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Cardboard Cupcake stand (last minute party project)

Make a recycled DIY cardboard cupcake stand for displaying cupcakes in a party. This is a great idea for making a cupcake stand that can be matched with your party theme. And also be disposed after use. Easy to make and very inexpensive. Actually it will cost you nothing, as it is totally made of things you can find around the house.
Sometimes at parties accidents happen and you don’t want to let go of a perfectly planned party getting a little out of hands. In such situations you need to have a quick backup plan. Just like this cupcake stand made out of cardboard and crepe paper.

Cardboard Cupcake Stand

cardboard cupcake stand diy tutorial
This is a really easy and totally a dollar project.
 You will need:
cardboard, disposable glasses, crepe paper, strong glue and a very good glue stick
Make It:
Cut three pieces of cardboard, each a little smaller than the last one. In my project, I cut three different sizes of rectangle. I then wrapped the cardboard with crepe paper, gluing it at the center, around the edges and taping at the ends. It is important to stick the crepe paper firmly to the cardboard, else the cupcakes weight will not be tolerated on the second dish. 
While the glue was drying, I stuck stars on the disposable glasses for fun and finally using super glue positioned them between the cardboard  to act as holders. Place a heavy book on the top while the glue dries for best results.
And that’s it. Your done in 15 minutes.
Have a last minute cupcake stand ready to save your party and enjoy!
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Looking for more ways to construct a DIY cupcake stand?

DIY cupcake stand tutorial 
Some great cupcake stand ideas that I love:


Carnival Tiered Trays from candlesticks and disposable plates- Colorful festive Cupcake Stands.



Cupcake stand made using aluminium tubes and plates.


Cardboard or foam core DIY cupcake stand.


DIY tiered cupcake tray

Paint and stencil tiered trays.


DIY chandelier cupcake stand

Turn an old thrift store chandelier into a cupcake stand. With a few twigs and tweets you have a beautiful cupcake display for you party.

Refresh with a fresh coat of spray paint. And use ribbons and laces to decorate the sides.

via Pinterest.


mini paper cupcake stand

And last but not the least a mini cupcake stand made with paper.

DIY Mini Cupcake Stand Tutorial


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  1. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

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    Clever some of these are quite cool.

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    These are awesome! Any great ideas for displaying/serving cake pops?? I am feeling at a loss for my daughter's b-day party…

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    So cute! I love how you can just whip it up in no time! Thanks for sharing! xoxo-Rachel

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    Hi Hani!! This is a great idea! I love that it can be customized to fit with a party theme. Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend 🙂

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    Hi Hani !! This is such a cute and inexpensive idea !!! Thanks for sharing

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    what a great way to dress up the table! so fun!

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    This is a great post. Thanks for sharing.

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    I love the cardboard cupcake stand idea. Very creative and frugal!! Nice job!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at Romance on a Dime!!

  12. Lisa says:

    It's funny how cake stands are all the rage now! My mom wants one for Mother's Day! Great ideas!

  13. yes it was sturdy enough to handle all the big cupcakes I had..:) But the center tray was a little unbalanced that too because I didn't glue the crepe paper well and everywhere on the cardboard..

  14. Shiloh says:

    Way to save the day! Was it sturdy enough for all your cupcakes?

  15. Alison @ Oopsey Daisy says:

    I adore a quick-and-easy project like this! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

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    What a fabulous and economical idea! Looks so cute, too!

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