20 Creative Bottle Cap Ideas (Recycle Crafts)

Creative bottle cap ideas (Recycle crafts). I am amazed how crafty people are! Ever imagined there will be tons of smart projects you can make by recycling bottle caps? Well I found a treasure of beautiful handmade crafts to try. There are tables, wind chimes, wreath and wall art tutorials to name a few. Now there is a reason to collect bottle caps.


These will be best to try in winter.When it’s snowy outside.

You can also keep the kids busy creating snow man, trees and ornaments using bottle caps.


Recycle Crafts


creative bottle cap ideas


Creative bottle cap ideas


diy bottle cap ikea table

Turn a simple Ikea table into chic looking and awesome.

DIY cheap and chic bottle cap table


bottle cap wreath

Bottle cap ideas – Make a wreath for party or man cave.

Bottle cap wreath


bottle cap windchime

Bottle cap wind chime


bottle cap ideas

Bottle cap tree


bottle cap tray

Bottle cap tray


bottle cap tabletop

What’s not to love about this colorful tabletop.

Prime and spray paint bottle caps. Then affix them on the surface using cement.

And viola!

Bottle cap table top


bottle cap necklace

Turn a bottle cap into a charm necklace with sequins and resins/ envirotex.

Bottle cap necklace


bottle cap napkin ring

Love this idea of making holiday crafts with bottle caps.

Just like this napkin holder created with stenciled burlap. Glue a cap and feather on top of it to make a chick.

Bottle cap holiday crafts


bottle cap state art

Bottle cap state art


bottle cap magnets

Add a magnet to the back of bottle caps.

Bottle cap magnets


bottle cap hanging ornaments

Animal ornaments hung on drift wood with nails. Cute wall art for kids bedroom.

Felt Ornaments Wall Art


bottle cap garland

A garland made with twine and chalkboard paint on bottle caps.

Great idea for labeling party food and beverages.

Bottle cap garland


bottle cap game board

Bottle caps are great for creating game boards. Just like this one created with painted canvas.

Canvas checkerboard


bottle cap frame

A smiley cute idea for making photo frame. Use buttons, embellishments and paint to make cute bottle caps.

Glue them on a photo frame.

(unknown source)


bottle cap coasters

Make coasters with bottle caps.

Recycle crafts


bottle cap clock

Make a fun clock with bottle caps and metal spokes.

Bottle cap clock


bottle cap candles

Make decorative candles by recycling caps. Find ways to make candles, like gel candles.

Bottle cap candles


bottle cap birdhouse

Bottle cap crafts are great for boys and men.

Just like this birdhouse for Father’s Day.

Bottle cap birdhouse


bottle cap decorative letter

Make Big Letters and decorated them with bottle caps.

Bottle cap letters


bottle cap picture magnets

These photo magnets are so cute refrigerator and magnet boards.

Print and mod podge them away!

Make photo magnets


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  1. Amy W says:

    That bottle cap garland is about as cute as could be! I’m so pinning that one.


  2. What a SENSATIONAL collection of gorgeous DIY projects! Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  3. Deb says:

    What a great bunch of ideas for using bottle caps. The one that I really LOVED was the yellow chick with the feather!!

    1. Jobie says:

      I loved that one too1 🙂 🙂

  4. Leslie says:

    Great ideas

  5. Jobie says:

    I’m so pinning the one with the big letter and u decorate bottle caps on them! 🙂 AWESOME IDEAS! —felling awesome*

  6. xaaragirl says:

    This is just sooooo cool!

  7. emma says:

    Instead of buying new decor, I shopped my house to find items to decorate for winter. It is my favorite type of decorating… the “use what you have” method. It is fast, simple and allows you to transform a room with things you know you already like.

    1. Hani says:

      Love it! I totally agree with you. It allows room for creating something unique as well!

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