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Duct tape crafts- DIY girly accessories

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Crafting with duct tape is the new trend. Have you ever used duct tape to craft?

Well neither have I! The wonderful people at Duct brand sent me this awesome pack for creating a craft project for prom. Duct tape comes in over 140 awesome colors and prints. Wow!

duct tape crafts


After thinking about what to create for a while. I came up with the idea to use duct tape to turn ordinary accessories into a matching accessories set.

This post is going to be picture heavy.  So get ready for it.

Duct tape crafts

duct tape crafts

All you need is duct tape and scissors to make it duct tape crafts.

The headband, bangle and wallet were simply wrapped with stripes of duct tape.

Here’s a look at the duct tape headband.

Headband with Duct tape

duct tape crafts 2

Wallet with Duct tape

duct tape wallet

duct tape wallet tutorial

Bangles with Duct tape

duct tape jewelry ideas

For making bow earrings and ring, I cut strips of duct tape and folded it. So the sticky part is stuck together. And print is visible on both sides.

I then folded it back and forth like you do for making pinwheels. So I had folds to wrap neat bows. With a little piece of duct tape, I wrapped the center to make the bows. I then glued them onto my ring and earrings with E6000 (strong glue).

Duct tape bow

duct tape bow tutorial

Here’s a look at the duct tape bow ring.

Duct tape ring


And the bow earrings.

Duct tape earrings

duct tape earrings

I am not a necklace person. So, I didn’t make one. If you like you can glue bows to make a custom necklace too.

So what do you think? Can some duct tape work at the prom? What will you make?

In less than 30 minutes, I came up with an accessories set to go with a cute pink prom dress.

Duct tape accessories

duct tape crafts 5

Like seriously, this is the easiest one superb thing for crafting. I got so addicted, I made tons of things with it.

I’ll be sharing them on the blog this week.

Here’s a before and after picture of duct tape accessories.


Wearing Duct Tape® to prom could help you or someone you know win a $5,000 cash scholarship.

All you have to do is make a craft to go with your dress. Or if you are really ambitious make an outfit out of duct tape. And enter in the Stuck at Prom® scholarship contest. You can also follow them on Facebook.

There are over $40,000 cash scholarships up for grabs. The contest is open for legal residents of US and Canada. Entry period ends on June 10, 2013.  For more information go HERE.

So, get up and start crafting  This is super fun.

rainbow themed party

Use duct tape to customize a party theme.

duct tape

4 Simple ways to use duct tape at home.

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  1. Lori says:

    Great accessories, Hani! The pattern really caught my eye.

  2. I haven’t seen that duct tape before. Love it! I love the wallet!

    You would not believe how much fun my older children get from making stuff out of duct tape. My 9 year old just made a sword out of popsicle sticks and duct tape all by himself.

  3. Donna Wilkes says:

    I have used duct tape in different crafts, but never in clothing or accessories. These accessories are crazy good, Hani! I didn’t know Duck brand made so many choices.

  4. Sharon B. says:

    Okay, seriously? All those things you made with duct tape are SO clever and cute! And how easy with the duct tape. Cute patterns too! Now I’m looking around my house wondering what I can duct tape. 🙂

  5. Marjolein says:

    This is a great idea. I will try this, but a question. Does it come off after a while? Or become sticky / yellow?

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      It’s great. It has strong sticking properties and tends to bind very easily on any surface. No is hasn’t yellowed on the accessories and a few more things I made with it, I’ll be sharing them this week. 🙂

  6. Anna says:

    These r looking so sweet Dear Hani 🙂 …………….. i m 13 years old and i love to make and i will do it as soon as it s posible 😉

  7. Khiana says:

    I flacking LOVE DIY videos and ideas! They make everyday projects so much more fun and creative

  8. Ariana M says:

    Would you please let me know where you bought your rolls of duct tapes that u posted at the very beginning of your blog?
    I love the designs and would prefer to get the tapes from a reliable source.


    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      The duct tapes were sent to me by the duck brand for making prom accessories. However, I have seen these designs in “target”. You should check these out there! Hope this helps!

  9. Liyah says:

    Really love the rainbow theme

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