30 Kids Fall Crafts (pinecones, fall leaves, acorns)

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Kids Fall Crafts (Best Autumn Craft Ideas). Fall is getting more and more beautiful here. The leaves are changing colors from yellow to orange to even purple. I am loving the shades so much. Especially since I live on the 27th floor, high in the sky. And there is a wonderful valley I can see right outside our living room window.

I was looking for some great ideas to try with my boy this Fall. And I found these best Fall crafts that are very creative. They also come with easy to follow instructions making these tutorials worth trying. There are things you can make with pine cones, acorns, Fall leaves and corn husks. These will be great to try after a walk in the nearby park for collecting Fall items.

You can also use felt and fabric to make Fall (Autumn) inspired DIY Crafts.

kids Fall crafts diy tutorials pine cones, leaves, acorns, corn husks

Let’s have a look at these ideas in no particular order.

Kids Fall Crafts

colorful pine cones

1. Pom pom pinecone trees

Colorful pinecone and pom pom trees with wine cork covered in glitter. These are so much fun for Fall and Winter.

acorn toadstools

2. Painted acorn toadstools

Super cute toadstools made with acorn. You can also make mushrooms like this.

acorn picture frame

3. Acorn frame

Glue acorn tops on a frame for an instant Fall craft kids would love making.

acorn flower vase tutorial

4. Make acorn flowers

Make acorn flowers using glue and wire. And decorate them in a vase with Autumn leaves. What a fun project!

pumpkin seeds kids craft

5. Pumpkin seeds Fall craft

You can make so many Fall Crafts using dried pumpkin seeds. Just like this cute tree with painted pumpkin seeds.

Fall pine cone wreath

6. Hanging pinecone and twig wreath

Make a snowy white twigs and pine cones wreath this Fall.

pinecone craft tree pots

7. Pinecone tree pots

There are tons of creative ways to decorate these mini tree pots. Using glitter, paint or you can even make felt ornaments to hang on them.

pine cone roses

8. Fall Pine cone roses

Use acrylic paint to color pine cones and twigs. Glue them together and add faux leaves.

pinecone owls tutorial

9. Pinecone owl craft

Use felt cutouts and googly eyes to make cute animals with pinecones.

Fall pine cone kids crafts

10. Pinecone monsters

Pipe cleaners and craft supplies.

make a pine cone hedgehog

11. Pinecone hedgehog craft

Make pinecone hedgehog with polymer clay or playdoh.

painting with leaves tutorial

12. Leaf printing wall art

Cover a natural leaf with paint and stamp it on a paper to make pressed leaf art.

leaves garland fall frame

13. Fall leaves garland

Hang Fall Leaves on a ribbon and display it on a frame. An instant Fall decor for the home.

leaf pressed wall art

14. Colorful Fall Leaves

Another fun tutorial for making printed leaves.

leaf glued mask for kids

15. Kids Fall leaf mask

You can download the template for making this mask. Then mod podge Fall leaves.

felt leaf garland tutorial for fall

16. Colorful leaf garland

Cut felt leaves in Fall colors and sew them through a thread.

leaf art tutorial

17. Kids Fall Leaf Art

Let the kids paint their heart out on a large piece of paper. When it dries cutout leaves to make wall art.

Fall leaf art ideas

18. DIY Fall alphabets

I am loving everything about this Fall Crafts. Make leaf alphabets using leaf on canvas. Try making different art like butterflies and frame them.

kids pressed leaves art tutorial

19. Pressed leaf wall art

Press a leaf between two piece of glass.

felt owls fall tutorial

20. Cute stuffed owls

DIY Fall felt owls made with styrofoam balls.

waxed leaves craft for kids

21. Wax Fall craft

A fun craft for kids using crayons, wax paper and old rag to melt crayons onto the pieces to make Waxed Fall Leaves.

dried leaves garland

22. Book pages garland

Fall leaves book pages garland.

fall kids crafts twig wall art

23. Twig trees art

Make cute wall art using twig and various materials. Like felt, fabric, seeds, buttons and more.

falling leaves autumn art

24. DIY Fall Leaves Art

Modpodge faux leaves on a wood panel to make art.

fall dream catcher tutorial

25. Make a dream catcher

Use pom poms and burlap string to make a dream catcher.

fall diy kids craft tutorial

26. Autumn Fall Blocks

Glue decorative balls, sequins, seeds or beads to a paper letter cutout and glue it to wooden blocks.

easy pine cone crafts

27. Pinecone door hanging

corn husk dolls tutorial fall idea

28. Corn husk dolls

These Corn husk dolls are so much fun to make with little girls.

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  1. Amy W says:

    What excellent craft ideas for kids! I’m definitely going to have to get my kiddos to start collecting some pinecones.


  2. Lindsay says:

    Cute ideas for Fall..

  3. Jen says:

    This is a fantastic collection of fall crafts! I will be featuring your Pinecone monsters tomorrow on my blog, feel free to check it out! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. trish says:

    i was looking for something my 4 yr old autistic boy could do i don’t see anything. great ideas for older kids though.

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