall to create a beautiful natural vine display on the wall.


Wall decor with plants

Brass Circle Wall Hanging

Consider making an accent wall elegant living room wall decor from brass rings.


DIY brass ring wall decor

Display things on floating shelves and brackets

Add decorative brackets underneath the floating shelves for fun with contrasting wallpaper.

DIY vibrant plant display for home

plant display ideas

Wall Panels Living Garden

Turn your living space into a jungle home with a plant wall that brings fresh air to you and looks stunning with panels made of wood, metal or even PVC.

diy wood slat colorful plant wall

Vertical plant walls

Whimsical Wall Hanging

Add splashes of vibrant color with light and flowy materials for whimisical decor.


DIY colorful modern yarn wall hangings

Wall Clock

A decorative wall clock can be both functional and stylish. You can choose a modern or traditional design, depending on your decor style.


Non-ticking large wall clock

Metal Wall Designs

High end metal decor for your accent wall like these large metal leaf art forms.


Tropical leaf metal wall art

Old Banister Herb Display

Create a one-of-a-kind herb display by repurposing old banisters.


Antique banister wall planter

Rustic hanging paper chain

Paper chain grids are fun to create in many different patterns for your lounge walls. You might even try a monogram or landscape if you take the time to plan it properly.


DIY paper chain rainbow wall hanging

Feather Wall Hanging

You can transform cheap paper sheets or leather into gorgeous paper feathers with fringed scissors for modern farmhouse decor at home.


Feather wall hanging

Creative leaf Artwork

Make a gorgeous boho paper wall hanging by folding paper into contemporary tropical leaves and turning it from branches. Using wooden beads and rope enhances the bohemian feel of your lounge wall.


Paper palm wall hanging

Mosaic for small living rooms

Make a bold fashion statement with mosaic for small living rooms and wall decor ideas for apartments and townhouses.


Outdoor mosaic wall art

Impressive DIY Mosaic

Koi Fish Rainbow Wall

Want to take your origami skills to the next level? Sheet Koi Origami Artwork is an elegant idea for adding color to your lounge room walls. An upgraded version, complete with LED lighting, and these koi fishes can be used for long living room wall decor idea. Try paper butterflies instead! Possibilities are endless.


Wall of Rainbow Koi

Minimalist Wall Craft

Who would have thought chicken wire would look so stylish? This homemade wall decor is a show-stopper thanks to colorful paper rolls and a wood frame. Make the paper fit in with your living area color scheme.


DIY paper wall art

Homemade Paper Heart Wreath

Consider making this paper accordion hearts garland for a special event or to adorn your lounge front wall.


DIY paper heart wreath

Framed paper sculpture

You’ll love this concept if you want a more three-dimensional appearance in your living rooms homemade wall decorations. The paper scrap artwork adds dimension and color to a living area while maintaining a light and airy vibe.


Paper scrap 3d wall art

Knitted Tree of Life Hanging

Use twisted yarn to make the trunk and Weeping Willow-style tassels for dropping leaves to make this inspirational art.


DIY tree of life

Embroidery thread cardboard craft

Wrap any pattern or letters cutout of cardboard with yarn or thread.


Easy wrapped yarn wall art

Woven wall hanging

You can create a stunning woven wall hanging with latch hooks, rug canvases, and yarn.


DIY hand knotted wall hanging

Tribal Crochet Artwork

Make a arrow style tribal crochet wall art to make a statement in the lounge area.


DIY yarn wall hanging

Pom Pom Wall Art

It’s fun to make pom poms. Use them to make a boho inspired living room wall decor in fun colors and textures.


DIY pom pom wall hanging

The Homemade Floral Art

This Anthropologie inspired wall decor is made by wrapping a piece of plywood in yarn. The array of little white and yellow pom-poms makes white daisies that complement the wallpaper.


DIY yarn wall art daisies

Color Changing Cloud Wall

Have fun creating a gaming enthusiast dream living room with cloud wall that changes colors and patterns with mood.



DIY cloud wall

Make Japandi Inspired Large Scale Art

Make a bubble DIY wall art with air dry clay and styrofoam balls.


Japandi wallart

Hang Small Felt Sculptures

An easy-felt wall hanging that represent the moon’s phases.


Moon phase wall hanging

Yarn Diptych Wall Decoration

DIY colorful God’s Eye wall hanging to add some personality to the bland wall of your living area.


Gods eye camp craft

Make a Papier Mache Wall Art

An excellent piece of art made with paper mache, cardboard pieces and gesso in a frame.


Geometric wall art

Transforming a Wall with Cardboard

Make fun art for no cost with cardboard box pieces.


Cardboard box-into wall art

Vibrant Fabric Tapestry

Use fabric or felt scraps to create stunning mid-century modern wall hanging tapestry that mimic more costly materials by layering organic shapes.


Colorful DIY fabric wall hanging

Photo Gallery with family portraits

Create a timeless classic photo collage gallery with family pictures or portraits. Play around with different sizes, heights and angles for dramatic effects.



DIY family photo wall hanging

Hang French Country Mirror

This white living room wall decor ideas and a gold oval large wall mirror add a touch of French country elegance.


DIY wall mirrors

Display vintage porcelain tastefully

Different from the usual lounge wall, here the wall is lined with vintage china collection. When grouped collectively, these mismatched ceramic plates take on an artistic quality. Use plate display hangers with spring and hanging wires that will hold your plates tightly. The coated edges will protect the plates from crack or chip.


Hang plates on wall

Organizer in Different Color

Paint a variety of cardboard tubes, paper towel rolls, shipping tubes, and other circular objects to create an environmentally-conscious decorative item for your lounge. Decorate them with ornaments, hardy plants, or anything else that grabs your attention while entering your lounge.


DIY recycled cardboard tube wall

Functional Frame Decor

Add a decorative steel frame to the wall for organization and decor.


DIY Magnetic Frame

Frame trimming to wall shelves

Add decorative trimming to make wall shelves looking extraordinary.


Uses for old picture frames


Decorate with designer wallpaper

A wallpaper or wall sticker can change the look of a space instantly with a quick fix. The peel and stick wallpapers are easy to apply and bring dramatic changes in a living area. Alternatively, you can also hire an artist to draw murals on the wall or use a stencil to paint intricate patterns.


DIY wall sticker

Birch Covered Wall

Use this idea as an inspiration to create a feature wall using wood discs, corks, stencil and so much more.

DIY wooden log home decor ideas

I hope you found these living room wall decor ideas useful and it helped you make deicisons for your happy space.

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