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DIY bird feeders best ideas for bird lovers that bring birds

DIY bird feeders best ideas

DIY bird feeders best ideas tutorials


Spring and summer brings back birds home and its rewarding to make bird feeders, birdhouses and bird baths for them in the backyard and garden. Using these ideas is going to make that special intention come true for  bird lovers.
When the season changes, birds from all around the world tend to migrate from one pole to the other. Thus on the way it would be tempting for them to have bird seeds (bird food), where they can rest and fill before the next flight. They are a beautiful eye sight too. And an amazing way to see new birds that have arrived in our area.

Let’s get started:

DIY bird feeders best ideas for bird lovers

DIY bird feeders best ideas



DIY Bird Feeder by Erins Creative blog.

ceramic bird feeder

DIY bird feeders – bird feed and food recipes

Homemade bird feeder by Growing Family.

bird feeders in trees
bird feeder within 3 minutes

Bird Feeder Wreath by Martha Stewart.

bird seed wreath

Bird Watch build a bird feeder by Lowes Creative Ideas.

bird watch feeder


DIY bird feeders out of recyclable materials

DIY Bird Feeders from tin cans by Mom Endeavors.

DIY bird feeders

Hanging Bird Feeder by Dremel Weekends.

hanging bird feeder
how to make a cute bird feeder


DIY mason jar or jelly jar suet feeder by Rebeccas Bird Gardens Blog.


jelly jar bird feeder

Make a Bird Feeder Kit by Giving Inner Child Fun.

make a bird feeder kit


DIY birdfeeders – easy and quick ideas

Orange Bird Seed Ornaments by Stephanie Lynn.

orange bird seed ornaments

Peanut Butter Bird Treats by Pint Sized Treasures.

peanut butter bird treats

Make Bird Feeder by My Blessed Life.

pine cone bird feeder

Homemade Pipe Bird Feeder by Birds and Blooms.

pipe home made bird feeder


Kids bird feeder craft projects

How make diy bird feeder recycled materials by audubon.



Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders by Tonyastaab.

DIY bird feeder tutroial

DIY milk carton bird house feeders by little peanut mag

DIY milk carton bird feeder

fun and easy diy bird feeder project for kids using juice boxes and twine by honestly modern.



cardboard bird feeder by pasting peanut butter to glue bird feed to the cardboard tube by little bins for little hands



DIY flowerpot bird feeder by the garden roof

Terra cotta birdfeeder


Egg carton bird feeder by the creative cubby

Egg carton bird feeder

Rope Bird Feeder by Dabbles and Dabbles.

rope bird feeder
tea cup bird feeder

Tin Can Flower Bird Feeder by Birds and Blooms.

tin can bird feeder
topsy turvy wine bottle bird feeder


Wooden bird feeders tutorials

Tray Changer Bird Feeder by Song Bird Garden.

tray changer bird feeder

Window Birdfeeder by Ana White.

window bird feeder


Make wine bottle bird feeder by Down Home Inspiration.

wine bottle bird feeder


hanging log bird feeder plans by sun catcher studio.



diy log bird feeder by pretty handy girl

Make this easy project with a piece of log. Drill holes and add bird feed mixed with peanut butter to complete the birdfeeder to hang on the tree.


Such pretty ways to make DIY bird feeders. Some links were broken and removed during the update. If you find the original source please leave it in the comment.


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3 responses to “DIY bird feeders best ideas for bird lovers that bring birds”

  1. DinaHaines says:

    Oh my god!!! That looks superb and cute. I really loved it. I have two love birds with me and I will try one of this awesome bird feeder. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Beth says:

    Love these ideas. I made one with plastic bottle and I can’t wait to see the birds coming.

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DIY bird feeders best ideas for bird lovers that bring birds

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