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80 One-of-a-kind Personalized Christmas Ornaments

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Find one-of-a-kind personalized Christmas ornaments that you can customize with DIY tutorials or buy from Etsy and Amazon.

Christmas is a time of happiness, joy, and celebration with our loved ones. Not only the day but the days preceding it can be full of joy busy with preparation and upcoming festive. Among the preparations, decorating the Christmas tree is the main course and is more fun if you add a personal touch to it with customized ornaments. It can be a pet or baby ornament to celebrate the new member’s first Christmas, or a wedding ornament to make this Christmas memorable. Personalized Christmas ornaments also make the perfect gift for new parents, couples, or homeowners with a special message. Use artwork to make special ornament for new home, family name, or special milestone with lasting memories.

While you can buy ready-to-use Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree for the event, DIY ornaments make the experience more warm and welcoming. Furthermore, you can involve your loved ones in the preparations, and make it exciting for all.

What is the most popular Christmas ornament?

Balls, baubles, and mini crafts are the most popular Christmas ornaments to decorate Christmas trees. In addition, personalized ornaments are gaining popularity with countless customizable options available on Etsy. You can also create your own with minimum effort.

How do you personalize ornaments?

There are countless methods to personalize Christmas ornaments. It depends on what you want to make. You will find creative personalized ornament craft ideas below. If you want a personalized item from Etsy, we have you covered with the most popular options. It also varies as each seller offers unique customizable options ranging from engraving names to adding photos for a personalized touch.

What can I fill Christmas ornaments with?

Christmas ornaments with clear covering can be filled with fake snow, paper, glitter, candy, paint, and beads to name a few.

What do you use to write on personalized ornaments?

A permanent fine marker is suggested for writing on personalized ornaments. Even better is Sharpie’s extra fine point which allows you to write on various surfaces that don’t smudge.

How do you put a picture in a homemade ornament?

It depends on what material you are using to craft the ornaments. You can print a small photo and fold it to slide it inside a transparent glass ornament. You can also use Mod Podge to stick photos on the outside of the ornaments and seal them.

Here we have chosen the best DIY personalized Christmas ornament ideas that are simple to craft along with the most popular ones you can get from Etsy and Amazon:


Unique Personalized Christmas Ornaments

These simple yet unique ornaments are wholesome and will make your tree stand out.

DIY Dried Citrus Ornaments

Make gorgeous citrus ornaments by slicing oranges and drying them at 250°F for 3 hours, flipping halfway. Poke two holes at the top of each slice, string them on twine, and hang the garland for a beautiful stained glass look when lit up by homestead and chill.


DIY Sugar Cookie Ornaments

Yes, you can bake ornament cookies while nibbling a few. They turn out great for Christmas trees and for your taste buds too if you are good at baking by Good Housekeeping.


Buy unique ornaments:

Book tree ornament


Personalized book store ornament


Van Gogh Starry Night ornament


Christmas Ornaments with Photos or Pictures

Photo Ornaments

What can be a great way to add a personal touch other than adding your loved one’s photo onto glorious wooden ornaments with Mod Podge?

DIY photo ornaments

Get the tutorial at craftionary.

Buy custom photo ornaments:

Family photo Christmas tree ornament


Rustic farmhouse photo ornament


Family photo ornaments


Wooden Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Try out the ornaments that involve wood and won’t be heavy on your pockets.

Wood Slice Ornament

With painted decals on each slice, you can add the name or state of your family or friends. These also can be used as gifts with state signs to friends who are fond of traveling by All for the Memories.


Wooden Tassel Ornament

The simplest mini wood ornaments you can make this Christmas. It won’t take effort and time so it’s a good-to-go option if you are running out of time or want to save some time for other tasks too by The Merrythought.


Chalkboard Wood Ornament

DIY birch wood and basswood slice ornaments with chalkboard paint, watercolor paint, wood burning, stamp, acrylic paints, HTV (heat transfer vinyl), and hand lettering. Use marker to write anything on it by melon thistle.


Buy custom wooden ornaments:

Shiplap last name ornaments


Snowy scene wood Christmas balls


Family names personalized wood tree


Personalized reindeer year ornament


Birch tree engraved initials ornament


Crystal and Glass Personalized Christmas Ornaments

The crystal and glass ornaments can involve some effort but they turn out stunning and all the effort pays off.

Tumbling Block Ornament

This unique idea involves a tumbling block pattern along with glass. With some plexiglass and paint, you can craft a block pattern that looks stunning on a Christmas tree by A Beautiful Mess.

Shop Plexiglass on Amazon.


Buy custom crystal/glass and stained glass ornaments:

Funny booze ball ornaments


Glass heart shaped personalized ornament for couples


Personalized birthstone family tree glass dome bauble


Engraved mirror snowflake


Amethyst slice initial ornament


Stained glass Christmas tree year ornament


Metal Personalized Christmas Ornaments

The metal ornaments can add an aesthetic touch to your tree.

Twine Tree Ornament

A mini metal tree on a green Christmas tree is a great combo. Try it out as it won’t be daunting and will turn out exceptional by The Cottage Market.


Buy custom metal ornaments:

Wire name ornament


Metal Christmas tree year ornament


Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Couples

Try out the personalized couple ornaments if you are celebrating Christmas with your better half.

Couple Photo Ornament

Add some love to your Christmas tree with your favorite couple photo  with a simple procedure and rewarding outcome by Shutterfly.


Buy custom couples Christmas ornaments:

Engagement map ornament


Personalized first Christmas wedding ornament


Resin Personalized Christmas Ornaments

The resin ornaments can be fun to add to your Christmas celebration.

Custom Resin Ornaments

With several options of shapes, try having some fun with these delightful resin ornaments. They look as clean and elegant as your taste by Country Hill Cottage.


Cheap DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Looking for affordable personalized Christmas ornaments? These simplest and cheapest ideas are easy to make at home.

Stick Sled Ornament

Transform your tree into a miniature winter wonderland with these charming sled ornaments perched on its branches. Craft your own using craft sticks, jingle bells, and bits of greenery by Clean and Scentsible.


Paper House Ornament

These small paper houses are incredibly adorable. When suspended from a well-lit tree, they swiftly bring a sense of warmth and coziness to any living space by Lia Griffith.

Shop Card Stock from Amazon.


Tissue Paper Fringe Ornaments

Spruce up old ornaments with textured fringe ribbons using hot glue. Start at the bottom, working your way up in overlapping rings, about ½” apart. Trim the fringe for a neat finish. Consider painting the ornament in the ribbon’s color beforehand for complete coverage by akailo chic life.


Rolled Paper Ornament

Another paper design will add more glow to your tree and the best part of it is you can add customized text for personal touch by Positively Splendid.


Marble Ornaments

These awesome-looking marbles can be used in many ways and don’t require much effort but they never fail to add aesthetic touch to your tree by Alice and Lois.


Brass Ornaments

These brass geometric shape ornaments are the simplest to craft and will look wonderful on a Christmas tree by The Merry Thought.


Cinnamon Stick Ornament

This ornament not only looks fantastic but also has a delightful scent. Use a hot glue gun to attach the button on top, then tie green ribbons around the stick by Vanessa Craft.


Paper Candle Ornaments

These classic paper ornaments closely resemble real candles from a distance. These are much safer and can be made without fuss by The House That Lars Built.



Upcycled Wallpaper Ornament

Create these charming paper baubles that resemble glass ornaments. Simply cut wallpaper into 0.5” x 10” strips, poke three holes in each, and thread them onto a floral wire with wooden beads. Secure the ends with another bead, make a loop with wire, and finish by tying a ribbon for hanging by my scandinavian home.


Porcelain and Ceramic Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Allowing intricate detailing and vibrant colors, ceramic is a great choice for making personalized Christmas ornaments. They are durable and will last for years.

Ceramic Glass Glitter Ornaments

Outfitted with fine silver, these ceramic glass glitter ornaments are the epitome of elegance and turn out more delightful than you expect by Ella Claira Co.


Buy custom ceramic Christmas ornaments:

My favorite thing ornament


Personalized lace heart ceramic ornament


Custom couple date ornament


Personalized Christmas Ornaments with Pets

Crafting Christmas ornaments with your pet can be great fun. It allows you to be creative to get them involved in your projects.

Dog Paw Ornament

Get your pet to work to craft this adorable ornament with paw print or make a photo ornament by Fera Pet Organics.


Buy custom pet Christmas ornaments:

customized dog ornament


Custom couple and pet ornament


Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Christmas is all about kids receiving gifts and why not make it extra special by decorating the tree with ornaments they love? You can try the ornaments with kids too to add their personal touch.

Gnome Ornaments

This DIY gnome ornament is incredibly cute! Its charming features include a fluffy yarn beard, a bead nose, and an adorable felt cone hat with embroidery.


Gingerbread House

Here’s probably the simplest method for assembling and decorating gingerbread houses. Children can join in by painting the craft sticks and adding their creative touch to the decorations. Additionally, the blogger demonstrates how to conceal a picture behind the door by Studio DIY.

Shop craft sticks from Amazon.


Terra Cotta Snowman

Ideal for kids, this simple craft involves painting old bottle caps white, gluing them to a single strand of ribbon, and adding embellishments by Craftionary.

Shop terra cotta pots from Amazon.


Buy custom kids Christmas ornaments:

Grand kids with grandparents ornament


Baby’s first Christmas ornament


Gingerbread cookie ornament for kids


Hand Painted Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Hand-painting ornaments can be a fun activity and it always leaves you amazed with the results.

Paint Brush Stroke Ornament

Transform regular plastic or glass ornaments into artful creations with abstract art by haley titus. Begin by taking off the cap, applying a base coat with acrylic or spray paint, and using different paint brushes to make one-of-a-kind patterns. Complete the look by putting the cap back on and adding a chic ribbon topper.

Shop acrylic paint from Amazon.



Painted Nut Ornaments

As adorable as they seem, they are as simple to make. Your kids will enjoy painting these adorable ornaments crafted from assorted nuts by Handmade Charlotte.


Buy custom hand painted Christmas ornaments:

Cardinal Painted Ukrainian Christmas ornament


Hand painted name ornament


Custom painted portrait ornament


Hand painted portrait ornament


Painted bell ornament


Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Best Friends

Here we have enlisted some heartfelt Christmas ornamental ideas you can make for best friends.

Lace Ornaments

Lace can lend an elegant look to your Christmas tree. These embroidery hoop ornaments can be made in a flash and can be a great gift for your friend by All Things With Purpose.


Custom Jewelry Ornaments

Make personalized vintage-inspired ornaments with keepsake jewelry and other jewelry items of your parents and grandparents.


Buy custom friends ornaments:

Custom friends heartstrings ornament


Bestie forever Christmas ornament


Personalized Christmas Ornaments Family

Elevate your holiday decor with personalized Christmas ornaments for the whole family.

Spool and Thread Ornaments

Either showcase the lyrics of your favorite song or scribble a witty statement or family member’s name. The choices are countless with these spool and tread ornaments by Pillar Box Blue.


Advent Calendar

Craft a special Christmas ornament advent calendar by folding paper bags, adding surprises, and hanging it on the tree. Enjoy an interactive and festive family display.


Buy custom family Christmas ornaments:

Family frame ornament


Custom family acrylic ornament


Personalized name ornament with lights


Gingerbread family


Our family Christmas tree keepsake


Personalized Christmas Ornaments with Names

Create a festive touch with personalized Christmas ornaments featuring names and add some sentimental value to your decoration.

Copper Wire Name Ornaments

Create chic DIY name ornaments with wire by Nesti Home.


You can also write names on Christmas globes with a marker or knit names on fabric strips for a vintage touch. Crochet personalized snowflakes with pastel thread for a unique handmade charm.

Foil Name Ornaments

Use vinyl cutout names and acrylic circles to make custom ornaments. Add gold leaf to make them luxurious by 1 td creations.


Clay Name Ornaments

Use air dry clay to make custom name ornaments by Nesti Home


Buy custom home Christmas ornaments:

Embroidery kit personalized ornament


New home custom Christmas ornament


New home custom key tree hanging


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