Resin Envirotex DIY Craft and Jewelry ideas

Resin envirotex DIY craft projects are gaining popularity again. Find easy and simple ways to use resin to craft small beginner projects at home. I had no idea that Resin (Envirotex), could be used in SO Many great ways.

I am going to try my hands at this medium soon. And by soon I mean when my son will start school. Yep!

Resin is not a good thing to work with around kids.

You can make jewelry and home improvement projects with it.

Let’s have a look at these DIY Projects.

resin envirotex diy craft

Resin Envirotex DIY Craft Ideas

resin envirotex necklace
Turn washers into glazed necklaces with Envirotex.
Resin Glazed Washer Necklace
resin envirotex decoration
Revamp an old window with paint, vinyl and glitter. Use envirotex for finishing.
Beautiful home decor project.
envirotex resin knobs
A fun project for boys bedroom furniture. Make resin coated custom drawer knobs.
Stickers coated with Envirotex

A fun project using old posts.

Vintage postage trays with Resin  Envirotex

Resin Envirotex DIY Craft Ideas for home

Stencil a lazy suzan and coat with Envirotex.
Stencil painted Lazy Susan smooth. And shiny with Resin (ETI).
Envirotex lite glittery snowflakes with glitter made by pouring resin in molds.
Monogram key chains made by coating letters.
Resin and Chipboard Monogram Key chains.
resin envirotex necklace

Think about all the great patterns you can use. Make necklaces with envirotex.

Resin and Flower Necklace


Laptop table decorated with fabric squares. Coat with Resins when the fabric squares dry.
Mosaic Laptop table

Decoupage candle holders, coasters and more with music notes. Coat with envirotex lite.

DIY Resin Candle Holders.



Recycle bottle cap table made with envirotex lite.

Bottle Cap Table with Poured Resin on the Surface.

Simple Resin Envirotex DIY Craft Ideas for beginners


Envirotex Candy Sprinkle Bracelet tutorial



Use old scrabble tiles to make pendants. Decoupage fun patterns (or family photos) on it.

Resin Scrabble Tile Pendants.



See how resin can make a big difference in the look of your counter top in the kitchen.

Glossy painted kitchen counter top tutorial


Update: Some links were broken and therefore removed. If you find them leave them in the comment.


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    Thank you for sharing these! By chance I worked with resin for the first time in my bottlecap necklaces last week. Now you've got the wheels going on what else I can try…

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