Fathers Day Ideas for Memorable Photography Gifts

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Fathers day ideas for memorable photography gifts. Find kids photo ideas with dad and use them to take pictures. These can be used as a frame, greeting card and make best Fathers day gift ever. Dad of children will be happy to display it in the home office, at work or even frame it for home.

Father (dad, daddy, papa, pop) are all beautiful words for one great person  Fathers are so special! And they should receive that special treatment too.  There are many gift ideas but only one that will never fade with time. A gift of that wonderful moment through photos. So I decided to share a few ideas to make it memorable and worthwhile.

In fact a photo is the best gift, isn’t it! These Fathers day photography ideas are amazing. There is also one I have which I’ll be sharing on Fathers Day, which looks so precious to me. 

Fathers Day Ideas for Photography Gifts

fathers day photography ideas

Let’s have a look at some super adorable and cute gift ideas for Dad. Find those memorable photos with dad and turn them into Fathers day ideas for gifts.


Every Father Photo Idea

Starting with our own idea first. This photo was taken in the natural event when our son was a toddler and following his dad’s footsteps. I have ever since adored and captured this moment in my heart and photo. This would make an amazing gift for Father day.

fathers day collage

Fathers day photo collage

Snap your kids with these cute reasons they love daddy for! And make a collage out of it.

You can make a free collage via picmonkey.  It’s my favorite online photo editor.

fathers day photo

Generation Photo Idea

Precious Fathers Day Photo Idea.  I am definitely doing this! Such an adorable keepsake. Give the gift of generation of handsome boys to your great grandfather to cherish. You can also do it the other way around. Frame a photo of the oldest living generation, and have his son hold it. Continue this for a legacy.

fathers day photo

Fathers day photo with message

Kids will enjoy wearing dad’s clothes for this cute photo.

fathers day photo daughter

Fathers day letter photo gift

This one is great for people like me.  The ones with one kid so far! Have them pose with “Dad” letters and make a collage with it.

fathers day photography with daughters

An interesting use of chalkboard paint frame.

fathers day ideas photo

Fathers day ideas chalk photo

Use chalks to draw on the drive way and take a photo for personalized greeting card or frame.

dad gift ideas

Fathers day photo card idea

I love the creativity involved in coming up with this idea.

fathers day photo

An adorable way of saying I love you daddy.

we love daddy ideas

Shadow Fathers day ideas

Shadow cutouts using paper or cardboard.  Make sure you mirror the letters (flip backwards) before tracing and cutting out.

fathers day ideas love you

Best Dad Photo ideas

Another cute collage for the world’s best dad via Flickr.

we love you because photo ideaWe love daddy because

fathers day ideas

Fathers day ideas photography

A picture with a message and dad’s ties and shoes.

dad day photography

Fathers day feet photo idea

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  1. Tina says:

    I would love to know the dimensions you used for the photo of great grandpa holding a picture of grandpa holding a picture of dad holding a picture of his son. I would love to know the size of each picture. I tried doing this last year for our family Christmas card, and I just could not get the sizes right. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Hi, I am sorry but I only found this wonderful idea on the internet and found it worth sharing. If I ever try it at home, I will let you know my experience. Thanks!

  2. Kristal Melbye says:

    I think they’re all the same size, like 8×10 or 11×14. You just have to take the “smallest” picture first and put it in the frame. Then replace it with the next one, etc.

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