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Best Snow Photo Ideas for Family and Kids

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Has it snowed in your region yet? Are you the one who gets excited when snow falls and want to run out and play? If so! I have gathered some beautiful snow photo ideas for family and kids, you will love! There are some cute and memorable photography poses and destinations you may want to have a snap of yours taken at! The ideas include but are not limited to bridge, wood logs, forest and fence. However, most of these beautiful photo ideas are possible in your backyard or nearest park. All you need are a less windy day and dress code or colors for the photos you would like for the winter wonderland photos.

Snow photo ideas (photography, photo shoot, photo session, posing, pictures) are all the different terms used for winter photo ideas with snowfall. These creative snow photos are not limited to professional photographers. But anyone with basic photography skills can create the snowfall and snow photo ideas I am sharing today!

Best Snow photo ideas

  1. Blowing snow
  2. A walk in the snow
  3. Making snow heart
  4. Playful family time in the snow
  5. Feeling the snowfall
  6. Family snowflake
  7. Snowman family time
  8. Peekaboo snowfall photo
  9. Logs winter photo
  10. Cozy winter in snow
  11. Let it snow
  12. Standing in snow heart
  13. Snow heart in hands
  14. Snow on the fence
  15. Making snow angels
  16. Sled as photo prop
  17. Snow photography on the bridge

Best snow photo ideas to make memories at

Without any doubt the snow photo ideas must have snowfall, snow angels, snowflakes and frosty – the snowman picture ideas. So, we’ve got those covered as well.

 Let’s have a look at these winter family and kids photo ideas.

Snowfall Photography

blowing snow family photo

Blowing Snow

I love this before and after snow blowing photo taken in the backyard.

family walking in snow

A Walk in the snow

The photo of this family walking in the snow on the road is epic.

Shades of gray photography

heart photo in the snow

Making Snow Heart

I love this idea of making a heart with snow everywhere. Great idea for sisters and friends.

Family funtimes photoshoot

Playful Family Time in snow

Such an adorable photo idea. I also love the purple and black dress code.

Deborah Kates Photography

Feeling the snow fall

Feeling the Snowfall

unknown source

Snowflake family - Snow photo ideas at

Family Snowflake

Cute photo idea for family, kids and friends. Make a snowflake on the floor by lying down and making a “V” with your feet.

This photo with a baby at the center was a part of Gap campaign. Love it via Buzzfeed.

We made a snowman - snow photo ideas at

Snowman Family Time

Having good times with the family in snow. Especially making snowman are a must keep memory.

unknown source

snow tree peekaboo family photo

Peekaboo Snowfall Photo

I love this family’s hiding behind the trees photo idea.

Wishful thinking photography

winter family photo near wood logs

Logs winter photo

Using wood logs as props in your winter/ snowfall photos. Love this idea for big families.

April O’Hare Photography

Cozy family near fireplace - Snow photo ideas

Cozy winter in snow

A cute winter scene created near the fireplace.

via Camille Styles

Kids love snowfall photo idea

Let it snow

Natural photo of kid playing in the snow.

Michele Coleman Photography

Snow photo ideas

Standing in snow heart

Janoid via Flickr

Snow heart photo idea for family and kids

Snow heart in hands

Love this adorable snow photo idea.

unknown source

Snow Family photo on the fence

Snow on the fence

I love this family photo on the fence in the snowfall. Beautiful winter wonderland photo idea!

Rebekah Westover Photography

Making snow angels - snow photo ideas at

Making snow angels

Such a creative photo idea.

sled pulling snow photo idea

Sled as photo prop

Use sled as a playful prop in your snow photos.

Nicole Hill Photography

Snow Family photo on the bridge at

Snow photography on the bridge

Family posing in the snow on the bridge.

Vanessa Honda Photography

best snowfall photo ideas at

I hope you enjoyed these best snow photo ideas. Now go snap your own memorable photos.

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