30 best ways to organize books (Storage Solutions)

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My boys bedroom is almost done. It’s a challenge to decorate and organize their bedroom/ playroom since it’s very small. I have been trying to use all the available space in a way that it’s easy for the kids to play. Most importantly I want it to be well-organized, safe and comfortable for them. Since, the bedroom is also their playroom. All their stuff gets to stay in there, i.e toys, books, clothes… I have been in search for simple ways to organize books. A storage solution that works for my toddler. And the books are beyond reach of my baby. So, I found these 30 best books storage solutions. And I am still unsure about which one to choose. There are so many great book organization ideas.

The best ways to organize books include bookcases, bookshelves and racks to store and display books. Whether it’s about buying an amazing books display. Or making a DIY books storage. Or repurposing and reusing crates, pallets, suitcases and old wood. You will find several creative ideas.

Let’s check these clever ways to organize books for kids:

Books Storage Solutions

30 best ways to organize books

30 Best ways to organize books

I have arranged these books storage solutions in the form of a list:


DIY ways to organize books

behind the door books storage

Ikea waste bins turned reading book baskets in the kid’s bedroom.

DIY waste basket book storage

wire baskets books storage

Clever idea to use chicken-wire baskets as book racks.

organize books on spice rack turned books storage

Basic spice racks become shelves for books in kid’s bedroom.

via bhg

organize books in an old suitcase

Use an old suitcase to organize books.

via Flickr


Books Storage Solutions with tutorials

bookshelves storage solution

Make behind the door floating bookshelves.

books storage shelves on dresser

Storage solution for children’s books

This is a great idea. I love how the sides of a dresser are well utilized into organizing books!

Use some spice racks from ikea, to make this bookshelf.

built-in closet door bookcase

Behind closet door books storage

DIY books rack from table

Hutch turned book rack.

DIY bookshelves for the wall

Build a wall mount bookshelf with spice racks

Kids DIY floating bookcase

Repurposed kids bookshelf from flea market with paint

make kids books hanging storage

Sew these book slings with cloth and wooden dowels. Great idea!

How to make book slings?

make books display from rain gutters

Use gutters to organize books on the wall.


Bookcases, bookshelves and book racks to buy

wore books storage solution

A hanging book rack made with wire.

via tts-group

Books storage display

I love the sleek design of these bookshelves.

via overstock

sling bookshelf

Kids Sling Bookshelf via amazon.

Kids portable books storage

Book storage cart with wheels.

via tts-group

Organize books on the floor rack

I love this book rack design and color. Such a wonderful piece of furniture to have in kids room/ playroom.

Available at landofnod

DIY portable books storage solutions

A cute bus-shaped book storage solution.

organize books on stand

Another simple bookshelf.


Recycled pallet and crate books storage solutions

DIY pallets bookshelf storage idea

Cut a pallet to make these wonderful hanging bookshelves.

DIY crate books storage solution

Reclaim old wooden crates for organizing books and more. Sand and apply a coat or two of wood stain. And they are newer than ever!

cool kids bookcases and shelves

A hanging book rack made with wooden boards and rope.


Turn a wooden crate into a portable books storage with wheels.

Wooden books storage crate

DIY crate books organizer

DIY bookshelf


Inspiring ideas to display books

organize books on vintage cart

Vintage library cart. A great thrift store find!

Use two bookcases to organize books

I love this idea of using two bookcases together for organization. The plus point about this idea is you can use these bookcases in various settings for different purposes around the house later on! Or if you are living in an apartment/ house. And you are planning to move. These can easily become a part of new space, no matter what design.

kids books display table

A very cool idea to use a drawer with legs as book rack.

DIY playroom books organization

Use a large bookcase to organize books, toys and more in kids room/ playroom.

I love the use of baskets to organize. Attach labels to them for ease of access.

The upper squares can be used to display kids toys or art.

DIY house bookshelf

Make a bookshelf with plywood in the shape of a house. Too cute!

I wish there was a tutorial to make it! But it seems like you can turn any bookcase into a house by just adding a roof on the top.

Just screw two plywood boards into a bookcase.

DIY bookcase

Looks like a bookcase made with wooden boards (as frame), dowels and bead board (for background texture).

spine bookshelf

Beautiful spine bookshelves can be found on amazon. But this one looks like it’s made out of wooden blocks screwed into a stud.

I love this idea of organizing books. You can keep them organized by categories and types! via Flickr

book label printables craftionary

I also made these free book label printables. That you can also customize.

Book label printables

30 best book storage solutions

I am loving these ideas. I hope you had a good time getting inspired from these best ways to organize books.

Like always unknown sources are welcome in the comments. I will update and give credit where it is due, with pleasure!

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    I really like the side-by-side white bookshelf idea, can you tell me where I might find those particular bookshelves or ones similar to it?

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

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